Two goose hunters in Multnomah County, Oregon were thankful but a little wet on Sunday when emergency responders fished them out of the Sandy River. They also credited their survival to proper preparation, including the life vests they were wearing.

“We try, when we’re hunting, to prepare for the stuff that no one wants to have happen,” Anthony Engelman told KPTV. “Everything is water-bagged and tied to the boat, so we didn’t lose anything.”

Engleman and his friend Tyler, who declined to give his full name, were hunting in a canoe on the Sandy River when their craft struck a log and went under. Engelman was pinned to the log while Tyler slipped under the water with the canoe and floated down the river. Engleman managed to reach shore and was noticed by an angler, who notified the authorites. Meanwhile, Tyler remained in the river and attempted to force the canoe closer to land. The hunter was forced to cling to a branch for a half hour before rescuers arrived.

“It was chilly,” Tyler said simply.

Both men attribute the life vests and waterproof clothing they were wearing for saving their lives, and cautioned other hunters against leaving these devices at home. Both men were uninjured by the incident.

Their gear and canoe was later retrieved by the rescuers.

“Your first response is, ‘Okay, I’m alive,’” Engelman told KOIN 6 News. “Your second response is, ‘Okay, we’ve got a lot of gear and now just gotta figure out how to get it all back to the car and get home.'”

You can see an interview with the two hunters below.

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