Moose have a reputation for being quick to anger, and one man found out the hard way that even “baby moose” kicks can hurt plenty.

According to the Daily Mail, wildlife trapper Wes Livingston was working with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in a four-year research program when he found himself wrestling with a young female moose. Livingston was a part of a team that captured and collared the animals from a helicopter, but this release did not go as planned. Right away he could tell that the moose was cranky, and when Livingston fell while trying to give the animal room, the moose quickly took advantage of the opportunity.

“There’s no call to be nasty,” he said in the video.

Thankfully, he was able to ward off most of the hoof strikes while his thick coat absorbed the rest.

“First time I ever got beat up by a baby moose,” he said later.

Watch how the trapper manages to scare off the calf in the video below.

Image screenshot of video by dcmfox on LiveLeak

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