Video: Wild Mountain Lion Plays with Captured Sibling


A trail camera set by researchers from the University of California, Santa Cruz’s Puma Project recorded an interesting encounter between two young mountain lions. Drawn by the smell of a deer carcass into a cage placed by the biologists, one of the young males found himself trapped while the other playfully teased him from the outside.

The caged 14-month-old male, now dubbed “41M,” was later sedated and released after being fitted with a tracking collar.

“While we collared him, we could see the eye-shine of his mom or sibling watching us from a short distance away,” Yovovich wrote on her website. “We weren’t able to catch anyone else that night, but we did get this fun video of 41M playing with his sibling through the trap (who is no doubt laughing at him, as I know my siblings would do).”

Biologists are not certain whether its sibling was mocking the captured cougar, trying to rescue it, or merely wondering what it was doing inside the strange metal contraption.

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