When in the wild, knowing how to properly deal with an animal can save lives—yours and theirs. Moose have a not-unmerited reputation for having short tempers. After all, moose injure more people in North America than just about any other large mammal. But proper knowledge and preparation can help people avoid most of these incidents.

For instance, wildlife experts advise never approaching any moose no matter how docile it may seem. These are large animals weighing upwards of many hundreds of pounds and can easily hurt comparatively squishy humans. A moose that is walking toward you is not signifying an interest to be touched or photographed. Rather, it is likely a warning. Moose signal an impending attack commonly by stomping their feet, laying their ears back against their heads, or behaving aggressively. Unlike with predators, running is usually a pretty good strategy as moose are unlikely to give chase for long. When unable to escape, try hiding behind a tree or another obstacle. If worst comes to worst and the moose knocks you down, curl up in a ball and try to protect your head.

Keep in mind that cow moose may be more aggressive in late spring and early summer, while bull moose can be dangerous during the fall breeding season.

In the below video, a snowmobiler and his friend runs afoul of a young moose. The animal obviously doesn’t seem keen on moving out of the way, and when approached, launches an attack at the snowmobiler’s chest. What follows is a number of shots fired from a handgun that downs the large animal.

While the snowmobiler certainly could have behaved differently, the incident has sparked a debate on whether the shooting was justified or if the man should face charges. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Edit: For now, we have very little information on this incident beyond what is shown in the video. OutdoorHub will be updating this post with more specifics as we receive them.


Image screenshot of video by ljfriel2 on LiveLeak

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911 thoughts on “Video: Snowmobiler Shoots Moose with Glock

  1. Charges should be filed against this moron. He was the aggressor by continuing to approach the moose rather than moving off the trail and allowing it to pass or finding another way around it. These animals have a hard enough time making it through the rigors of winter without being harassed (and unnecessarily shot) by idiots like this. When recreating outdoors we are in the animals territory and should respect them just as you’d expect someone to respect you when in your home. I am an avid hunter, sportsman and snowmobiler and never expect a wild animal to grant me right of way.

      1. He was trying to get it to move -off- the trail. Snowmobiles require large areas to make turns because the front has tracks with a very slight degree of turn to them: meaning there was no opportunity for him to turn around. He wasn’t making moose calls to try and pet it.

      2. Yes He should definitely be charged for killing this animal and I’m sure that Conservation Authorities will do just that. He obviously has no respect for animals and should stay locked-up in the City.

      3. Yes thru the trees not so hard to do. or just step off the path for a moment. if you don’t know how to think quickly don’t carry a gun.

      4. Yeah step off the path and give the moose a clear shot at you. We are not talking about puppies and kittens people.

      5. I’m so f’n tired of listening to retards who just cherry pick behind their computer like little keyboard warriors. Shoulda woulda coulda…go cry about it to PETA. I dare you to handle a situation like that differently! If it was you about to get trampled by a 1000lb+ animal with stilts for legs you’d probably start crapping your little pampers. It’s called self defense for you, the people around you, and your own property. Gimme your man card right now…that sh*t is getting pulled!

      6. USAF_Paul, you are EXACTLY what most canadiens think of most americans… selfish people that have a twisted way to see things around them, not to say worst. And there is no debate with you people… you act confident even though you’re wrong. Here you are wrong big time!

      7. Isn’t it great living in a free country…having the ability to make conscious decisions about whether or not you choose to protect yourself…or even having an opinion!!! Which by the way is completely subjective, so feel any which way you want about the situation. If I’m selfish or wrong for wanting to protect myself or my property…then I guess I’m just a trashy piece of sh*t and I gladly accept that. 🙂

      8. Man.. are you stupid? Just because some people aren’t American doesn’t mean that they don’t have the ability to make conscious decisions about protecting ourselves. The fact of the matter is that MOST people who are not American do not automatically jump to violence as the answer. What exactly are you protecting yourself or your property from? Like damn do you live in a warzone? No. So calm the hell down. And this guy was dumb, go around the moose, obviously.

      9. Obviously you don’t have any kind of visual comprehension of what happened in the video. I feel like I have to dumb myself down to explain that the guy made his presence known to the moose…who then charged at him…(WITH NO ABILITY TO TURN AROUND BY THE WAY) OMG.. lets answer your question at a basic kindergarten level shall we! What exactly are you protecting yourself from? Really? You didn’t see a god damn moose charging at him and flapping his stilts for legs at this guys face? What property? …do I reallllllly need to explain what property? Come on…and you’re asking me if I’m stupid??? Nice try smarticus! You’ll have to do better than that. Getting mad because you didn’t agree with what the guy did…doesn’t make it wrong! Ohh…and after yelling at it more to try and make it flee…it AGAIN attempts to come back and charge the dude then gets blasted…PLEASE explain to me how he could go around the moose! I’d can’t wait to hear it!

      10. No i saw a guy charge at the moose himself. The moose was off in the distance, grazing (if you watch the beginning of the video you can see this. HE, not the moose is the aggressor in the video. The moose reacted as it should by defending itself. And please do not try to lecture me on moose. I live in a province (yes Canada) that has some of the biggest moose in North america. Wanna know how he could get around it? Easy, he has a snow mobile, turn left, turn right.. OH nvm, your american you wear blinders 😉

      11. In what universe is idling up slowly and making noise to acknowledge your presence “charging”??? Go left or right you say? Wow!!! Why didn’t I think of that? He must have the special Harry Potter edition snow mobile that can teleport through trees on a narrow path! I know, maybe he should have used his invisibility cloak and flying option too. His snow mobile must also moonlight as a bulldozer too since you expected him to go through the trees.

      12. Idling up slowly??? Your cant be serious. Any movement towards a wild animal is considered charging too them. He stood up making his presence and size bigger to the animal, and the moose considered him a threat, as any wild animal would on a narrow path. Hey, how did the path get there in the first place, someone had to cut it on snow mobile right? on no wait snow falls that way and forms the path. You sir are blind. Plus He could have stepped of the snow mobile.

        He had many choices, and he chose wrong, and I hope he pays the price for it.

        Btw, he could have shut off the machine and stepped off the path. That moose was not looking for a confrontation… he was.

        Also why did he continue to move towards the moose and yelling once it turned around and began to walk away.

      13. Do you watch any nature shows? Because if you did you would know that this moose felt threatened by the IDIOT on the snowmobile. USAF… I doubt you even serve or have ever served, because our servicemen and women would make such STUPID comments, and yes, I know many people that serve and have served, and they would be all over the jack wagon snowmobiler. So keep up the good work of portraying Americans as idiots to the rest of the world.

        F’n IDIOT.

      14. Actually the loggic – You stand in my way so i SHOOT YOU ! is exactly the reason I AM HAPPY guns are regulated in my country.

      15. Except when we pay to come slaughter the moose, bear and elk. But I guess as long as we pay it is OK. It was only a damn moose, they kill thousands a year for sport.

      16. Humans agressors really the guy should have taken the moose home and put it in the freezer . Thats how we do things in the United States.

      17. realbeerisgood – Please don’t judge all of us Americans by this idiot. Anyone with common sense can see what happened in the video could have easily been avoided if the snowmobiler had simply had the sense to go a different route after he stopped the first time… or when the moose gave his first warning to back off…or his second warning. You know as well as I, if the moose wanted to do some real damage, the guy wouldn’t have been able to pull his Glock out when he did.

      18. I agree with you man 😉 and I know all Americans aren’t like that it’s the same in canada it only takes one person to screw it up for the rest of the group eh;)

      19. Really isn’t another way to go. I would have waited at a safe distance, that doesn’t mean the moose still does not act aggressively. A deer for instance would have run off quickly.

      20. I dont care either way, im just sick of seeing American bashing comments. What in the hell does it have to do with the video. We all can interpret the video differently and we won’t agree. So i guess he should have just laid down and let the moose stomp his face in? (which is what would have happened if he had not shot when he did) He wasnt the aggressor, thats stupid. He was on a trail and slowly rolled to a stop, hoping the moose would move. Im pretty sure the animal would have charged no matter how far off trail he went at that point. And at least we blind trashy Americans dont have snowballs shoved so far up our ass we spit snowflakes. Seriously though, I’ve never heard so many condesending comments solely on the basis of where someone is from. Because of this post I now see ALL Canadians and stuck up, uber-arrogant, pricks who hate Americans because they’re like the shack next to the mansion.

      21. he handled it very wrong. we have alot more moose here in Newfoundland, and no handguns to protect ourselves. yet few encounters end in injury to either the animal or the person. if it had been a bull in rutting season it may have been the aggressor. but this is a young moose possibly its first winter on its own. its scared and its starving. then a large loud thing “crawls up to it” faster than any animal can move in the snow. this mans hand gun made him feel too safe, had he been unarmed he definitely wouldn’t have approached the moose like that, instead the second he saw it he would have made an effort to put space between him and it. as a result the whole thing would have been avoided. oh and i don’t see all americans as gun toting “freedom” loving, self entitled dicks, but i definitely see you that way.

      22. Why was he carry a hand gun on a sled ,not a woodsman a jackass ,and why would he call a moose grunting at it very stupid ,all he had to do was drive around the moose all sorts of room ,just a gun happy jackass ,around here in eastern Canada he would be fined by NB game wardens for animal creulty and lose all possession

      23. He is in the wilderness, coyotes and wolves can be a problem if you break down. That is why our forefathers took guns across the Oregon Trail, for survival and protection.

      24. Youare dumber than a can of sardins, you have absolutly no clu about how to act in nature…. He saw the moose but aproched it anyway…he Cold have turned around With the snow mobile, if not he is to retarded to have one. He provoked this and then he levs a wonded animal… He is a retard and so are you.

      25. You cannot just turn around a snowmobile, that statement tells me you never have been trail riding. He should have stopped when he saw the moose and waited until it left the area. He did not act with patience or care.

      26. First of Im a hunter and I curently own 2 snowmobiles…If you are seriously telling me that he could not turn his snowmobile around where he was then you are cluless when it comes to riding one and you should seek leassons….

      27. You are correct sir. The original clip I saw did not show the very beginning of the video footage. I would never approach any large animal, why not watch nature for a while and enjoy the beauty. Have a great day.

      28. You are entirely a moron. The guy absolutely could have gone around, secondly if you actually know how to pay attention to a video and what actions take place, the moose did turn around and removed himself from the situation. The snowmobiler however continued forward and continued making noises at the moose, that was a poor choice. Just like a heated argument where one person has brains enough to walk away and the other guy yells something, ie the snowmobiler, but he apparently was in a rush and has no respect just like you.

      29. cause snowmobiles are great chain saws and clear paths,…smh, yes drive thru the trees and see what happens you morons….first off if he gets the sled stuck then he is really in a bad spot with a pissed off moose.

      30. Hey mister soldier. You are full of shit! And since you work for the government you are twice blessed with shit for brains.

      31. This is why you had a armed terrorist walk into your legislative building and shoot up the place and killing a poor soldier your govt didn’t trust with ammo. So shut the fk up and sit on your liberal passive asses and we will make sure it’s safe for North America. We’ve been doing it for the last 100 years. Nothing like a mouthy Canadian to make your day.

      32. You probably shouldn’t go down the road bragging about making North America “safer”, while trying to make another country sound passive because of one somewhat random shooting with 2 casualties. How many mass shootings have happened in the United States? How many acts of actual terrorism? Seems to me like mass shootings are becoming more common, yet we don’t see any real changes to stop them from happening the US. Hows that for being passive.

      33. Must be easy living in a country that is null and void. A country whose security is guaranteed by the power of another. Let’s face it you are not a target because you do not matter! It’s an American thing wouldn’t expect you to understand.

      34. it is not like they are rare animals and idiot or not he still has the right to defend himself from said animal the critter was turning around for a 3rd charge when he shot it

      35. Man card? You joined the Air Force, and think you can revoke a man card? LOL!! Keep your mouth shut in the future. The moron in this video went out of his way to get the animal’s attention, and then crapped his pants when he got the attention.

      36. Paul I’m from alabama and I completely agree with you man! This country, well the majority of it has become so sissified due to Political Correctness that we even have speach police and if u say something mean to anyone u r demonized. I would love to c one of these libs on here saying this and that on how or what this guy coulda or shoulda done been in his shoes and get trampled on by that aggressive moose.

      37. You’re right I would do the same alot of people would …. If they are dip shit enough to piss that 1000lb+ animal off.

      38. Please remove the USAF from your name. You’re an embarrassment to the rest of us. That tool instigated the encounter. Anyone with an eye and even half a brain cell can see that. That moose was content to keep the separation they had. The rider should have patiently waited for it to leave or turned around. In the forest, you’re in his house.

