Fights between rival bucks can get deadly serious, but on occasion can take a surprising turn. In the below video, a no-nonsense sparring match between two males gets broken up as a third deer joins the conflict. The distraction allows one of the duelists to throw his opponent into the air, a feat of strength that quickly causes the two other deer to flee.

We’re not sure what they were thinking, but it’s probably something along the lines of “whoa.”

Hat tip to the Boone and Crockett Club.

Image screenshot of video by High Tech Redneck on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: Buck Launches Rival into the Air

  1. He didn’t launch the deer. When the deer saw the 3rd one coming, he jumped. You can see all 4 of his legs going airborne while the other buck’s head is still down. As the 2nd deer jumps, then the first one raises his head to add a little spin to him. But in no way did he ‘launch’ the 2nd buck into the air.

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