At first glance, Quebec inventor Yvon Martel’s design looks like an elongated lawnmower with treads. While that would undoubtedly make yard work much easier, Martel’s device is anything but a lawnmower. The MTT-136, which stands for My Tracked Technology, is a battery-powered tool that acts as a vehicle, cargo transporter, and even as a snow plow.

According to a video released on Martel’s YouTube channel, the entire contraption weighs about 280 pounds depending on the type of battery installed, and can run as long as eight hours or for 130 miles. The MTT-136 is also strong enough to push a malfunctioning car and is surprisingly fast in snow.

Martel says he is currently looking for manufacturing partners or distributors.

Image screenshot of video by yvon martel on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Quebec Inventor Creates Personal Tracked Vehicle

  1. Unique and far more versatile than a snowmobile as it’s usable year round and with many attachments and even to walk behind. The snow plow attachment is interesting. Would like to know more about this.

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