      39. I am an avid outdoorsman and encounter moose a handful of times every year in various situations camping hiking hunting atv and snowmobile recreation and have never needed a firearm because of the simple rule followed that if you treat an animal with the same respect you demand in any situation it will return it if I was out in the middle of my yard and some yahoo came trouncing through it if expect he leave me be but if he came up on me potentially unaware and started hooting and hollering at me I’d let them know they were unwelcome and to leave me be like this moose did snowmobiles may my be able to turn on a dime but n what seems to be a well established and well pact trail reversing and following the trail back on out in a pinch seems very practical and logical anyone with a lick of common sense could have and should have figured that out barging into this animals territory and acting as he did this guy acted like some dumbass punk street thug this fool was just in his way and in the wrong place at the wrong time right he deserved to get shot for defending his home turf sure you were in an alleyway his alleyway to be precise but Ya can exit the way Ya came Ya sound like a bit of a entitled bully my friend self righteous all are obligated to see things your way also another perk to freedom is to call out idiots like yerself who resemble the average politician some pompous windbag making changes and changing laws over topics and in areas in which they know absolutely nothing about no offense pal but Ya sound a bit desperate in all this to make a name for yourself

      40. Do you have any idea how many moose, bear, elk, deer etc are killed each year? As long as the meat didn’t go to waste it was an unfortunate incident. Maybe you should watch some video of wolves eating large animals while they are still standing.

    1. He wasn’t the aggressor, the moose heard him coming from a distance, snowmobiles are LOUD. There isn’t anything to ride across. You cant simply ride into powder expecting to make it through, snowmobiles sink and when that happens people die. Do you value a moose over a human life? If not then the rider is justified, if so you should just stop posting. You’re not an avid hunter, sportsman or snowmobiler, otherwise you’d know that animals are both dangerous and sometimes need to be killed.

      1. actually look at the video again the first time the rider stopped there was a trail to his left you can clearly see it. he just wanted to run the moose off because he did not have no time for it to be in his way.

      2. Blaze your own trail then a snowmachine can make it through powder. Seeing as you call it a snowmobile I don’t think you would know that though.

      3. Actually it is fresh and is clearly a snowmobile track do you know something else that floats on snow and makes one wide track and two narrow ones?

      4. You cannot just turn onto another trail and expect to get where you are going. These are not all posted with signs. I agree he could have waited, I would have for at least ten minutes before contemplating other options.

      5. Good one Jennifer, the rider must of felt pretty macho pulling out his little gun. At the very least he should have been man enough to finish the animal off. He runs over the mooses legs and leaves him there to suffer. Guys like this should stay in the city!

      6. He left the carcass in the wild. Where I am from that is a wildlife act violation. Here in the NWT he would be facing charges.

      7. the video did not show what he did afterwards, it showed the encounter, it’s very likely he reported it… seeing as how its on the news now. As for leaving it there…. in Canada you can’t take it, the CO has to deal with it unless you get a permit (which is very rare, and the CO still has to be on site to inspect the carcass) if the LOSV operator moved the carcass it would be poaching.

      8. He should have at least finished it off…..looked like the moose was still clinging to life (barely) as he passed by.

      9. I’m an avid hunter and snowmobiler and I simply disagree. You have some valid points but there would have been nothing wrong with waiting it out.

        If he just sat there and didn’t yell or anything and than the moose came at him ..yes justified.

      10. your a dumbass he obviously seen the moose crossin the treail about 50 yards away n started shouting n coming up on the moose

      11. Im from northern Ontario and i can say . The moose was provoked and its his land not ours . You must give right away to wildlife or turn around and wait it out .

      12. Jake, Jake, Jake. Apparently you are neither a hunter, sportsman, or snowmobiler. You don’t know what you are talking about. With the suspension on today’s machines, anywhere on that path he could have pulled over and went around. To his right, just a few feet, he woulda been out on the open where he ended up. That moose wouldn’t have been any threat to him. That bastard was just sick.

      13. bob suspention has very little to do with powder riding, this rider was a trail rider with a trail riding sled you need a bigger track and powder skis so on and so fourth. the only way he could get out with out getting stuck is going straight

      14. Except it was an xp summit he was riding which IS equipped with reverse. It was a clearly well ridden trail and he could have turned around, or waited it out.

      15. Actually I own a MXZ 500 and I break trails and fresh powder with it all the time. So where do you justify your argument? I think the guy was just lazy, just sayin

      16. LOL! What kind of sled did the shooter have? You know that how? Suspension plays a big part in deep snow riding. At least it did for the past 30 years I have been doing it.

      17. I’m pretty sure with a comment as stupid and as wrong as that neither are you, like connor said suspension has absolutely nothing to do with powder riding you would have sunk like a stone venturing off the trail with that sled

      18. The fact that he is on a summit and wearing a helmet cam I’d have to guess riding in the powder wouldn’t have been that foreign to him. It’s dead flat in there. I could have went anywhere in there on a 99 tundra. Please you people…. give me a break and on my summit 800 ha what a joke

      19. Seriously Jake? Are you this obtuse? This guy should be hung out to dry, he is neither a decent snowmobiler, a hunter or a human, he is a loser!!

      20. It doesn’t matter whether he is Canadian or American boys, settle down. He should have waited it out and enjoyed the view. Snowmobiles now a days can go pretty much anywhere poor excuse. He was just aggravating the moose. And the young moose acted instinctively. However it appears his first shots didn’t hit the moose and looks as if it would have been enough to frighten the moose as it appears it was running off. But gun happy inexperienced woodsman decided to fire at the animal. I’m pretty sure he didn’t move forward to examine his selfish impatient deserving booboo. But to leave the suffering creature behind. Just my opinion. And why is he carrying a gun? Enough said!

      21. Yes I don’t think his nationality makes any difference. We both have idiots in our countries. ( As we can see by some of the comments) If he was Canadian he’s in way more trouble for the gun than the moose. Pretty sure he wasn’t a trapper.

      22. do you hear yourself? how the hell is that justified? he went up to the moose and caused it to attack you idiot. yes animals are dangerous, yes they need to be killed sometimes, but you never need to go up to one, provoke an attack, and then kill it and leave it to rot. you should stop posting.

      23. I’m a long time hunter. Jake, he brought it all on himself. He should have avoided that moose, but he went INTO it… more than once! He’s in the wrong, and he ought to pay for it.

      24. I am a Canadian moose hunter and have hunted for my entire life. I am sure e assumed the moose would spook as they often do when not in the rut. Yelling at the moose should have done this. If anyone here primarily the guys who claim to be outdoorsmen have ever done this the typical response is for the moose
        To spook. What happened next was not characteristic of a bull when not in the rut. Contrary to your beliefs moose don’t just go around charging humans and their snow machines. After the initial attack the rider made the appropriate response.

      25. good comment. the trail is narrow and most trail machines are not made for powder i think he is justified.

      26. Out of all the comments I’ve read, no one ever thought of getting off the sled, grab the skis and turn it around? That’s what I do. Especially when you’re 50+ yards away. Only a dumbass with a pistol would be brave enough to keep approaching. If he had not had a pistol, he probably would’ve done JUST that. But it’s justified I guess because of the powder, there was absolutely no time frame where he could have just immediately hopped off the sled and turned it around, and don’t you DARE say that can’t be done. But then again, the moose clearly gave him no choice. Yelling at it didn’t help, so let’s go closer and clap our hands and yell at it more. After getting rimmed the first time around and the moose starts walking away, let’s aggravate it more, then when the thing comes back, let’s shoot it. And keep shooting, but let’s not put it down, let’s keep riding further and MAYBE come back to check leaving it suffering during this time. Cause, you know. It’s justified. Morons.

      27. You have got to be kidding me? The guy very obviously harassed the moose by closing the distance between the two of them. That is why it attacked. The idiot created the situation and was forced to shoot the moose due to his own complete stupidity.

      28. jake, i am a avid hunter and an experienced snowmobiler. that was a packed trail and he stopped a few times not sinking as he was on a packed trail. further more the idiot shot the animal without confirming the kill which shows the worst possible action in any outdoorsman or sportsman. that moose was well on his way to leaving the area if the idiot had stayed back this would not have happened. i only reply to you as i see the fact you truly believe what you say and are not just trolling which is a serious and scary mind set or attitude to have.

      29. Jake you best think hard before you open that mouth again what is snowmobiles made for just for riding trail lol people die from sink snow pull your head out of your ass it don’t mater what moose bear deer cat wolf you push them and they will turn on you to many people think they own the world and if they have move out some things way they shot it your in there woods and i am a avid hunter, sportsman or snowmobiler, i know to move out they way of moose becuse it using the trail to get to food easyer then trying wake in deep snow it take 2 sec to do whats right turn of the trail wait for it to go by then be ass clown shoot it make suffer and drive away not knowing if you did right that ant no hunter thats ass clown that should be in jail

      30. Seriously? The sled he was riding was a cup summit, and is equipped with reverse. Easy to turn around, find another trail, or wait for the moose to pass. He obviously saw it from a fair distance, and yet still approached. Anyone with any common sences knows not to approach a wild animal like that. Animals are dangerous like you said, and sometimes are required to be put down, usually when they get used to humans and push into our local areas. However, then is no reason to kill an animal because you provoked it.

      31. Have you even watched the video? They had an opportunity to turn left and stay on hard pack snow. Maybe you and the rider need to think before you start shooting. Him the pistol you your mouth

      32. The snowmobile he was riding was equipped with reverse, he could have easily backed up, or waited for the moose to pass. It was clearly a well ride trail, and the comments of not being able to stop in powder are invalid. First he did stop once he was right up on the moose , and was able to continue riding after he shot it. Yes animals are dangerous and sometimes they become a problem that NEEDS to be dealt with, but when you Provoke and attack like this man did, it’s completely unjustifiable. If you truly believe this to be a justifiable act, you should NOT be in the wilderness period.

        And no, I’m not some crazy vegan preaching lunatic, I come from a family of avid hunters and snowmobile riders who love and respect the land, and only take what we need, and work to preserve a healthy population of all wildlife.

      33. Amsn Jake…I’m a dumb ass American, both hunted and conservationest. # 1…us YANKS ever run where the Socialistic Frogs don’t join in to help ANY Country in need. So I personally resent the Anti American posts, even though BOTH my parents were born and raised in Canada. Must have been a reason they left ! But the one thing that DID upset me was the simple fact that he left the animal there. Hopefully he reported the event to the proper authorities ! I appreciate the honesty of you post !

      34. So Jake… you are saying that when a moose hears such a LOUD snowmachine from a distance, it’s inclined to run towards it or to hang around? If you’re really a hunter you know that the break of a twig will put any animal on alert and, most likely scare them off. Also, if you’re a true outdoorsman you know how to handle wildlife encounters properly! And yes, I do value a moose’s life over a human who commits such an act.

      35. No offence but if you watch again you will notice another trail to the left right when they first stop and he claps his hands…. The moose turned to run and he follows it right away so she decided it was flight or fight. I don’t blame him for shooting once she drop kicked him but he clearly had options to avoid that close of an encounter. I AM an avid hunter, sportsman, snowmobiler and also spend every working day in the woods which makes it my responsibility to avoid needless encounters like this one. How long will it take for them to close the trails if people act like this. As someone who fights to keep trails and mountains open for our pleasure I hope this video doesn’t harm our cause. Give animals lots of space. They call them WILD for a reason..

      36. LMFAO! You’re kidding right? Being a long time snowmobiler and hunter I found your comment absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

      1. No, he wasn’t 100% justified in shooting this animal.

        Any intelligent human would realize the animal was using a packed trail due to the deep snow which is obviously harder for it to walk in. You can see its droppings on the trail which suggests it was heading down the trail towards the lake. I could be wrong, but that’s what I would guess (plus it was facing that way).

        You have to respect animals in the wilderness and he should have left it be….reverse or stop yelling at it and inching forward. Give it an opportunity to walk away. Most animals will realize you’re not a danger and will vacate.

        He tried to be cool b/c he had a headcam on, but then panicked when he was rightly kicked by the moose. He shouldn’t have shot it at all.

        He should be charged 100%.

      2. Simply put, what would this guy {moron} have done if he never had a gun????? He should not be on a snowmobile , he’s not an outdoorsman or sportsman and most of all should not be in possession of a firearm… I have encountered this a lot over the years and never had this outcome, not 1 thing right in this video.

      3. An outdoorsman would know that you don’t run up on an animal like that. But that’s besides the point, of that you never got. You don’t need a gun to deal with this situation, because if an outdoorsman mind was used, this would have just been a nice calm encounter and pleasant video. All the true outdoorsman reading this know what i’m saying.

    2. If you don’t think he was justified you are a moron. A full grown cow moose like that can easily kill you… And you say he isn’t justified… IT’S
      AN ANIMAL YOU JACKASSES. Your telling me you would rather see this guy badly injured or dead because you value the life of an animal more? You people should never be allowed to make important decisions of any kind…

      1. No he wasn’t justified. This was a clear case of provocation not self defense. You are the jackass here. How hard would it have been to use the trail to the left or to back off and wait it out? No kidding a full grown cow moose can kill you, but the idiot would have deserved it the way he was provoking that animal. You must be some kind of genius to figure that one out. It gave him fair warning mock charging and backing off twice. I am an avid hunter. I have no problem with a moose being shot. What I do have a problem with is people like that not using their tiny brain, to avoid that situation. Was he in that big of a hurry? And ignorant people like you who run off at the mouth with no logic behind your thoughts. Maybe you should go crawl back into whatever hole you came from. People like that are a disgrace and are the kind of people that give true outdoorsmen a bad name.

