One Texas hunter did not even get a chance to properly store his venison when two thieves broke into his Spring Valley Village garage on Monday and stole the meat from his property. According to KTRK, police arrested Ramiro Rendon and Dora Elia Martinez in connection with the crime. It is believed that the pair ransacked the hunter’s garage, taking a cooler filled with 150 pounds of deer meat in addition to other items.

Fortunately for the hunter, the thieves were spotted in the act by an officer on patrol. The resulting pursuit ended when the suspects’ car hit a curb at 80 mph and blew out both front tires.

While venison is not usually high on a thief’s priorities, deer meat can be very valuable—not that venison is the only item of value to the unscrupulous. One Wisconsin bowhunter found to his alarm that a thief not only ventured onto his property, but sawed off the head of a trophy buck that was being temporarily stored in his pickup truck. The incident happened late last month after a successful hunt for Jameson Smith of Monroe, who bagged the largest buck in his 17 years of hunting.

“I was on top of the world and that all came crashing down this morning,” Smith told WISC-TV at the time.

Likewise, a Washington hunter claims that all he kept from a October 19 deer hunt was the front quarters after he left the rest of the meat and head where he field dressed the deer. When he came back to retrieve the rest of the deer, all he found left was the gut pile.

“It is a sad day when someone steals a man’s deer,” the anonymous hunter wrote in a message to wildlife officials.

Image courtesy Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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