Brent McGlone of Marysville is the new record holder for Ohio’s largest bigmouth buffalo taken by bow. According to a press release from the Outdoor Writers of Ohio, the organization’s Record Fish Committee recently certified the fish as a state record. McGlone, 38, caught the buffalo while fishing in Lake Erie on October 11, but the precise location is one that he is not keen to tell.

“There are only two beings on the planet that know exactly where that fish was shot,” McGlone told the Port Clinton News Herald. “And one of them is in the freezer. We’ll just call it Area 51.”

It was not McGlone’s first time bowfishing. In fact, the Marysville man holds another record for the 11.21-pound sucker he caught in 2007.

At 40.80 pounds, McGlone’s buffalo is considerably bigger. Along with representatives from the Ohio Division of Wildlife, experts from the Outdoor Writers of Ohio measured the fish to be 40.5 inches long and 28.5 inches in girth. McGlone’s buffalo overtakes a state record that has been standing since 1983, when sportsman Don Paisley arrowed a 37-pound buffalo in the Hoover Reservoir.

Image courtesy Outdoor Writers of Ohio

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