FNH USA Pro Team shooter Dave Sevigny kicked off the 2014 competition season at the 2014 Georgia State Steel Championship, earning two top division finishes and setting a new personal record. The match, hosted January 31-February 2 at the Griffin Gun Club in Griffin, GA, is the first stop on the competitive shooting docket and is designed to test the speed and accuracy of shooters over the eight courses of fire with more than 195 rounds of ammunition fired downrange.

Video of Dave Sevigny competing at the 2014 GA State Steel Championship:

Sevigny, competing with his production FNS-9 Longslide equipped with Warren Tactical Series Sevigny competition sights, earned division champion in Limited and Production divisions as well as winning his ninth consecutive Iron Sight division champion title at the match. When asked about his strategic approach, Sevigny noted that “consistency was essential. Or in other words, flawless draws from the holster, efficient presentations to target and decisive transition speed, timing and trigger control.”

Competing alongside Sevigny was the newest member of Team FNH USA, Brooke Sevigny, embarking on her first full season shooting with the Pro Team. Like Sevigny, Brooke was equipped with the 5-inch FNS-9 Longslide and earned two top ten finishes in the Limited and Production divisions.

According to match director, Glenn Webber, the Georgia State Steel Championship has been held consecutively for the past nine years and has seen the popularity of the match grow each year. The turnout for the 2014 match drew four times the number of participants from their inaugural 2006 match and saw competitors from Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Virginia and as far north as Connecticut.

For more information about the Georgia State Steel Match, please visit www.griffinsteelmatch.com.

To learn about FNH USA and FN products, please visit www.fnhusa.com or the FNH USA Facebook Fan Page.

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