Edit added 11-3-2013: This post now contains a longer version of the video that was originally embedded here. The text that originally accompanied the video was incorrect, as well. The hunters in the video, Chad Yousey and Joey King from Bow Madness Outdoors LLC, came across two bucks whose antlers had locked mid-fight. One was dead, so the outdoorsmen managed to unlock the still-living buck from the expired animal. The buck then stuck around after being freed and nearly gored the hunters.

Image screenshot of video by Oneirishman on LiveLeak

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11 thoughts on “Video: Hunter Almost Impaled by a Raging Buck

  1. I think a human would go after someone that just murdered a family member or friend too. These guys just look like idiots because they don’t get it!!!!

    1. “hunter hater” ……. I sure hope you don’t own a gun. Your logic is dangerous! Have you told your medical professional your inner feelings yet?

    2. You no doubt buy your meat at the super market where no animals get hurt. Ya, they have a machine in the back room the manufactures that meat, everybody knows that. Well, did you know that Old McDonald was a real bad speller?

    3. Actually, the deer was dead when they got there. It had been killed during the fight. Instead of killing the other deer, they saved it by unlocking them. You look like an idiot that doesn’t get it.

  2. I think you need to see the whole video. One of the guys returned to find a buck he shot only to find this buck entwined with another buck that was expired. He returned with his friend and video to attempt to free the alive buck. He was not at all pleased with them hanging around.

  3. The deer that won’t shoo just got his antlers unlocked by these two guys. The two deer were sparring and their antlers got locked together. The saved this deer from starving to death by freeing him from the dead buck.

  4. Actually, the deer were locked together for so long, one buck died. They saved the other from the same fate by separating them. Then they were trying to field dress the dead one in order to save the meat, but the other buck wouldn’t leave, making them uncomfortable.

  5. The two guys in this video came across these two deer locked together by their Antlers. The deer got hooked together while fighting in the rut.. When they came across the two deer locked together, One was already dead and this one would have dies as well if they did not take their time to get him free from the dead deer…. They saved the bucks life…..

  6. I think that is commendable that they freed him from certain death, but they don’t seem to bright trying to get that close to a wild animal after he was freed.

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