In the video below, hunter and professional guide Rob Reynolds tries a rather unorthodox method of bagging goose: using his own two hands. He walks through a field of decoys with call in-hand as he follows a young goose, which is apparently trying to make a few new friends. In a sudden charge, Reynolds manages to catch the bird like an oversized—and rather feathery—football.

The goose was later released safely. Reynolds is the owner of Ranchland Outfitters in Alberta, Canada, where he guides waterfowl, whitetail, mule deer, and moose hunts.

Image screenshot of video by Pegleg Studios on YouTube

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  • Noffie56

    That was so funny. A true sportsman for letting the goose go free.

  • Xpactw

    Let me guess, for the last month you have been feeding it, ya pretty much so, wow ur a stud

    • AJ

      You suck as a person

    • jonnyappleseed

      Instead of making dumb comments that contribute nothing, please work on your grammar. Use my previous sentence as a model on the difference between a comma and a period.