TrackingPoint, the company behind “smart scope”-equipped Precision Guided Firearms (PGF), announced on Tuesday that they would be showcasing a new line of rifles at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last year TrackingPoint requested feedback from gun owners on what the company’s next firearm platform should be. Respondents highly favored a semiautomatic, AR-15-style firearm. Possibly in response to these requests, TrackingPoint has now unveiled three AR-type rifles that will be chambered in 7.62x51mm, .300 AAC Blackout, and 5.56x45mm.

“TrackingPoint is excited to be able to expand and adapt its TTX technology for the AR semi-automatic market. For the first time, AR enthusiasts will be able to make fast and accurate shots on moving targets out to five football fields away,” said John Lupher, TrackingPoint CEO. “We expect not only strong demand for the 500 Series AR products, but also a growing demand for our technology across the industry.”

The “lock and launch” approach of TrackingPoint scopes allows a shooter to designate a target and then let the optic compensate for wind speed, bullet drop, cant, and other environmental factors.

The AR line, formally introduced as the TrackingPoint 500 Series, will be among the lightest and most mobile of the company’s firearms. Pricing begins at $9,950 and orders are expected to ship out starting October 2014.

A teaser video for the rifles can be seen below:

Image screenshot of video by trackingpoint on YouTube

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2 thoughts on ““Smart Scope” Manufacturer TrackingPoint Announces New AR Line

  1. Very cool. If you’re at war or defending a family position/stronghold. But, please don’t use this technology for hunting and call it fair chase

    1. You obviously know nothing about the AR-15 other than what you hear in the media. It’s a one shot per trigger pull firearm, not automatic. It’s relatively light and compact compared to most hunting rifles. The caliber of the weapon is not much bigger than a .22, as opposed to the much larger calibers used by many hunters. It is not any more deadly either, in fact inn many states it’s not even permitted for use hunting animals like the white tailed deer because of it’s lack of stopping power. The ONLY thing it has in common with the weapons used by the military is its appearance and durability.

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