Captain Mark Garry of Kidcohiese Outdoors managed to record the following video while fishing in Los Suenos, Costa Rica. As Garry and his crew watched on, an estimated 500- to 600-pound blue marlin rushed off in the pursuit of a 25-pound dorado, also known as a mahi-mahi.

“The marlin made several attempts at the dorado, and the last we saw of both of them was [when] they passed five feet away from us the dorado was on the tail of the marlin,” Garry wrote in the video’s description. “We showed the video to a bunch of seasoned Costa Rican fishermen, and they never saw anything like it. Obviously neither did we.”

At one point the marlin launches the dorado out of the water with its bill. Blue marlins commonly use their bills to stun or even kill prey.

“I’m not sure if the mahi got away, but it wasn’t a good day to be a mahi-mahi,” Garry said in the video.

Image screenshot of video by Mark Garry on YouTube

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