Pepper spray can be a valuable self-defense tool. Many law enforcement agencies around the country rely on this simple and less-lethal solution for subduing suspects. Some wildlife officials advise outdoorsmen and women to carry spray deterrents on backcountry excursions, in case they encounter dangerous wildlife.

Montana-based company Pro-Defense has taken pepper spray one step further with what it touts as the first rail-mounted pepper spray in production.

The F4 Tactical, which uses SABRE Red and Crossfire technology, mounts to any standard Picatinny rail. Priced at about $100 for its basic model, the F4 Tactical can be used with both pepper spray and training canisters.

“The F4 TACTICAL gives you the ability to apply the appropriate amount of force for any situation, reducing the risk and liability when engaging a hostile opponent,” Pro-Defense states on its website.

The F4 Tactical drew some interest at this year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and an informational video with a demonstration of the device can be seen below.

For the curious, Pro-Defense also offers a stand-alone model called The Defender.

Image screenshot of video by ProDefenseSolutions on YouTube

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