Most kayak fishermen would find fighting one sailfish a suitable challenge, and two a very difficult task indeed. According to GrindTV, South African angler Jasper Pons was fishing off the coast of Westbrook with a friend when he found himself in exactly that situation.

“I’m paying attention to the jumping sailfish on my line,” Pons described in the video he recorded of the fight. “I didn’t notice a second one screaming up the boat.”

While Pons was occupied with reeling in the first sailfish, a second animal rushed towards his kayak and struck it. Not content to leave empty-handed, the sailfish then gulped down the baitfish on the angler’s second rod.

“I need to pay attention to the second sailfish. One is going east and one is going south.” Pons explained.

The angler moved quickly to re-position himself on the kayak, leading to a strange tug-of-war between the two fish. Luckily, Pons was able to hand off the second rod to his friend and focus on the first sailfish.

You can watch video of the catch below:

“My old Penn reel was screaming in agony,” Pons told Kayak Fish. “It was a clever sailfish. Pulling hard into the wind, I would battle my kayak round until I was facing upwind, and it would suddenly scream off downwind.”

Pons didn’t even expect to hook one sailfish, much less two. The fisherman says they were initially hoping to fill up a freezer with queen mackerel, which meant that he lacked gloves to pull the sailfish in. Instead, Pons took the hat off his head and used it to get a grip on the struggling animal’s bill. Shortly afterwards, Pons’ fishing companion pulled up his own sailfish.

“I don’t actually target sailfish because I know I can never bring myself to take one home for the pot,” Pons said afterwards.

Still, it made for an unforgettable experience. The fish were later released back into the water, little worse for the wear.

Image screenshot of video by Jasper Pons on YouTube

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