Daniel Beavers, 49, harvested his second-ever black bear on the second day of Pennsylvania’s bear season. According to The Scranton Times-Tribune, the Pennsylvania Game Commission recorded the bear to weigh 772 pounds, making it the largest taken in the state this season. Beavers last bagged a black bear in 2007, but he told reporters that he had been following this bruin for nearly five years.

“I finally caught up with him in hunting season,” Beavers said.

The bear had evaded the hunter in past years but Beaver recognized it by a white “V” mark on its chest, a trait that is common among Asiatic bears but unusual in American black bears. Beavers found the bear only an hour into the hunt and downed the animal with two shots from his father’s .30-06 rifle. His father recently passed away and Beavers intends on commemorating the hunt as a tribute to the man who taught him how to hunt.

“I don’t know why I decided to take his gun,” Beavers said. “I guess I was thinking about him.”

The hunter said he will be submitting the bear’s skull to the Boone and Crockett Club to determine whether the skull is record-sized after the mandatory 60-day drying period.

WNEP reported that bear hunters have kept check stations busy.

“I think we’ll do well. With the bear season running through the deer season, I think hunters will have ample opportunity to harvest a Pennsylvania black bear,” Game Commission conservation officer Ryan Gidea said.

As for Beavers, he says this bear is the trophy of a lifetime.

“I couldn’t believe how big it was. It’s big,” he said.

Image screenshot of video on wnep.com

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  • Leather Face

    Title should have been “Beaver Kills Bear”

    • steve

      and he’s lucky the headline wasn’t, “Bear eats a Beaver.”

  • ruth joe

    So sad that you felt the need to hunt down and kill this magnificent bear. Since you tracked this bear for years that indicates he did not attack or harm you over time. It’s a shame you felt the need to destroy him.

    • tonyidaho

      I bet the cow that you helped eat at McDonalds earlier today didn’t threaten anybody either but you still felt the need to order his death. I’d say this guy was a bit more sporting than you were.

      • Mandy

        There’s real cow meat at McDonald’s?? I beg to differ. Oh, by the way… we use meat from cows which is not wasteful and feeds several. What are you supposed to do with a bear carcass? It’s wasteful killing. I’m not impressed by those who kill big scary animals using guns. In all fairness, it should be man against beast with no weapons in order for me to believe that it’s a triumph to kill such an animal.

      • Kevin

        Actually bear meat is tasty and wildlife laws require it be consumed by people. There is nothing wasteful about it. You are obviously ignorant about hunting. Guess who pays for wildlife management in the U.S.? That’s right, hunters and anglers.

    • tjwoo801

      Ruth, what a lame statement.. get a life.

    • Sandra Peters

      um … go away-comment elsewhere…geesh. Talk destruction over at PETA

  • idaho hunter

    Nice job Daniel, your father would be proud of your ability to provide for your family naturally. Very few people have that knowledge and ability these days. They get their meat from stores where the animal wasn’t hurt. Lmao

    • Steve g

      Never replied to feed ever…. But was laughing so hard i had to. Thank you Ruth for being an exemplary specimen of all that is wrong with our culture. I am sure you are a kind and caring person. But I am certain that 95% of hunters respect and care more for wildlife then you. Sincerely….. bear sausage is my favorite!

  • christina

    So now what? This big beautifu bear is dead; gone and for what . Seriously for what. Do you eat bear meat? Are you going to stuff him?” What ? What now! I just don’t understand. What a BEAUTIFUL BEAR HE WAS!

    • thegrillmaster27

      Yes the bear is gone, but not forgotten. And yes to all of your other questions. This bear will feed many mouths and will have a rightful place in this hunters home. A simple congratulations to Mr. Beavers would have sufficed better than your sad argument about a topic, you clearly are too ignorant to understand.

      Congrats Dan, what a magnificent animal!

    • Sandra Peters

      people like you must search the internet for articles such as these just to voice your opinion—seriously GET A LIFE! Better yet search for articles that interest YOU, commenting positively. Life is TOO short!

  • Sandra Peters


  • WYOhunter

    Dan Congrats on your once in a life time trophy. I am glad that you are still carrying on the hunting tradition that your father passed down to you. I am please to see that there are still sportsman out there that are selective and wait for a mature animal even if it takes 5 years.

  • WildlifeAdmirer

    Lets let the wildlife populations explode, do nothing to closely study, control it. Let’s let them get so overpopulated that they end up starved. Then they are forced to leave their habitat for dumpsters to eat- which leads to dangerous interactions between bear & people. Then the game wardens are forced to kill them anyway because relocation is not all that successful with a bear. Better yet, while searching for food that 772 pound animal might just walk in front of your car and get spread all over the highway, putting your life at risk as well. Yes he was a magnificent animal- and yes I believe hunters appreciate and respect that more than anyone.