      2. So…..you go into your neighbours yard….. pick a fight with your much larger neighbour….. He punches your face….you Pull out your glock and pop him….. Are you justified then? The fact that it is a moose doesn’t change the fact that you should respect your neighbours in their yard and in this case…. It was her yard. Thinking before you act can go along way.

      3. Actually that moose isn’t full grown, it’s just a young lad. And it killing the guy was more then likely not going to happen. The moose was just frightened into protecting itself. Obviously the guy was just as scared and resorted to shooting the animal. But the question asked was if the guy should get charged or not? I would say no. Yes us animal/nature lovers get upset when the obvious young moose who is frightened gets killed because of the obviously frightened guy with a gun. But truly it was the inexperience of the rider’s reactions to the situation that determined the out come. Maybe it’s a lessons learned for the rider and the rest of the moose population can sleep easy now.

      4. The shooter provoked the moose into attacking him. The shooter caused the whole thing. Very simple to see that in this video.

    3. The moose charged him, including one bluff charge, the moose could have easily killed him, or someone else if he didn’t put it down.

      1. Your logic is so dumb, I can’t even begin to describe it and there’s no sense in telling you HOW wrong you are.

    4. Totally agree..I felt terrible for the moose! However, I am ALL FOR self preservation! If this moose moved TOWARDS HIM and attacked him..then BY ALL MEANS the man should put it down…but in this case..what an ass!

    5. Turning around is not really an option, going another way does not really exist. That being said, while I snowmobile, I enjoy watching nature. If this rider had stayed a safe distance back, he could have waited until the moose moved off. Turning a 500 pound machine around that is in many feet of snow on a narrow trail is often impossible. With a little patience, the rider would have left with some nice video of a young moose. Aggressive rider.

    6. Butch you might honestly be one of the dumbest human beings I have ever seen answer a question in one of these stupid websites. Why should animals be granted more rights than a human being? If I’m walking down the street and I walk in front of somebody’s house and that person comes at me and starts attacking me I have the right to defend myself. That’s the law and that’s the way it is. The man tried to get the moose to move but instead the animal walked toward him and then began to attack him. Are you that ignorant and stupid that you expect a man to take that kind of thing with a grain of salt. The man acted in self defense. The only problem I have in the video is that the man did not put the animal down and put it out of its misery. If you want to talk about that then I will but there is no way a person should allow himself to get the living snot beat out of him and run the risk of dying just so that a aggressive moose can keep running around. If you agree with Butch that a Moose’s life is more important then please stop posting on these kinds of websites because your unbelivable stupidity is horrifying and quite frankly our society would be much better off if you kept your mouth shut.

  2. Im a huge hunter and this kill was not right, this could have been easily avoided. He should face charges and just leaving the animal there to suffer and die and not making use of the animal is uncalled for.

    1. Animals die all the time without being “made use of”. Do you value human life over a moose? if so then quit posting, if not then jump off a cliff. Humanity doesn’t need you anyway.

      1. to bad the moose don’t carry guns an shoot the dumb bastard for his actions . just remember your in there territory an to just leave it there that’s wa stingl realy hope he gets charged an a fine of 2000 is min Leonard

      2. Jake. I’m sorry but you must be one of the biggest idiots I know. I am an active hunter and outdoorsman, and it is clear to me that this whole thing could have been avoided. This only happened because this idiot was arrogant and in a hurry to get to wherever he was going. Probably the next bar. The animal came at him and backed off two other times before he shot it. If he would have just backed off and waited it out things would have turned out quite different. Should he be prosecuted? Absolutely. He is a discrace and so are you.

      3. you have no clue how anything would have turned out you cant predict a wild anial smh all you “avid hunters” should know that i hunt fish hike ride four wheelers and am in the outdoors more than i am inside point blank period if i think i am in any kind of danger i will eliminate the threat any way i see fit i have been charged by hogs struck by snakes lunged at by alligators chased by raccoons and opossums my life and well being is more important to me than any of your libtard tree hugging opinions i am the supreme predator i will survive any way i can

      4. Really? He’s one of the biggest idiot you know? Do you really know him? He presented his opinion, like you’ve just done. He didn’t call anyone a disgrace, so don’t call him one. This is just embarrassing.

  3. should be charged, you could see how deep the snow was when the moose stepped off the trail, the snow machines should have moved off the trail and let the moose pass

    1. They’ve been genetically engineered for deep snow and shitty winters. Snowmobiles sink and get stuck. The moose wouldn’t have passed anyway, watch the way it moves.

      1. where he first stopped, the start of the video – there was a trail to the left……he should have waited it out OR taken the trail to the left. What was the hurry to get around the moose?

      2. The fact that you just said moose are genetically engineered leads me to believe that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about and probably plucked that term out of your head because it sounds cool.

      3. Moose have been genetically engineered ~ dynamic genetics + time X environment=life form genetically engineered for the enviornment, (evolution) does the engineering on a genetic level over extended period(s) of time.

  4. What a jerk. Hope this guy gets thrown in jail. Antogonizes the animal then shoots it when its not even attacking. Humans need to be put back on the food chain so they learn respect

      1. I see moose all the time and I can ride a snowmachine. This guy should never have approached the moose. He also could’ve rode off the trail. If he wasn’t capable of doing that then he has no business out riding.

      2. Jake people like you ,are what is destroying the future for the wilderness , animals and all ,you sir are a dumbass , me being born and raised in alaska can clearly see that there was other options than to push on

      3. You have no clue what your talking about buddy…how old r ya?? ….plain and simple the rider was in the wrong…….

  5. Charges filed he had option. Sad to see people seem to turn to deadly force way to often weather against animals or humans. I do hunt but this was not justified.

  6. I believe the man was given ample warning from the moose. Instead, he came closer to the moose even after it gave two warning charges. If he had just parked the snowmobile off to the edge of the trail, turned of the machine and waited the moose out for a while that the confrontation wouldn’t have happened. The moose just didn’t see any way off the trail in it’s mind so it attacked the man only after he advanced to scare the moose off. Stupid move on his part for thinking he could scare the moose away! Just give the moose enough personal space and your safe.

    1. Snowmobiles largely don’t have reverse. He didn’t have a choice in the matter. He could advance and try to intimidate the animal or sit and wait for it to attack him. Either way the moose ends up dead.

      1. The wilderness is also not the domain of the snowmobile. Why do we feel that we have domain over everything? The guy is an arse and if he can react that way in 1:14 minutes then what would he do in a man to man combat situation. He had ample options open to him. I myself have been in a similar situation where I just had to wait it out. But he chose the lowest common denominator. Charges? – YES. Fine? – YES. Seizing his snowmobile and gun? – YES.

      2. you pansy Jake. if in fact you ride a sled, you can see multiple areas through the trees that he could have gone around the moose. if you cant do that, do go snowmobiling, you are only a threat to yourself if you are scared of getting off trail on a spring ride day. They should have left this moose alone. Ride that sled, or stay out of areas where your pansy arse cant ride. He rode up on this moose. then gets pissed that it got scared and charged him. even after it charged the second time there was ample room and optional passages for those snowmobiles to ride through without causing harm to the moose. We share trails with the animals that live there. ive ran into moose, elk, mountain lions etc on a snowmobile while riding in back country. never had a problem because we respect the animals when we are in their area. Im also a hunter. this was a waste. and the guy who did it, has no business snowmobiling if every thing that gets in his way on the trail is killed for no reason. what a punk. and you Jake, are also a punk, without reason or common sense.

  7. I’m a hunter and I have a few questions..why this “brave” did not shoot in the air before approaching???…then…why he did not shoot in the air when it was clear the moose was getting ready to charge???? …why he did not stop to check if the animal was dead or not (and to kill it if it wasn’t)????? ..and last and worst of all…why he did not stop to, at least, make use of the animal he just killed????….simply unbelievable…

    1. Simple go into this guys living room, and shoot him. This by no means was self defense. He had all the time and space to go out of the way.

      1. More like, be invited to a house party and the host picks you out to be the guy he’s going to fight. There’s no back door (snowmobiles don’t have reverse) and he’s got every advantage over you. Good luck.

      2. man every time this Jake pansy opens his mouth, he is full of false narrative and makes idiotic comments. if you cant ride that sled to where you need to be dont go sleddin. what Machunts said above is exactly right. they are in the mooses house. respect it when you are there. not everything on the trail deserves to die because you cant ride a sled 5 feet into the trees on a spring ride day to make it to the clearing directly passed the moose as shown on this dipsticks gopro.. proof life gets in the way of morons. and other morons try to justify it. try thinking before you speak jakie poo..

      3. Jake I usually don’t like to call people down but can you read? How many times have people told you that SLEDS do have reverse. Push button… Amazing technology. Pull your head out. All that H2S up there might just kill you…..on second thought put it back up there.

    2. If you are a hunter, I don’t want to be anywhere around where you are hunting. Shoot into the air? Have you ever heard of gravity? There were snowmobile tracks in the snow. Obviously, other people go into that area. If you shoot ANY gun into the air it has to come down somewhere. Do you know where it will land or who it might hit? Obviously not.
      I agree that the shooting was not justified and the guy should be prosecuted, but shooting any gun into the air is not the answer.

      1. Are you a freakin kidding me, I shoot into the air all the time. Its called DUCK HUNTING! Hmmmmm No body gets hurt.

      2. The ground is frozen. the bullet will ricochet off the ground. You clearly don’t live where it snows significantly every year.

      3. lol duck hunting isnt the only time u shoot in the air lol. u shoot in the air while hunting pheasants doves quails and peacocks… just kdding about the peacocks.

  8. The rider should be charged for sure. He should have stopped before he did and waited for the animal to move or he should have choose another path. He was impatient and HIS actions created the entire situation. What an a-hole.

  9. Hard to believe he made this video public. He was certainly in the wrong. He should have been patient when he first saw the animal. To provoke the animal was wrong and he killed the moose when in retreat. Then, as far as I can tell, he left the animal to die and waste. At least he didn’t check to see if the moose were dead. This man should be charged with animal harassment and poaching.

  10. I agree, this guy was totally wrong. When he was a ways away, him and his friend should have and could have left the trail and the Moose in peace. Want to shoot, shoot over and that might have been all it took to scare this animal away. Bad move from this hunters eyes.

  11. It would have been more appropriate for the guy to hold his pistol sideways and flash a gang sign than to classify this moron as a hunter. He leaves the animal mortally wounded and speeds away, heck a mercy shot would have been humane at that point. I hope someone shoots him initially in the back and then unloads 4 more rounds in him as they are speeding away.

  12. Another hunter here and I agree that this moron was completely in the wrong. He charged the moose on his snowmobile, what did he think was going to happen? I don’t believe the moose would have ventured near him had he waited and allowed the moose time to leave unhindered.

  13. This is the kind of person that gives hunters and snowmobilers a bad name! What a loser! he should be prosecuted to the full extent. As a hunter and snowmobiler I can say that this was not handled well at all and he is completely in the wrong. He should be in jail and all his hunting rights should be taken away.

  14. Absolutely 100% should face charges. What a complete f-ing ass hat. Not only that, somebody should give him the beating the moose was going to give him.

    I hunt, I shoot, and I snowmobile; none what this this guy did was even remotely acceptable.

    This guy couldn’t wait the requisite 2 minutes for that moose to move along the track? He had to keep pestering it?

    Interestingly enough, I scrolled through and didn’t see a single comment saying he was in the right. That’s a sure sign.

  15. Good shoot. Anyone with experience in moose territory would know that the methods he used are common for coaxing a moose or other large game to wander off.

    He then coaxed it away at close range semi successfully before it turned back and attacked him. It then ran off while the guy pulled his pistol. If you watch closely, he didn’t fire until the moose turned to come back. Again, good shoot.

    My last point, who knows if he left it lay or not. The video ends… He very well may have sped off, let the adrenaline rush calm, and then returned to inspect the animal.

    1. You obviously don’t have any experience in moose country either. You don’t coax a wild animal by clapping and yelling at it. You are only ANATAGONIZING the animal into defending themselves or in the case of dominant animals putting them on the offensive.

      If you come across a wild animal in your path you give it the right of way and a wide berth!

      1. I’m really not trying to pick a fight here but have you actually had any
        firsthand experience with a moose or bear that has found interest in
        what your doing? Say you were just walking along a trail or more
        relavent for this conversation, fourwheeling/snowmobiling?

        I’m quite sure you can find all sorts of information to the contrary of
        your beliefs in regards to; “clapping and yelling at it”. It is very
        much an accepted practice (outside of not having an encounter) to make as much noise as possible, make yourself look bigger and even throw things if the occasion demands.

