Results of a new 2014 Gallup poll show that Americans are increasingly disappointed in the nation’s gun laws. Gallup reports that 55 percent of participants stated they were not satisfied with current firearms laws, almost matching 2001’s figure of 57 percent.

According to the National Journal, the number of Americans who are not happy with gun laws increased four percent from 2013, and a striking 13 percent from 2012. The majority of the change came from participants that believe gun laws are too strict, a group that has more than tripled in size since last year.

“Those who are dissatisfied have historically leaned heavily in the direction of wanting stricter rather than less strict laws,” Gallup’s Rebecca Riffkin wrote. “But this year, the gap between those wanting stricter gun laws and those wanting less strict laws narrowed as a result of a sharp increase in the percentage of Americans who want less strict laws, now at 16% up from 5% a year ago.”

For comparison, the number of people polled who wanted stricter gun control laws fell from 38 percent in 2013 to 31 percent this year. Additionally, Gallup notes that more people have reported being “very” dissatisfied as opposed to “somewhat” dissatisfied with firearm regulations. It is speculated that these changes may be due to the timing of the polls. Last year Gallup conducted the telephone survey shortly after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. It may be that the politically and socially charged environment at the time affected results.

These numbers are the the result of Gallup’s telephone survey of 1,019 adults across all 50 states. The poll has also been adjusted to match national demographics for gender, race, age, education, and other factors. Americans’ satisfaction with gun laws is only one of 19 issues measured by Gallup in its Mood of the Nation survey. Of those topics, satisfaction with gun laws placed near the middle while public opinion of the military and America’s efforts to combat terrorism ranked highly.

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10 thoughts on “Poll: More Americans Dissatisfied with Gun Laws

  1. Fix the problem instead of enacting more laws, we don’t need more laws we have enough. Laws only effect the legal citizen, criminals are criminals because they don’t follow the law. Legal citizens are LEGAL because they follow the law. The government is not protecting the legal citizen, it is protecting the criminal, because without the criminals we would have no use for the government.

    1. The Government was designed to handle the day to day running of the country. Small efficient.
      It has turned into a Bloated self generating sloth. Over size and over weight. We the People allowed this.
      It can be changed back to what it was intended to be. Down size the bureaucracy. This kind of thinking scares the ‘Lifers’ in Congress. Term limits is a good place to start.

  2. Gun Laws are Not the problem, the problem is irresponsible individuals and criminals. Legislature should “Triplicate” penalties to individuals who used Firearms/weapons in a criminal way to harm others. *Enact Laws that protect the Lawful citizen in the event he is involved in a situation were he has to defend himself from a criminal, specially from those with an extensive record. Often Lawful citizens find themselves spending money they don’t have in attorney fees just to get out of situation that could have been avoided by the wisdom of a District attorney.

  3. If our fore father didn’t have their weapons, we could still be under British rule, an some of the video games our kids and our grandchildern play in destroying worlds and people. People who try to abide by the law, they stuffer, our Govt. leaders live in their world, and don’t worry about the people who put them there and the don’t carry about our soldiers and veteran, who help to make the country , what is today.

  4. “It is speculated that these changes may be due to the timing of the
    polls. Last year Gallup conducted the telephone survey shortly after the
    tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. It may be that the politically
    and socially charged environment at the time affected results.”
    You think!

  5. If the “average American” knew the FACTS about guns and crime…

    – that there are more than 18,000 gun laws already on the books…
    – that almost all gun crimes are committed with ILLEGAL guns by UNLICENSED individuals…
    – that the places with the strictest gun laws, have the highest crime rates…
    – that the ‘revolving door’ of our justice system constantly lets dangerous repeat offenders back onto our streets where they commit ever more violent crimes against the populace…
    – that the police have NO mandate to actually protect you from criminals, and more often than not, show up after the fact to clean up them mess left behind…

    …then this “poll” would have been VERY different!

    1. They need to put more gun crazed criminals in prison and the people who got caught smoking pot let out, there’s more people in jail and prison for having one joint on them, than you can. That is not breaking any laws as far as i’m concerned.

  6. All dictators get the people’s guns before they become dictatorial. Makes sense, but we are a free country! The second amendment protects us from a dictatorship! People, don’t stay on the couch while Obama tries to take away our freedoms! Rise-up!!

  7. What a poorly conceived and confusing polling question, It combines responses from people on opposite sides of the issue. While technically it’s true that both sides are dissatisfied with gun laws, it is for entirely opposite reasons.

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