A number of thieves are being called the lowest of the low after they stole five customized hunting stands from a club in Lizella, Georgia. According to WMAZ, the deer stands were taken from the Americans Helping Wounded Veterans Hunting Club on November 7. The stands were custom-made for the club to be used by its disabled members, many of whom are now wearing prosthetic limbs after being injured in military service.

“I’m hurt to know that someone could be low enough to do that to a Purple Heart wounded veteran,” said Bob Paschal, a veteran and member of the club. “I hope they catch them and prosecute them. I hope the judge gives them the maximum amount they can for sinking this low.”

The stands were kept locked in a fenced area and were secured with padlocks. They are worth about $2,400 total, a major blow to the hunting club and its members.

Image from Horia Varlan on the flickr Creative Commons

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