The Stratos is Schmidt & Bender’s new line of scopes that feature a 5X zoom factor and a programmable “Choose your light” illumination system. This unique system allows hunters and shooters to make custom adjustment to the scope’s illuminating functions to match specific hunting requirements and preferences.

The scope’s user can select the brightness and number of settings for the illumination stages, as well as whether to activate and select specific angles of inclination that will switch off the illumination to save battery power when the rifle is put aside or stowed.

The FlashDot’s illumination on Stratos scopes is invisible when switched off, making the dot appear brighter while maintaining its perfect circular shape. The brilliant optics offer a continuous contrast across the entire field of view at all magnifications.

All Stratos scopes are available with Posicon adjustments, and Schmidt & Bender’s new bullet-drop compensation feature. The Stratos line features three scopes to cover all hunting applications. The 1.1-5×24 has a FlashDot reticle in the second focal plane, while the 1.5-8×42 and 2.5-13×56 models have the FlashDot in their first focal plane. For more information, visit Schmidt & Bender at or call (603) 287-4830.

Image courtesy Schmidt & Bender

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