If the success of Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, and other hunting shows is any indication, outdoor-themed television is currently experiencing a renaissance. However, very few programs focus on sportsmen in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, where hunting and fishing have been a sacred tradition for generations. The History Channel intends to buck the trend with the release of American Jungle, a reality show following eight groups of hunters as they ply traditional weapons—knife and spear—against the ferocity of wild pigs, goats, and feral bulls.

“But in a land where traditions run deep and ancient spirits rule the mountains, hunting is about more than putting food on the table. It’s about respecting the family and revering the ancestors,” the History Channel stated in a press release.

According to the Hawaii Reporter, the idea for the show came about after T’Jaye Forsythe created rustyboar.com, a website for Hawaiian hunters to upload pictures and videos of their hunts. As the website garnered more attention, Forsythe began filming hunting expeditions in the lush wilds of Hawaii. His goal was to bring more attention to Hawaiian hunters and their traditions.

“There are so many unbelievably talented hunters here who hunt as means of survival to provide for their families,” Forsythe told the Hawaii Reporter. “I have the upmost respect for these men and women as they pass on these traditions to their keiki. I wanted the world to see this.”

The History Channel will be airing the first installment of the eight-episode series on Novemeber 10. The show will take place almost entirely in an unspecified Hawaiin forest. The “contestants” of the show are actually eight hunting clans, which will compete both with each other and the prey they hunt.

A teaser for the series can be seen below:

Image screenshot of video on history.com

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10 thoughts on “New Reality Show ‘American Jungle’ Follows Hawaiian Hunters

  1. This is such a fake show im from hawaii no one does this wtf their are little things we do in this show like that. Thats a fact everyone from hawaii can agree.Im also a hunter im very offended to say im from hawaii

  2. This show IS NOT how hunting truly is on the big island. Its a comedy show that falsely depicts the local people. So shame! Its sad to think that everyone who watchs this show will now think that its really like that. Sad. Shame! Spearing a bull??!! C’mon.

  3. Show is fake and most the actors on the show are the bottom of the barrel people who are always a thorn in police officers side History should have dome thier homework before they picked this bunch of clowns.

  4. ICE can apparently make anyone a star, what a joke of a show. Hawaii is so much more than these bafoons pretending to be BI hunters.

  5. This show is the most stupidest show i ever saw! I live on big island and in no way is hunting here anything like what they portraying it like. There hunting on public and state land. There is old Hawaiian trails. But you can hunt where ever you please. There is NO “my trails” “your trail” bullshit! And the way they talk is totally bullshit! They making Hawaii look bad! Make people think Hawaii people is uneducated. Bra this bra that. I going take half and the jaw. BS if I catch something, I taking the WHOLE pig home for ME and MY family. This show gets a negative 5 stars on a scale of 1 to 5. Show is just about a bunch of clowns!

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