      2. butch i dont think you know what you talking about either man like your just getting frustrated and using capital letters to emphasize how irrational your getting. this is why if that was you in the video youd probly have broken ribs, a caved in skull or a grave stone with your name on it

    2. You are dead wrong, he was obligated to yield, not move forward, hope he is caught and punished. The attack was provoked by the man, not the moose.

  16. I find it disturbing that he chose to try to scare the animal off and then to shoot it when the options of turning or detouring around, rather than clapping and shouting at it, were certainly available. I also find it disturbing that, once he shot it, he motored off without making certain it was dead — which it does not appear to me that it was — leaving it to suffer. I would like to see him prosecuted because I think a really stiff fine might prompt him to behave differently in a similar situation in the future. Unfortunately, it would not deter other such clod pates from needlessly shooting animals … and there is no shortage of such individuals.

  17. This DA needs to be arrested an fined for this offense. I’ve run across many moose snowmobiling in the Rockies and given enough time they will usually retreat to the woods. This A-hole gives this sport a bad rap…

  18. This fellow needs to be punished. Not to mention he should not be generalized as a hunter. Responsible hunters would have sought an alternative.

  19. This man needs to be found and punished. Being an avid hunter myself, this was an unjust killing. Like many others on this thread have stated. He continued to encroach upon the moose. The moose had every right to defend itself. I can understand shooting off to the side or into the air to try to scare the animal off, but to shoot it was just wrong. Many people within the hunting industry despise people that act this way. It is because of this behavior that our hunting and fishing license fees to skyrocket. Not only was this wrong but one thing one must remember is that nature is the animals domain and we continue as humans to build farther and farther into their territory. Animal encounters have increased 10 fold within the past decade all because people want to expand and make things better. Well it doesnt help one bit. This moron needs a lesson. Im hoping that the Moose got a good hoof kick in on this LIBTARD!

  20. Charges should be laid… he could have turned around… we are in this moose’s territory…. and he was calling it… what the heck did he expect.

  21. He should defently be charged this was not right at all i mean i live hunting but for the food is all i hunt for and this was just murder to this moose… They were in his territory and he should have just watched the moose from a good distance and waited for it to move on his way. CHARGE That greasy bastard.

  22. What a p.o.s… Rather then wait for the moose to move on the moron instead provokes the animal and then unloads his firearm into the innocent animal. As bad as this is the worst part is when he then takes off without bothering to finish the animal off. I can only hope this moron has been identified and the police/game wardens have pressed charges. It is these type of people that give all other outdoor enthusiasts/hunters a bad name. I just hope the meat has not gone to waist.

  23. By law I believe he should not be charged whatsoever. Animals carry little rights and as such, the second the moose attacked him he had the right to defend himself using any force he sees fit, including excessive force. Unlike humans, you are allowed to use excessive force on animals usually.

    Ethically, this guy is a moron, he could have taken different action to keep himself safe, as well as keep the moose alive. He shouldn’t be charged according to law, but he should be ridiculed and displayed as a moron for certain.

    He did not take the best action possible, far from it in fact, but still acted within his rights.

      1. Remember a couple things, the rider was not on a groomed trail in a national park. He chose to ride on public land and as a avid rider myself when we witness wildlife in the backcountry such as he, we make it a point to turn around and go the other way and let the poor things have some piece. Remember those animals are trying to survive winter in five to six feet of snow they should have our respect, that guy had more than enough time and chances to avoid the whole situation especially when he had the warning signs of wildlife in the vicinity. Look at the video there’s tracks and scat all over the trail he was on. On top of all that, if this p.o.s. had such a bad medical condition that’s been posted on other websites he shouldn’t have been riding in no mans land to begin with. This idiot had to rights what so ever in doing what he did!

      2. I cant argue there may have been a better course of action. Most all of us will agree that a different preempt could’ve avoided this outcome all together. Hind sight is always 20/20.

        However I still do not believe he was out to intentionally kill this moose and clearly wasnt out to poach it. And with that, I see no reason why he should be charged or fined for the death of it.

      3. My point is that what he did was stupid, but within his rights. People act in situations like this, though on a smaller scale, daily.
        Not holding the door for somebody, you have a right not do, but you’re kind of a dick for not doing so.
        Seeing somebody get carjacked and not calling the cops, you (in most places) have the right to do that, but your a dick because you could have made a better choice but chose not to for little reasoning.

      4. And you, your ineptness… Why do we have to start with the name calling? Give me something more than your feelings, and maybe we can have a constructive conversation.

      5. That’s cool, your opinion means nothing seen as you gave no evidence to support your statement.

        Give some evidence and then you can talk with the big boys.

  24. This shooter should be charged to the full extent of the law… Jailed ,, fined,, and loss of any hunting privileges…. This man clearly had other options ,,,, the moose clearly gave warning not to be reconned with and pushed… The man was in the Mooses area and the moose had the right of way… Yet the man continued to push….if that moose was human… As the law reads it would be considered murder… I am an avid hunter and sportsman… And acts such as this disrespectful person make the rest of us look bad….

  25. I agree that is piss poor of him. He instigated the entire situation!! There was no reason for the animal to of been harmed. He’s lucky I didn’t witness his poach, as he would of been laying aside the moose!! Fine the hell out of him to the maximum extent of the law and take away his weapon rights. He obviously doesn’t know how to use it as it is meant to be used!!!

  26. I’m have been moose and bear hunting for 25 years and been charged many times. There is always ways to avoid harming the animal if you don’t want to harvest it. Poor judgement and definitely not a hunter. Lastly why would he close the gap before letting the animal disappear into the woods. Creating the conflict was the first problem. Charges should be laid, in the end a sad situation that could have been avoided.

  27. the guy got attacked are you guys stupid? if this was a bear wtf would you say huh? he should of just walk away and try to hide? he probably would had if it was but this animal didnt looked dangerous, he simply under-estimated it and the animal took him off guard… not much else to do at that point unless maybe try to punch it? lol not to try to run and fall and have that shit stomping you to death after lol

  28. Definately he should be charged ! It doesn’t say where this was taken but first of all is it legal to carry a handgun. He could have found another way around the moose. He could have fired into the ground to try and scare it off. But what really gets me is he shot it and drove by it when it was still alive and obviously suffering ! Just for that alone he should be charged.

  29. Moron is putting it lightly. He and his noisy, air polluting snowmobile were obviously antagonizing
    The poor animal. He had several options, choose to go the macho man with a Glock approach. And
    Who was the idiot taking the video? Both should be prosecuted.

  30. Hang him high. He shot the thing in the back, left it to suffer, and had little more justification than his own paranoia. Provoke then retaliate… Great concept fuktard. – signed by an avid hunter, sledder, and licensed gun toting conservative, militant, firearms owner.

  31. I agree. File charges. He was far enough away initially to avoid this confrontation. This looks to me like the moron (not sportsman) set this up. Otherwise, why the hell film it?

  32. im not sure he should be charged, due to the fact that he tried pushing the animal away and it continued to run at him. he even fired the one warning shot, seen that the moose wasnt scared and wanted to try again. this majestic but at times dangerous beast probably has 200-300 pounds over that guy. i do, however, Agree that the moose was wrongfully approached and a big fat wet juicy fine with this guys name on it isn’t an unreasonable concept, especially since he just left it there

  33. Tough deal. Hate to see an animal put down like this. Guy tried to scare him off the trail. It didn’t work and then he got too close. After he got the crap kicked out of him he reached for the gun and started firing when it appeared the moose was turning for another charge. Hind sight he might have tried to get off the trail earlier although it appeared tight there in the trees. I think he overcommitted himself and got too close.

  34. Jake when the rider first saw the Moose he was a respectable safe distance from the moose If you look at the clip again the moose seemed to be headed in the opposite direction meaning away from the rider or was at least facing the same direction as the rider. The moose only turned to face the rider as he made the dumb decision to approach the animal. This was due to the riders inability to have patients for the moose to move along. He probably could have waited out the moose. The fact that he was armed probably gave him a sense of entitlement to approach the moose thinking that if the moose does anything he’ll just shoot it. if the man was unarmed he probably would have thought of a better way to approach the situation.

  35. Some of these idiot know nothing about snowmobile and making loud noises to scare off animal. Majority of those idiots care more about an animal’s life than a human. This guy is innocent. PERIOD!

    1. Where I am from he would be charged for wasting meat under the wildlife act. Also where I am from using pistols and revolvers for hunting are also violations.

      1. So – he wasn’t hunting, so there is no violations there. 2nd – we don’t know if he reported it, or if the meat was wasted. Regardless, it’s not waste if the shoot was self defense, which it was ruled by the way.

  36. Charges should be filed. There could have been a different solution. Like turning around, after all that land belongs to the animals not people. Now if it happened in your backyard on YOUR PROPERTY then yes you have the right to shot.

  37. JAKE, by taking the time to reply to almost every sensible post on here with your asinine comment about “valuing animal life over human life” you appear to have nothing better to do. If you were a hunter/and or outdoorsman (not a snowmobiler) you would have more respect for all life. Like others (Butch) said, you chose to enter their world, and if you didn’t go there specifically to hunt an animal, you should do everything in your power to enjoy them without disturbing them. You wait, you go around, or you run away. You don’t kill it so you can get back to playing!

    1. I’ve had many close encounters with aggressive Moose during hunting
      season but choose to avoid using my firearm. I 100% respect wildlife in
      their house but if he attack me at the back door of my house, might be a
      different story. This guy might be an expert with a snow mobiles but
      not with Moose encounters!

  38. Where did you guys want him to go ?? Did you see the amount of snow ? All you ppl that think this guy should be charged and were put into the exact same spot as this guy would of been killed by that moose, he acted in self deference

    1. if u mean me by “this guy”, i didnt ever say what this guy did was right, he wasnt to smart approaching a large animal. just saying he probably felt his life was in danger. he put himself there but he probably did. and if u lose hope in humanity, you only have urself to blame. no1 else. keep hope mark, havent u ever seen Legion?

  39. Yes charges should be filed. Jake you are the poster boy for “there aint no fixen stupid”. Did you watch the same video as the rest of us ? This is a very modern/late model sled and it most certainly does have reverse, in fact it’s even equipped with a powder grip. How about Jake & this guy (if not one and the same) ride up on each other and neither of you two tards can’t find any other option than shoot your way past each other, this problem would solve itself. I hunt and ride. Again back to this video there is plenty of room in the trees to get around the moose. Shortly after the moose there is a secondary trail to the left. There’s also another sled coming behind Jake’s twin to seek temporary cover or means of escape. It too is equipped with reverse. The video is slam dunk conviction for Jake’s cuz here. Impose a $5000. fine and use that for education and trail permits . None of us know from this if proper use was made of this moose.

  40. I can’t make that call, I wasn’t there. I do think that in hind sight he could have did something differently and possibly avoided having to kill the moose.
    I have made mistakes in the passed and have a few regrets but did I get lynched or thrown under the jail house, no!
    How many of you na-sayers have ever had a mad moose try and ride a snow machine with you?none.
    I just hope someone made use of the meat.

  41. Charges should be filed against this idiot why does a guy with a handgun go snowmobiling ??? in the first place unless he’s done it before randomly shooting animals in there territory this guy to me has a major problem between the ears, animals have the right to roam freely and we have the responsibility to be responsible and to make the right decision when we encounter any animal out on the trail I’m an avid snowmobiler and have encountered many moose out on the trail and never had this happen to me get charged by a moose I love the great outdoors and when I encounter any animal I’m grateful to have had that opportunity to do so this guy is a danger to the public get him off the trail Dum Ass.

    1. If you live in the mountains, it’s really not uncommon to carry when in the backwoods. If you’ve never been charged by a moose, you should try it.

  42. ok so in this video this case yes maybe the game warden should cite him for not taking care of the carcass properly but im sorry if an animal charges me im going to shoot too. lets think back and change animals here. lets say its a tiger….. if he gets a hold of a human dont you put him down? animals can be aggressive at any point and same for humans to we all make decisions this guy decided he wasnt going to be stomped by a moose. you cant fault him for surviving.

    1. I’m all for self defense, human life trumps animal life everytime…but this was moronical. If he knew how to handle his sled he could have gotton of the trail which was clearly the issue if he knew how to handle his weapon he wouldn’t have mamed the animal leaving it to suffer like that. Just sayn…I’m from Alaska…I carry a pistol with enough punch to take down a bear…not a man killer. A wounded animal is far more dangerous.

  43. Not certain where this is but if it were on any form of Canadian soil would carrying a handgun not be a charge in most cases as there are strict rules and regulations for somebody possessing a restricted weapons license and he didn’t look to be out on a trapping line or on the way to his local gun club. Secondly, I am a hunter and can agree with there being certain circumstances where you need to protect yourself but this wasn’t one of them. This ass clown just kept approaching the animal even when it would back off he kept going towards it. He had the gun on him and he had full intentions of using it from the very start thinking he was bigger and better than the animal. Idiots like that give ethical people of the world a bad name.

