Stalker Stickbows has always been recognized by old and new traditional shooters for their silky smooth drawing and fast shooting bows.  Now, Stalker Stickbows has added to their line of traditional recurves, a newly designed and developed static limb.  Introduced in 2012 for the Coyote models, interest was so strong that they have now developed static limb for their Wolverine model. The new static limb is available on The Schleyer, Wolverine or Coyote model recurves.

Stalker Stickbow’s new static limbs were developed after months of materials testing and design configurations.  The final design offers a retro look but with more stability and speed.  South Cox, master bowyer, owner and president of Stalker Stickbows said, “Once we found the perfect combination of materials to use with the static limb design, we knew we had a winner.  The new design gives way to a faster arrow and quieter bow due to less string contact with the belly of the limb.  The cast of a heavy arrow from our static limb bows is incredible!  And, the new limbs also draw super smooth, provide less finger pinch, because of their larger string angle, are very stable and they are unbelievably quiet! It’s all about performance.”

The combination of the new retro static limb design and the beauty of exotic woods, along with Stalker’s workmanship, make for one of the most handsome traditional bows available today.  Stalker’s Wolverine and Schleyer models are available in two riser lengths, one of 16.5” making bows from 56” to 60” and an 18.5” riser that offers overall lengths of 60” to 64”.  The Coyote model sports a 15” riser with static limbs available for 56” to 62” bows. The Coyote model can also interchange with reflex/deflex longbow limbs.

For more information on shooting traditional bows, technical tips on traditional bows or looking to know more about Stalker Stickbow’s new static limb bows or any of their fine traditional bows, visit them at their new website,

Image courtesy Stalker Stickbows

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