The folks behind the smash hit video “Underwater Bullets at 27,000fps” are back with another ultra high-speed clip of technology in action. This time, the show’s two hosts each get a chance to shoulder and put a 30-round magazine through a fully automatic AR-15. The entire affair is, of course, recorded in 720p HD cameras capable of slowing the action down to 18,000 frames per second.

It looks like the second shooter could have used a bit of a crash course in controlling a fully automatic firearm considering how much he angles the muzzle up mid-burst, but the range and its surroundings were apparently safe and secure.

Image is a screenshot of video by The Slo Mo Guys on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Ultra High-speed Footage of a Fully Automatic AR-15 Firing

  1. Entertaining, but one major flaw in the title. This is an M-16 NOT an AR-15. ALL AR-15’s are semi-auto unless they have had added an M-16 bolt carrier, M-16 trigger control group, and a registered drop in auto sear (NFA item) installed. But at this point this these parts make it an M-16. Please don’t feed the “Ghost Gun” / “Anti-gun” crowd with misinformation that this is an AR-15.

    1. Hi Daubs,

      Thank you for the comment. However, “M16” is specifically the official designation for most select-fire variants of the AR-15 used by the United States military. Colloquially, “AR-15” is a broad term referring to pretty much any AR-pattern rifle chambered in 5.56/.223, including select-fire variants that may not necessarily be M16s. Given that there was no information as to whether the AR in this video was a US military M16 or simply a select-fire AR-15, I went with the broader term.

      Matt Korovesis

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