  44. I don’t hunt, I don’t ride snowmobile. This is unforgivable. The moose was still alive as he passed it by. Charges should be brought against this person. He was the aggressor invading the mooses territory, a home invasion to put it another way. Snowmobilers cross our property without permission, don’t know who they are, what gives them the right to do that. The trail to the left may have taken him out of his way, and it did look like it hadn’t been used since the last snowfall, but it would have been an option rather than shoot the innocent animal.

    1. He may not be a hunter, or an avid rider, just a weekend warrior out for a casual ride. The moose charged him twice, he was prob. scared out of his ever-loving mind. Many would have driven by, as fast as possible, scared to death. I can’t tell you how many CT and NY license plates we see during the sledding season.

  45. he was yelling at the moose…not to draw attention to himself but to hopefully scare this moose away, the moose charged and I just did a research paper on moose and they can be a very dangerous animal, it attacked this person and he had every right to kill it, id say go back and cut it up and have a mug up. where do all u people come from, we r from newfoundland and we encounter moose all the time, if that happened to me I would do the same thing, the moose kept coming back to attack, what did u expect the guy to do? he was lucky to have the gun on him.

  46. Love how this “jake” guy is commenting on every pose thinking he’s right about the moose deserving what it got. Honestly, like others said, there was a trail to the left that he clearly looked at and if that trail wasn’t possible, just turn back.

  47. I would really like to know where most of you pro-“survival” people
    live. I was born and raised in Alaska. Moose and less frequently,
    bears, have been part of my life regularly. From the elementary school
    bus stop, to the trails I run and bike now, wildlife is abundant and
    part of life here. The simple truth is that we choose to expand our
    roaming areas, while the wildlife continue doing what they have done for
    longer than we have been building houses or riding snow machines and
    buying Glocks. I’ve encountered more moose than I can possibly

    They are big, lazy, slow herbivores. They are not predators. They don’t care about harming us. They really don’t.

    had a mother with calves, young and red, in my front yard eating the
    leaves off my trees while I was changing the oil on my car. I left them
    carrots while I was letting the fluids cycle through on the WRX and
    playing Gran Turismo. If you have ever been around them you know:
    mothers rearing their young are typically the most defensive and
    violent. That said, if you don’t do anything to antagonize them, they
    simply don’t respond. On the other side of things I was charged once…
    I was probably 10, running along,making tons of noise and throwing snow at my friends. I probably
    scared the hell out of that bull and he reacted equally. But I was a
    child with no gun. And I’m still here.

    To the
    pretentious douchebag with a GoPro that filmed this: You are a coward.
    I am ever so sorry that a slow, lethargic herbivore ruined your weekend
    activities. I’m sure you will be high fiving the bros while drinking PBR and
    replaying your trophy vid ad infinitum. After joining the lowest class of society you should film that as well.


  48. In my opinion as a
    hunter, and as someone trained in the legal and tactical aspects of self
    defense, this guy blew it. The snowmobiler should have stayed stopped the first
    time and let the moose move off on its own. His choice to close the
    distance after stopping set the stage for the rest of the event, i.e., he was
    the aggressor. As such he should be held accountable for his poor
    judgment and his actions. A few minutes of waiting and the outcomes would be

  49. As many charges should be filed as possible. It would be wonderful to make an example of this joker since our generation seems to be raising people like this. These days anyone can go out and purchase a toy (two-stroke, turbo or fire) and head outdoors to enjoy the freedom and power. Somehow our entitled people believe it is there right? We seem to be losing the fact that freedom and power are a privilege that belongs to those that are knowledgeable, respectful and responsible enough to be there. Did the gunman fail to remember whose yard he was riding in? The MOOSE’S. Who knows how long this clown pushed the moose down the trail before the video starts? I’m guessing it was a while as the moose was already threatened and buddies gun was already in hand. I bet this guy considers himself a sledder and outdoorsman? Wrong. He’s a poser. He could have easily taken the older trail through the trees when the video started and left the moose to walk the packed trail. I am assuming he is not a confident enough rider to leave the set-up trail to the untouched settled snow and navigate around spacious vegetation that any 5 year old could have wound through. It’s a good thing he never met an on-coming sledder as it was a single trail… The most disturbing part of this video is that this coward pops the moose and races by not even checking to see if he has put the animal out of its misery or if he has wounded it and left it to suffer. I certainly hope this persons privileges are pulled for firearms, shooting from a motorized vehicle and if there is any possible suspensions or fines for complete ignorance? Throw the book at him. And Jake? Although your comments are entertaining they only show how ignorant you are to the outdoors… you never made one valid or realistic point. If you’re still on your couch – pick up a book or if you decide to get off of it – go outside. Simply get some life experience or an education.

  50. This is ridiculous. Yes charges should be made. Being un-educated is more dangerous then a gun it’s self.’moose have terrible eye sight! I have been in this simalar situation before. Up north bow hunting, I have come across cow moose on the trail, one I may add was very angry. She came out in front of me at 20 yards. I did not have a tag to shoot her, I knelt Down, and hid. Stayed as small and still as I could be. She could not see me, but knew I was there. She barked and charged and ran away and charged again. Multiple times! But I stayed calm and quiet, and did NOT shoot. Even with an emergency shot gun on my back, I still did not shoot! If I had been agitating, or yelling at her, she would have attacked! But I stayed calm and waited for her to leave. Wich she did. Once she was gone, I carried on. It was his fault! He was a stupid, un-educated trigger happy boy!

    1. So, Game Wardens often go through the woods clapping and shouting to scare off animals. They teach it to the populous in fact. It works well for bear, and OK for moose. Normally, they run off. When you were charged, did it actually make contact with you like the moose did in the video?
      I have been charged, both in the woods and on the road (jerk moose was in the road, and charged my motorcycle. Laying on the horn scared it off, thankfully.

  51. I bet he was pretty scared, there was a guy behind him so he felt trapped. Of course the moose is going to attack someone. Yes he could have acted different but I’m sure he was just scared.

  52. Moose are unpredictable and vicious. i live in the country and that is the ONE animal that scares the living hell out of me. no matter how much distance you give them or the noises you make, they can and most of the time WILL still charge you. its a life or death situation and since the moose already attacked him, i think its self defense. I don’t think he should be charged…. and i am not a gun person but maybe he ran out of bullets and that’s why he didn’t put an extra round in its head to stop its suffering??… maybe he just wanted to get the hell out of there? who knows! at least the moose would have fed some other wild animal. But it was a life of death situation, if he just stayed there and let the moose keep charging him, the moose most likely would have won.. i would choose a humans life over a moose. and if he went off the trail made by the snow mobiles, that’s dangerous! the mobile could sink or start a snow slide. WHO KNOWS! but i don’t think the guy should be charged over a life or death situation, the moose WAS already charging him.

    1. Some of you people that defend this guy kill me. Watch the video he had more than enough time to avoid the situation did you not see the snow the snow machine track that took off to the left, what part of non groomed trail is not understood. Out here in the west we have what we call crucial winter wildlife areas which means you are responsible for avoiding these animals during the winter months. Most people use what is called common sense this guy was well in the wrong with everything he did people need to quit making excuses for this guy and defending him.

      1. your assuming he was experienced enough to go off trail, or his sled was equipped to. Some people are just pleasure, trail riders and don’t have the background or experience to go off trail. They usually get stuck or hurt and I have to go fetch them.

  53. charges should be filed definately. he pannicked instead of getting out of the way. if it was a 6 ft 2 in man , would he have panicked the same way?? i think so..

  54. Tuff decision. This scenario could have played out many ways. We were not there. You just can’t dart off the trail in that much snow though the woods. Normally the moose would run off well riding a machine and I think he thought so to.Once that person moved up he was committed, there is no avoiding a charging moose in that deep of snow. When it became a life or limb situation (it jumped up on the machine!) you do what you have to survive. One kick from a moose can kill you in an instant. Again did he leave the moose or was he making distance from a dangerous situation. I bet he needed a change of underwear at that point. The video doesn’t show what happened next. This is an open end video for controversy. Not good. If he left the moose there without reporting what happened he should be charged. No animal should be left for carnage.

      1. I hate comments like these…really? What he did was dumb, 2 wrongs don’t make a right…and human life trumps wildlife. Should he face consequences? Yes. Be shot? No.

    1. Dude you could totally dive off the trail in “that much snow” if you know how to ride…you shouldn’t be out riding if you can only maneuver on a trail because of situations like these. I’m an Alaskan and I hate moose cause they are friggen awnry but this guy is a moron.

      1. Many areas have thousands of weekend trail riders out every weekend. Different from living in Alaska, the northeast have people from the flat lands riding all winter.

  55. This guy did not do this right. There is no telling if that moose would have acted the same way had this JackWagon done things correctly…maybe so, in which case it would be a good shoot and the video wouldn’t be controversial. More likely he could have avoided it altogether. Revving his engine and continuing to approach….dude, really? Give the critter the right-of-way and exercise a little patience.

  56. yes he should be charged. you never approach a moose, he done the right thing by trying to get it to move by clapping and yelling, however, you still dont need to go up to it. i hunt all the time and i have nothing but respect for these animals. he had no reason to keep moving forward and forward until he got attacked, and then shoot the poor thing and then leave it there to rot. people like that make me sick. and for those of you saying “he was attacked, he had every right to defend himself.” bullshit. if anything the moose was attacked, all he had to do was wait for the moose to move along and then continue on his way.

  57. As a hunter, gun owner and an outdoorsman this video infuriates me. This guy obviously does not posses the decision making abilities to be a gun owner. He harassed this animal on its winter grounds when its survival is hard enough without out some dirty hairy wannabe pushing it further. This guy should not be allowed to own a gun or be in the woods. He obviously has no respect for nature. You should be ashamed for even posting it and defending his actions in the article.

  58. The guys an idiot, he easily could have gone around. If not, a few shots to the side would have scared it off I’m sure. What a waste, I hope this ass gets killed by a moose one day. And jake is an idiot

  59. to the outdoorhub folks:
    this is the first time I’ve read an article from your website – i’m disappointed at this point.
    please explain why you’ve published this article and video without giving important facts of the incident.
    how did you receive this video?
    and from whom?
    when and where did this incident take place?
    is the land public, private, wilderness area, fenced in farm, preserve or other?
    were snowmobiles allowed?
    or were they trespassing?
    what happened to the carcass?
    was it left behind and not reported?
    what happened to the individual?
    I expect more from your editors if you’re going to be reporting incidents and videos like this in the future.

  60. dont blame him one bit…they think they own the road, twice i came across a moose with my truck and he tried to run me down both times, had to turn around and do a 30 minutes detour both times, if id had a gun i would of shot at it as well

  61. I’m all about shooting an animal in self defense, my mom was mauled by a grizzly here in Alaska and I get so sick of people whining about “it’s the animals land not ours.” With that being said…THIS was not self defense and I think most definitely the guy who did this needs to learn a hard lesson. He was an irresponsible gun owner and irresponsible as a rider. I’m proficient enough on a sled I could have jumped off the trail and did some tree picking around the animal who clearly didn’t want to get off the trail. Moose are dangerous no doubt and I am 100% supportive of shooting one if you are in danger but this was lame, the guy caused this and reacted like a moron. This is what gives riders and gun owners a bad rep. I am NOT a tree hugger, I’ve got a tastey moose in my freezer right now…but this video made me so mad. Absolutely no excuse for this…

  62. Jake is obviously a city boy wishing he was a country boy…If you snowmobile and can’t make it around the moose my girlfriend is better than you…just sayin…

  63. much education is needed before venturing into any area where potentially dangerous creatures can be encountered – i.e., especially where those gullible, ignorant, dangerous americanus (aka homo sapiens a.) congregate.

  64. There could have been another way around this situation but what he done was probably same thing I’d do but shot it dead instead of riding away and had a boil up right there. Good eatin’s there b’y.

  65. When I was in elementary school I was taught that a moose could put a dent in a cargo train if they were to collide, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a moose and I gotta say I find It hard to believe they can dent a train

  66. Being from Alaska myself I simply avoid drawing attention by wildlife while they are majestic creatures they act off instinct. Going up to the thing and harrasing it you best expect to get kicked. Now after an animal retreats you should be qued to exit the area promptly. Taking out your firearm and discharging it at a fleeing animal and gunning it down is not very sportsmanlike and it was neither justified or humane. That being said you should always just avoid going up to a male moose and showing aggression they dont take kindly to it and its an ignorant move. Be smart and you wouldn’t have to waste good meat. People like this dont belong in the outdoors because they dont respect it enough to know these things and the man should have hit the other trail and called it good. No sense in pulling your glock out and being irisponsable with it…

  67. To all you people that think he was in the wrong 1st off your retarded 2nd he did not pull his firearm till after the moose attacked the 1st time. And if any of you had 1/2 a brain you would know how dangerous moose are.

  68. If you watch the moose in the beginning of the video it turns around to face the snowmachine. It was walking the trail going the same direction as the machine until they came up on it. Also evident by the skat on the trail that the rider goes over when he moves up. So now it is in a defensive mode and only goes on offense after the machine starts a forward aggressive movement. Could have been avoided in so many ways.

  69. Absolutely should be charged. I snowmobile a lot and have encountered dozens of moose on the trails in Newfoundland. Many don’t want to get off, especially after a lot of new snow has fallen. But if you stop your sled and wait them out, they eventually will get out of your way. This guy was looking for trouble.

  70. Absolutely disgusting – I’m both a snowmobiler and a hunter. Moose don’t attack unless provoked, cornered or protecting their young… this one was provoked by the rider continuing to move towards the animal. Turn off your sled, sit down and have a chat with your buddies and enjoy watching something so beautiful. No need to get your rocks off by shooting it and leaving it to suffer. My question is – what the hell is he carrying a glock on snowmobile for? Afraid he’s going to get “sled-jacked”? Rediculous!

  71. This guy is a dumb ass, anyone with ANY sense could tell the animal was agitated. But this dumbshit just kept pushing it. File charges, take his sled, gun, and fine him big time.

  72. I watched the video a couple times after reading eveyone’s comments. I worked for several years handling problem wildlife animals working in wildlife management. I’ve been in all sorts of dangerous situations. I’m not claiming to be an expert, just claiming to have some understanding of animal behavior. The trail everyone claims this rider could have taken to his left when he first spotted the moose looked like it was an uncut trail going into the woods, possibly an animal trail or a snowmobile trail that hasn’t been used. Who knows where it goes. So claiming that he could have taken that trail isn’t really a fair argument. The trail was also further back, the snowmobiler has already past that point and any idiot knows that snowmobiles have no reverse. There was a snowmobile directly behind him, so even if he was able to get turned around, anyone behind him would have to do the same. The driver was expecting that if he alerted the moose of his presence the moose would do as most sane wildlife would do, get out of the way. The moose responded with coming towards the man. There’s trees on both sides and even if the snowmobiler could get off to the side of the trail to go around I believe this moose would of probably hit him broad side and possibly flipped him, making the situation worse, This moose was aggressive. Secondly, some claim he shot the moose before the moose charged a second time, I would have to disagree. The moose was starting towards him for a second charge, his first shot was obviously a total miss. It’s pretty clear that the first shot went behind the moose. The moose paused for about a second and decided to charge anyways. The moose had more room to go the other way or leave the trail than the man on the snowmobile. I agree that there were some possible other options towards the beginning if the snowmobiler would have known that moose wasn’t going to act like any other sane animal. Moose have a mind of their own and often times hear car horns and noise as a challenge. Anyway, Both the moose and the driver made mistakes that could have been avoided and anyone in here would have done the same thing. Unless you are a complete idiot with the dumbed down brain of todays society, you would have unloaded on the moose as well. As far as leaving the moose there? He did the right thing,Any time you shoot a large dangerous animal in a close encounter you go to a safe distance away and then turn back. As you can see in the video he did that. Stopping right away to see if it is dead could get you dead. Besides, I’m sure he needed to check his own wounds first. So basically what I am getting at is, he alerted the animal with the intentions of not harming the moose or himself. He used his gun as a last resort, he even tried to stop the first charge by just standing and yelling. I would say he is justified you see the outcome on video but you have no idea what that outcome is going to be while your in his shoes shooting the video. Not know what the outcome would be, anyone with any brains would have put the moose down. Some of you animal rights people would probably have hoof prints on your head 6′ under,

    1. Sorry Old Timer… but you need to brush up on your knowledge of snowmobiles, most (if not all) new sleds have reverse – and I can pretty much guarantee this one had it too!

  73. This scumbag should be charged. He did not have have a hunting license, or he would have had a rifle. Furthermore, he provoked this animal. Harassed it. He fired multiple rounds in an area where other snowmobilers may have been. People like this destroy wildlife without control or reason. It was not a case of him vs the moose- he charged it with his snowmobile. He verbally called it in a challenge. That showed intent. Completely cruel, downright ignorant and many would say immoral.

  74. No way should charges be filed, he made a reasonable attempt to scare the moose off, waited until the damn thing was basically on top of him before drawing his weapon, the second that moose charged he had the right shoot

  75. This guy is a total idiot and obviously has no knowledge and respect for wildlife. If he did this wouldn’t of happened.

  76. People that think he should face charges are ignorant. Moose are dangerous. If he had turned around, he likely would have been attacked from behind. He did everything right in making noise and trying to scare it off. The moose was just very aggressive and attacked. On its second line up for attack, he defended himself. The only thing he should have done different is salvage the meat.

    1. Yep Moose are dangerous. That’s why you don’t ride up on them and harass them with your sled like this idiot did. If you do you can expect exactly what happened here. This idiot is just that.

  77. i have been charged and hurt badly by a moose in a similar situation. He tried waiting then to push it to get off the trail, then waited. was attacked and when it was turning to come back again did the right thing!!!!! as long as he contacted authorities properly after.

  78. I agree. This guy had no right to shoot the moose. An animal should only be shot when they have presented a good game, that’s why there is hunting regulations.. Other wise people would be shooting animals for no reason like here in this particular situation. He should be charged heavily or have to replay the situation but this time he is the moose (;

    1. I can’t believe how ignorant and utterly dumb you people are. Go ask any Game Warden or wildlife official how to deal with an aggressive wild animal. First you make yourself known and heard just like he did in the video! Sorry but if a 900lb moose tries to kill you it gets shot. Either by you or by the Game Warden when you report it.

  79. This reminds me of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case. By law, looks like he was “just.” But in reality, he was the real aggressor.

  80. Stupid fool. He provoked the whole thing, could have avoided it sooo many times. When you come on a moose, you stay away from it! Wish the moose had taken him down! Hopefully a judge and jury will.

  81. Im in the thinking as jake below the animal attack if any of you where in the same place im guessing you all would of done the same im sure I would its my life or the animals life

  82. 1) bring charges against him
    2) Jake – you are a troll
    3) sad that the animal was killed for being in his own place, and a person could not figure how to get around the animal
    4) jake – you still are a troll
    5) i value human life over animal life, but I believe the humans should be smarter than what this guy showed
    6) jake – what’s the use trying to talk to a troll

  83. That douchebag should have been charged and stomped repeatedly in guts by the LEO’s laying the charges.

    He cowardly fired upon a moose that was CLEARLY retreating. His
    subsequent actions are basic psychology 101. He was startled, angry,
    and disappointed with himself that he wasn’t able to retrieve his weapon
    and fire at the time the moose was on top of his snowmobile. So, after
    he had several second seconds to compose himself and draw his weapon,
    he shot and killed a retreating frightened moose. Had he fired when the
    moose initially charged at him ending up on his snowmobile, perhaps he
    may have had a weak case.

    But in this case hes nothing but a cowardly insecure little man whose
    pride got in the way. I hope he gets eaten by a pack of wolves.

    1. That moose was not frightened. A frightened moose runs away, an aggressive moose attacks you.

      Frightened = runs away
      Aggressive = Attacks you

  84. I hope he picked up his brass with his fingerprints……Game and Fish will find him–

    He should have wanted on the moose to exit the trees….

  85. I totally agree with anyone and everyone who thinks Jake is, and the guy on the snowmobile also, is a complete f***tard!
    Born and raised in b.f.e. Wyoming, avid hunter/snowmobiler, whatever, this flat out makes my blood boil!
    If you can’t pull “head outta ass” you have no reason being in or near the forest/wild/mtns. Let alone being on a motorized vehicle/suv and for damn sure being in possession of a firearm!!!
    Moose already have enough troubles and obstacles to deal with during the winter! They are just trying to survive one more day. One more winter. They are huge animals and struggle plenty in the deep snow!
    Not only did he antagonize the poor thing, he absolutely had no reason to unload a full clip into it to kill it!
    This was in NO way or how justifiable! Charge this ignorant s.o.b. with anything and everything possible! If nothing else, maybe other jackasses will think twice before doing the same or similar b.s.!!!

  86. The thing that pisses me off is that he didn’t put the moose outta its misery after shooting her he just drove off like a coward and with no morale. And he drove off because he probably didn’t have tags for the moose and know he broke the law by shooting it. And also the moose walked away, and then he pulled out his gun and shot LIKE IT WALKED AWAY BUT YOU STILL SHOT IT. Put him to justice for his in humane action’s. He was probably trespassing too add that to the list of crimes. God hate people that abuse gun’s. As a hunter (myself) I make sure that the animal has the quickest and least painful death possible and MAKE SURE ITS A LEGAL KILL.

  87. What a bunch of know nothing morons! You do NOT have all the facts, you ASSUME the entire story is in that short video, and you are willing to make armchair decisions with zero expertise. I live in Alaska and deal with these animals all the time. Right about now moose are beginning to starve and are horribly hot headed. I’ve had one attack and kick the crap out of my parked van at the end of my driveway! No one was even in the van, and the moose wasn’t being harassed. I’ve had others in my yard (which I check before I put my dogs out), who charged me when I opened the door. Moose are unpredictable and dangerous. So the moron who wrote that the man should have parked his snowmachine, turned it off, and waited it out? I hope you aren’t reproducing. We don’t need that much stupidity in the world. And post your insulting comments all you want. I’m not going to bother to check back. Don’t have time for stupid.

    1. so you think that he did the right thing by driving fifty meters closer to the animal yelling at it clapping his hands made more sense then waiting a safe distance away for the cow to carry on her way down the path into the open field just ahead of her?

  88. If he was in Canada, he would require a licence to carry not having this would result in fines and/or loosing his ability to posses firearms at all. Shooting an animal out of season regardless of weather or not you feel you are protecting yourself is also illegal though in many cases charges/fines are dismissed on the grounds that there was no other option but to defend yourself or another. The person that posted this video approached a wild animal and was showing aggregation by clapping his hands standing up on his sled much like a bear would do only the bear makes this sound by “popping his jaw”. The animal was cornered and had no other choice (in her mind) to defend herself from what she thought was a predator. She charged him backed off for a moment to give him a chance to run and at this point any black bear she had ever come across would have done so but he stood his ground knowing he had a concealed weapon (small pistol) in his pocket he pulls it out still holding his ground and showing aggression still clapping his hands (which is the right thing to do if you have a similar problem with a bear) Her options are fight or flight if she were to run she would be fighting the deep snow and would be less capable of defending herself should she have another run in with this guy so she chose to fight. This is exactly what any person that has ever spent any time in the bush would tell you WILL happen if you were to do this to a moose. Further more who shoots an animal with a Glock that’s retarded! I have worked in the bush my entire adult life doing field work and almost always carry a 44 mag but never have I ever had to kill anything. There were a few close calls but because I understood the animals behavior I was able to avoid shooting an animal for no GOOD reason. This is coming from a guy that has hunted his whole life. It is guys like this that give outdoors men a bad name. I think if you are going to carry a firearm for protection in the bush you need to have a decent understanding of how to handle encounters with wildlife before being allowed to carry a gun and maybe carry a gun with a little more power had that been a grizzly bear this guy would have been singing a different tune.

    This guy posted this video because he is showing off he is proud, every guy I know that has had to shoot an animal in the bush in defense sure doesn’t like to talk about it in fact they do everything they can to keep it quiet.

    To the guy who made the Video: Not trying to be a dick man I’m sure your a good guy just making some poor decisions. You need to set the bar for the people around you. Owning a gun is a big responsibility.

    1. You it right on the money Paul..this could have most likely been avoided. the sounds of the snowmachine when reving sounds like a pack of predators attacking the animal therefore causing the moose to do what comes natural and defend itself. Shutting or reversing the machine would most likely have worked and the moose would have not attacked especially a young bull moose. And unless i’m a trapper in ontario I don’t think i can carry a handgun with me while joy riding!!!!

  89. If he was in Canada, he would require a licence to carry not having this would result in fines and/or loosing his ability to posses firearms at all. Shooting an animal out of season regardless of weather or not you feel you are protecting yourself is also illegal though in many cases charges/fines are dismissed on the grounds that there was no other option but to defend yourself or another. The person that posted this video approached a wild animal and was showing aggregation by clapping his hands standing up on his sled much like a bear would do only the bear makes this sound by “popping his jaw”. The animal was cornered and had no other choice (in her mind) to defend herself from what she thought was a predator. She charged him backed off for a moment to give him a chance to run and at this point any black bear she had ever come across would have done so but he stood his ground knowing he had a concealed weapon (small pistol) in his pocket he pulls it out still holding his ground and showing aggression still clapping his hands (which is the right thing to do if you have a similar problem with a bear) Her options are fight or flight if she were to run she would be fighting the deep snow and would be less capable of defending herself should she have another run in with this guy so she chose to fight. This is exactly what any person that has ever spent any time in the bush would tell you WILL happen if you were to do this to a moose. Further more who shoots an animal with a Glock that’s retarded! I have worked in the bush my entire adult life doing field work and almost always carry a 44 mag but never have I ever had to kill anything. There were a few close calls but because I understood the animals behavior I was able to avoid shooting an animal for no GOOD reason. This is coming from a guy that has hunted his whole life. It is guys like this that give outdoors men a bad name. I think if you are going to carry a firearm for protection in the bush you need to have a decent understanding of how to handle encounters with wildlife before being allowed to carry a gun and maybe carry a gun with a little more power had that been a grizzly bear this guy would have been singing a different tune.

    This guy posted this video because he is showing off he is proud, every guy I know that has had to shoot an animal in the bush in defense sure doesn’t like to talk about it in fact they do everything they can to keep it quiet.

    To the guy who made the Video: Not trying to be a dick man I’m sure your a good guy just making some poor decisions. You need to set the bar for the people around you. Owning a gun is a big responsibility.

    1. I agree to an extent. Clapping his hands and making noise does signify a challenge to a moose. Like you said, anyone with any bush experience would know this. The issue I have is that we don’t know that this man has any bush experience. I would guess by his actions, that he doesn’t have a clue.

      We can assume that he posted this for bragging rights, but he could have posted this or it could have been used to attempt to defend his position. A lot of hunters, bikers and snowmobilers use action cams to film their rides.

      I’m not saying he shouldn’t be charged or should be. I’m just saying a short video clip doesn’t tell the whole story and there’s a lot of people jumping to concussions and making assumptions. Right down to assuming that he just left the moose there, just because the video stops shortly after the shooting, We don’t know what happened after the end of the video, he could of called the authorities for all we know.

      Without knowing the full details, knowing his experience I don’t believe I could judge a person on what I see in a short clip.

  90. I am a hunter and really he should of fired the warning shots but he could of backed out of its way don’t think he had to kill it I hope that he reported it after he did this at least

  91. Butch deveraux: why charge him he did a smart thing, carrying a glock! What do you expect sledding in the maintains for wild life like that not to attack you? Funny and if you look around to many trees to go around to try pass when the moose would out run you! He may not have a tag for it not hunting season but I’d do the same to save my life and other riders and he also has a permit for his glock,

    1. The point being he didn’t have the sense to avoid the situation in the first place. He saw the moose and just kept on going inching towards him.

  92. Im a moose hunter and a skidoo rider and this video only proves that idiots like you should not be aloud in the woods. I have come accross many of moose while on the trails and unless you provoke them, like u did, you have enough time to let any moose go on its way, i hope your skidoo never runs again.

  93. A man has the right to defend himself when he sees fit. He got charged grabbed his gun gave a warning shot. Then the moose started charging again so he fired. Nothing he did was wrong

  94. The shooter is an idiot. I have encountered moose a lot on trails and it is a waiting game, its their home not ours.

  95. Nobody has asked why this guy video taped this. Look none of us were there and can only make assumptions from the video. Maybe he actually feared for his life. The problem I have is shooting it, not killing it and just leaving it there. How horrible…… Someone pointed out the moose gave warning charges and I don’t feel shooting it was warranted. Obviously for the negligence this guy should pay the consequences. In wisconsin a father protecting his young son while out deer hunting shot and killed a bear at just about point blank range but he still got his guns and hunting privileges taken away for life. No matter what this snowmobiler should pay the piper….

  96. Here is the breakdown: Dude is an idiot for getting himself in that situation (too close to a big wild animal). But we don’t know him, he may not have known better or maybe he thought he could just scare it away. The killing is justified for one reason. No matter what the circumstances were prior, a human being found his life in danger from a wild (animal). If you know anything about rushing big wild animals, it is their attacks become more and more violent or until they feel they have subdued the percieved threat period. In the video the moose rushes three times 1. a warning rush 2. an initial attack (front hooves) 3. and on the third rush the moose is shot prior to reaching the man. I can see where the man went wrong but I can also see how he would be scared out of his mind. End the end his actions probably saved him from serious harm. As for leaving the moose this is an easy one. First off, he was probably just faced with a life and death cituation and ready to get the heck out of there. And on the wildlife laws side of things, I am from Alabama and I even know that one man on a snowmobile would take a long time to properly harvest or dispose of the moose and that could put him at risk from other predators. I don’t like it one bit, but you have to look at the rational side of this.

  97. As a hunter, sportsman, and employee of a state wildlife service, this was an absolutely unjustified shoot. Furthermore, the first thing that you do, in the case of a justified shoot, is to contact the state wildlife agency, and tell them what happened. Since Wyoming is investigating, it would seem that that action was not taken.

  98. Well, It seems to me looking at the video, he had plenty of room when he first stopped to turn around and just go back from where he came. Or just wait for the moose to walk off, Now that moose looked like it maybe having a hard time of it with all the heavy snow- Well what done is done, Some fresh moose venison to be sure. Now I he has fest up to the Game guys right way, then I don’t have a problem, Not doing so and just leaving the animal on the ground like that and then go post a video about it on the net, I should think some heavy fines and maybe some jail time. Not for shooting the moose, but for not taking the responsibility for his actions in this case. Gee he is even stupid to carry a Glock and not have around in the chamber. That moose could have killed him in the time it took to cycle a round into the chamber.

  99. Granted we weren’t there, but if his sled has reverse (which most do these days), he just had to reverse. The guy behind him would have done the same and maybe given the moose space. The poor animal was just trying to stay on a packed trail instead of the deep snow. After it attacks him, you can see it sink off the trail. That snow is deep!

    He shouldn’t have kept going forward when he first saw it. And he shouldn’t have inched forward later either. Shouldn’t have yelled at it either.

    He should be charged for sure. He panicked and I’m not sure I can blame him for that b/c he was kicked by a moose, but that was his darn fault. He deserved to get kicked!

  100. This could also just be a case of just not having the knowledge needed to have handled the situation responsibly. More and more people grow up in cities and become detached from the real world. I think allot of us that are making comments here are making the assumption that he knew better at least that was my first thought maybe he didn’t?

  101. He’s an idiot !!! Back off and wait a bit. The young moss would probably leave on his own. This idiots mistake was confronting the young animal.

  102. I’d like to meet that brave snowmobiler face to face, take his glock away from him, and beat him near to death with it, and leave him on the trail uncaringly.

    all he had to do was turn off the motor, step off the machine, and stand between the two trees to his left, thereby reducing his profile to the young bull; no threat.

    But no …. he whips and calls and advances aggressively. WTF?

    “Avid Hunters” my ass!

    1. listen he was in panic mode a moose just charged him and attacked him you would do the same thing if you had a gun and a moose attacked you

      1. Shooting the moose isn’t the problem. The problem is the he created a dangerous situation when he showed aggression towards a wild animal. If you see a Grizzly on the side of the road are you going to walk over and try and scare it off? that is damn near what this guy did. Moose kill more people in north america then bears do.

      2. No. I would have; upon seeing the Moose on the trail well ahead of me, stopped, turned off the engine, signalled back to my companion to do the same, and waited, and for ever as long as it took for the Moose to move on.

        We play in the woods. Moose and a whole lot of other species LIVE there. What would he have done if it were a Grizzly, or (worse, a) Wolverine on that trail rather than a young Bull Moose?

        It is all about respect. If you don’t have it, don’t expect it.

  103. He is taunting it. It’s a wild animal, so what do you expect it to do? It’s clearly just trying to defend itself in a natural way.

  104. I am an avid snowmobiler, hunter and outdoors man. I ride in deep Forrest’s on and off trails. I camp in the back country and I have never needed to shot an animal. In fact I have never carried a gun with me. But then again I’m Canadian.

    1. Oh and the trail to the left was a trail made by a snowmobile, and the machine he is on judging by the grab bar on the handle bars suggests the sled is built for powder. He provoked the animal plan and simple. He wanted to use his gun.

    2. I am a forest technologist “lumber Jack” I walked over a bear den once in the middle of January didn’t see it until I was standing over it due to a fresh dump of snow. I nailed him with bear spray but that just pissed him off but blinded him enough for me to get away from him. By the time the helicopter came to pick me up the bear charged the helicopter nearly knocking it over. Ever since I’ve carried a gun never had to use it but I feel safe knowing it’s an option.

      1. That being said I think the only reason we had to spray him in the first place was because the two goofballs I was with tried to run. Not sure if you have tried to run in snow shoes but you wont be going anywhere fast.

  105. He should have stopped when he saw the moose and waited to see if it walks away and if it did approach him and did what it did he should have fired a shot in the air first the moose would have more than likely ran off and if it didn’t and still came at him again then shoot it but after it goes down and its still moving he needs to finish it off not leave it suffering so sense he did not finish it off and left it suffering he should be charged.

  106. Situation could have been handled totally different. This idiot needs to have charges brought against him. I’ve encountered moose on the trail too. Just move off and give them space! Its idiots like this that give gun enthusiasts and hunters a bad rep.

  107. The moose looked young! (one year old) I’ve walked upon a moose that was twice the size with a calf and just walked backwards away from it. If I charged it like the guy in the video did I am sure I would have been trampled.

  108. If you don’t think he was justified you are a moron. A full grown cow moose like that can easily kill you… And you say he isn’t justified… IT’S AN ANIMAL YOU JACKASSES. Your telling me you would rather see this guy badly injured or dead because you value the life of an animal more? You people should never be allowed to make important decisions of any kind…

    1. There was no reason for him to charge the moose in the first place that is the point. I agree 100% that shooting any animal in self defense is the right thing to do because human life is more important but he put himself in that situation that could have easily been avoided that is the problem what he did before the shooting not the shooting itself.

  109. This is not even a valid argument. This is a valid self defense case. The man didn’t instigate he tried getting the moose to get off the trail, the moose didn’t respond in expected manner. He was attacked and he took appropriate measures. As for taking the sled off the trail that is risky, why would you risk getting stuck when there is a moose just up the trail? The man was attacked, he defended himself, end of story.

    Ps. How is he supposed to pack out a moose when he is obviously not equipped to gut and quarter it? And how do you know just left it there?

    1. The attempt to get the animal off of the trail is what instigated the attack. The response from the moose is exactly what should be expected a moose hardly ever will back down to a bear why this guy? I see where your coming from tho you think that this guy expected the moose to run off like a deer would that doesn’t make him right it just means he didn’t have the knowledge to be out there in the first place.

      1. Most moose pay little attention to humans as they are a smaller being. I walk by a lot of moose even in the town I live in, and think little of it. they are mostly tame animals. but it is not likely for a person to get attacked like that. I see, and walk by moose on a regular basis. it is not what should be expected of a mostly non-aggressive species. especially during the winter time. they are more interested in keeping warm and finding food. not attacking anything they see.

      2. Thinking that ANY wild animal is tame is your biggest mistake. Don’t be ignorant. Just because they graze wherever they want and a lot of times end up in parking lots doesn’t mean they are tame. Moose are NOT a non-aggressive species, in fact they are very aggressive if you invade their space. Non aggressive hahaha…that’s cute! Tell that to the college professor that got stomped to death a while back.

      3. and think of the thousands of people who walked by it before it attacked., they are more a non aggressive species especially during the winter. I have feed moose and touched them as I have walked by before, if you cannot read. I said mostly tame.

      4. Oh I read your post very clearly…I think you need to look up the definition of tame. I think that what you meant was that they are mostly docile…which has nothing to do with being tame.

      5. I understand the meaning. but know that any animal can be tamed, or trained. such as the man who kept a pet caribou when he saved its life. Yes, they are a wild animal. but an animial that size is only a 2 year old moose, has only been away from its mom for about a year. and was likely an agressive moose. most moose are what you say, docile, and are not a danger to society. Do you just need somebody to argue with?

      6. Oh and feeding wild animals is the worst thing that anyone can do. It’s called creating a false sense of dependency for wild animals. They’ll come back to the same damn spot and expect food. When nobody gives it to them then they can start getting aggressive and that is FACT! That’s why it’s against the law to feed wild animals. So nice work!

      7. Yes…you can even get fined in Alaska for deliberately leaving out food or even pumpkins during Halloween. I know…I was stationed at Elmendorf for 3 years.

      8. so, you would fine half the kids in alaska, for making pumpkin carvings and leaving them on the porch? that is sad.

      9. I’m not a cop, I don’t fine anybody. Those are just the rules, and they implement it for good measure. Do you want a giant moose rolling up on your yard as you walk out your front door…spooking that 2000 lb monster and having it charge your kids. I don’t think so! They are HUGE out there…hit one with your car and it’ll flip over it and decapitate you. Happens WAY too much!

      10. just to add to your subject? is bear baiting illegal? no its not, it requires a special course that you go to. THAT LETS YOU FEED WILD ANIMALS,. and a bear of all things. your concept is irrelevant

      11. It’s called getting permits to go hunting retard…I’m not gonna sit here and debate nonsense with someone who has the capability to go look up their own local laws. Try it…maybe you’ll learn something

      12. well, you have already been sitting here debating nonsense. With someone who is only trying to contradict what you are saying. so you lost there.

      13. i do not like to get into name calling but you truly are arguing for the sake of arguing. You by no means won anything other than showing that you are a complete idiot.

      14. Yeah James, quit trying to argue this. Q wild animal will defend themselves when felt threatened. Just walking past an animal doesn’t make them tame. This was a narrow path with deep snow on either side. The snowmobiler clearly approached in hoping the animal would move. The animal clearly felt threatened in his environment. In the heat of the moment and quite possibly shitting himself, the snowmobiler got scared and did what he did. My biggest issue, he didn’t kill the animal!

      15. The snowmachiner should have turned around I the right away was the animals not his. If you walk a trail and come up on a bear you don’t continue to approach you back down we are a guest in the woods.

      16. Baiting an animal is not legal in all states. Baiting also has laws that govern how it is to be done and it can only be done on specific species of animals. Moose is not one of them. You also must have a hunting license to bait.

      17. that is why I specified bears as an example. and i have legally passed a course on what is required. i understand that it only applies to some animals.

      18. What country/province or state are you claiming it is legal to bait bears? Please post your sources.

      19. Is that a strict law in the lower 48 states? No, because it’s not a big deal in most places because those types of animals are not typical in “most” places. We aren’t talking about birds… it’s not a pissing contest to try and one up your statements.

      20. its just funny, because your getting severely butthurt over this. it’s not a pissing contest. its a troll contest. because you obviously care nothing on the main subject. your just yapping like a little dog. I have respect for the military, but not for you

      21. Woah…having common sense is the complete opposite of getting butt hurt. I was being respectful and didn’t use any type of derogatory remarks towards you because it’s called respect. Honestly it’s sad that I had to point out the obvious to you. I basically called you out for sounding like a moron (which I didn’t even have directly say) because you already dug that hole for yourself.

      22. Look at the timestamp…I didn’t say that until AFTER he started trash talking me. Classic Canadian crybaby

      23. watch what your saying Paul you as well gold, no need for insults here, enough of that bullshit in the real world, no need for it here on the internet as well

      24. Paul i do not believe this is a contest as James seems to think it is but if it was, you won. Not worth discussing further with a person who has no common sense and respect for wild animals. His actions of feeding and touching wild game unfortunately place innocent people and animals in danger of getting hurt or killed. He is too stupid to understand this. Also Paul, I personally would like to thank you for your military service. I have never been in the military but i have a deep respect for those who have.

      25. James, not trying to be rude but you obviously do not want to listen to common sense. There is a difference between intentionally feeding an animals and an animal vandalizing your trash. There is no sense in trying to talk to a person who refuses to listen to logic.

      26. and many people keep bird FEEDERS. to enjoy nature. it is the same concept. so you understand what your saying. when it comes to deer farmers, they are feeding wild animals. is that illegal? and they are using it for monetary gain

      27. ohh…and by the way, birds are a completely different classification in which that doesn’t even fall under…but nice try!

      28. not sure where your from nor do i really care but its far from against the law to feed wild animals you see people sitting in parks and the such doing it all the time, and as for the moose… well the guy should be charged for it, he provoked the moose into attacking him by making all that noise and intentionally moving close to it, had he simply waited a couple of minutes the moose would not have attacked him and would have gone on its way without causing any trouble, and yes i know this for a fact, growing up in Newfoundland iv’e seen and been around plenty of moose and i’ve had more than a few of them in the yard unless provoked like what that snowmobiler did they will not attack

      29. Not a wise idea to feed or touch any wild animal. You never know what will happen. You are gambling with your life and the life of the animal. You are also increasing the chances of somebody else getting hurt by making a wild animal un-afraid of humans.

      30. James, I don’t know who you are and Im sure your a nice guy but do us all a favour…don’t EVER feed a wild animal….for any reason, if you wish to save their life. The feeding of wild animals is one of the primary reasons many people end up being hurt by them and the animal eventually being killed buy the ‘Fish and Feather’ because of the animals thought that people will provide a food source. Wilderness…101.

      31. I lived in NH as a state police officer and have seen moose go after many people and vehicles. Takes less than you think to tick one off. Best think is go around them or give them time to leave on their own. Never provoke them with loud sounds including a car horn. The person in this video was an idiot.

      32. If you guys look up.. and read several posts up. realize that I said twice. that I was just messing with him. and he took it way to serious.. as did you, Mr. police officer.To contradict is to go the complete opposite.

      33. There is NO way that this was justified and he should, without doubt< be prosecuted. A human has got to give an animal the "right of way" and he could have easily turned around and waited. This guy WAS clinically "stupid" and what we call in my part of Virginia a "Phucktard"… If there is any justice left in this morally bankrupt country they will fine him to the laws maximum extent. I hunt and fish a little and have no problem with the human killing of any legal animal but this guy was a Tool

      34. After reading some of these posts I’ve decided that, the next time I find myself in this same situation (I’ve been charged by angry moose on several occasions and fired my weapon in self defense on one occasion) I will do my utmost to avoid killing the offending/aggressive animal in the sincerest hope that the next person to come down the trail will be a know-it-all, liberal idiot who doesn’t believe in firearms.

      35. Respectfully, I don’t think you have to be a “liberal idiot” to admire the animal, back up a bit and give him some time to move on. The shooter repeatedly advanced on the animal with a loud machine – totally unnecessary. I’m not judging the guy – maybe he had someplace to be or had a small child in the back bench – it’s just not what I would have done. I just wouldn’t be so quick to turn this into a political philosophy question – where if you disagree with shooting an animal that you must be a liberal idiot. And the next person to come down the trail might see a different moose – it’s not a reason to shoot every moose you see when you – gasp – venture into a forest filled with them. But – have a good day, just my $0.02. I love me my guns and usually carry when I’m in a similar situation myself.

  110. if you were in that situation and you had a gun I would beg to differ, most sleds don’t have reverse. there’s a huge hill on the right and he would get stuck trying to turn out to the left or roll down the hill. Buddy did the right thing, he stopped made the animal aware of his presence and the animal continued to pursue. luckily he had a gun. FYI moose attack more people in Canada then any other species. And Canadians aren’t dumb . we don’t approach a 1o foot tall animal. I’m just glad he had a gun because he could have easily been stomped to death and you would be seeing the other side of the story wich I unfortunately have had too see in my work.
    Who in there right mind picks an animals life over a humans?

    1. LMAO the stereotypical “American” “Not sure what’s going on here but don’t worry boys I’ve got my gun but don’t get hurt because health care isn’t free like it is in every other first world country.

    2. Stopped? No he proceeded toward the animal even when it came toward him. So maybe Canadians are dumb because he DID approach it.

      1. Canadians cant carry handguns like that, so it rules us out, plus that and we know not to approach a moose

      2. Some Canadians can carry like that. This isn’t a Canadian/American issue. This is a “human/wildlife encounter gone wrong because of a stupid human” issue. That is all!

      3. the hoops you have to jump through for a canadian to get that kind of permit is lower odds than winning the lottery, just sayin, there might be 20 people in canada that can

      4. Maybe you are a short sighted hating idiot who wasn’t there and only got the story that was written and believed what you were told without all of the information. hmmmmm? Now that kind of person is what I call chicken shit. Is that you?

      5. Ah….the video says it all. He saw a moose on the trail….he approached the moose on a noisy machine….he harassed the moose…..continue to pursue the moose on his little noise maker…..the moose than got defensive…..little P.O.S. on the sled gets scared and kills the moose leaving behind the meat to rot. Yeah, I think we got it all. Arrest the P.O.S.

      6. I truely hope he reported the killing to Fish and Game and show them the video. However, the fine they empose on him for wanton waste will not bring back the animal he provoked and killed.

      7. Last time I checked people come before animals so if I had a animal attacking me. One that is big enough to trample me to death while I’m on a trail that is to small to turn around and it’s stopping me from going forward. .FUNK YEAH IM GONNA SHOOT IT.And sorry he couldn’t save the meat. Maybe his noise maker was make to fit one man on it not tow a 500 lb + animal

      8. You obviously have NO CLUE how to conduct yourself in the wilderness. Do yourself, wildlife, the wilderness and intelligent people a huge favor and NEVER go out into the wilderness. Stay locked behind your keyboard where you and those around you are safe!

      9. Not your fault people are against your views Nicholas Virga. You obviously have a medical condition commonly found in people with small dicks.

      10. The first shot was a warning shot. But yeah the situation should have been avoided by the guy turning around and waiting until it was out of the way

      11. I think if he would have waited a bit the moose might have just went on his way. Shooting it was really un necessary an d approaching it wasn’t very smart

      12. Negative he was not harassing. Any big game, how you act is you make noise make them aware. They will 99% of the time leave only when the animal is agressive they behave like this. I dont agree with the choice in sidearm too small to do the job and he should have made sure it was down not left to suffer. Otherwise his response was correct. he attempted to not fire he was forced.

      13. Another wrong assumption. The guy harassed the moose into attacking him. I’ve been an avid outdoorsman for 40 years and have experienced many situations just like this. The guy was wrong in how he dealt with this situation. Let the thumbs up begin!

      14. Or maybe your an arrogant Chicken shit Canadian. Are you going to stand there and go toe to toe with a wild animal or protect yourself? Glad I dont have to rely on people like your for my safety.

      15. There wouldn’t have been any need for self protection if he would have used his brain and backed off instead of continuing to approach it.

      16. What was he supposed to do turn around. He was trying to get it to move he stayed far enough back the moose came to him twice with the intent to attack the guy on the snowmobile. And he didn’t leave it to rot nature will take care of the rest. And if u yanks on here wanna start talking shit about us Canadians maybe we should start talking about ppl trowing puppies of s cliff

      17. Yes, he should have turned around! Is that so hard to comprehend. You can micro analyze this all day. But can you honestly tell me that he was unable to turn around? or that he had to provoke this animal? If you can, you and I were watching two different videos. Its absurd to think this was the only appropriate way of dealing with this situation. Sorry Andrew I’m a Canadian, but I know a crime when I see one.

      18. I agree he should not have continued and provoked. I am Canadian and if you move into there habitant then at least respect there space. This is a crime and you should be arrested

      19. oh he could have shut off the machine and waited. standing up on the snow machine and charging towards the moose was the stupidest thing that he could have done.

      20. Chicken shit Canadian… this is the classic American mentality “your not a man unless you stand up for yourself” I’m sure you believe this to be a story of David vs. Goliath. He provoked an animal that had neither the mental capability nor control that a human does. This is an incompetent, unintelligent piece of shit (whether he be Canadian or not). He had a choice to turn around, and instead pursued the animal. He had to kill this animal because he was ignorant of his environment. This is crime. If you look at it any other way, your your attempting to compensate for your lack of masculinity. Again and again Americans provoke people, and animals, and than claim the victim when low and behold they retaliate. This person had the ability to turn around, wait the situation out, or turn off his machine the second he saw the moose. At least if he turned off his machine, and felt the situation out it would actually be self defense if the moose attacked. This video says it all. He provoked the animal, and should be charged accordingly.

      21. It doesn’t where you’re from you dumb ass. People are people, whether they be Canadian or American you will have people that would do the same on both sides. I think he acted overly aggressive and was wrong to provoke the moose, but you think because you watch movies and get media updates about “the American mentality” you have the slightest idea what you’re talking about? Get real bro #guesscanadiansreallyarentthatpolite

      22. wow did a lot of this get off the subject. Come on people are people why all the name calling about being American or Canadian. The subject was , was it ok to shoot the moose. I don’t think he should have. I think he should have backed away or gone around, or given the moose the time it needed to go on down the trail instead of getting closer so the moose did what was natural for it, defend itself. Maybe if he would have even shot in the air , not the moose. Everyone has their own opinion though.

      23. I highly doubt he’s Canadian because he wouldn’t be allowed to carry a handgun, or even have it loaded outside of an approved shooting range.

      24. Exactly. Lots of otherwise law abiding citizens in Canada carry. There was a fellow in Swan Hills, Alberta last year that shot a Grizzly with his 45 ACP handgun. No charges were ever laid. It is not illegal to carry in Canada, you just need a permit which is difficult to get.

      25. Permits are only issued to certain people for certain reasons in Canada. A 45 ACP isn’t what I would be carrying for protection in the bush.

      26. I don’t think he’s canadian. Canadians don’t usually carry hand guns when snowmobiling!
        Beer yes, but no hand guns.

      27. What makes you think the shooter is a Canadian?? Canadians can’t legally carry a handgun. In fact you will be charged for at least 3 firearms offences and a couple of wildlife offences. Should a Canadian CO get on this, the guy could be facing some serious jail time.

      28. Ignorant Americans. This shit head lived in Wyoming. If you read the article you would have known that. Canadians know better than to approach a wild animal.
        Your stupid death dealers. We also don’t have public assassinations with assault rifles because we’re bright enough to know that we don’t need them. We’re not afraid of our shadows. We don’t even lock our homes because our country is safe. Dumb ass war monger

      29. I distinctly remember Canadians being in Afghanistan with me….and Egypt with me now. It seems I have finally found an ignorant Canadian. As far as the assault rifle is concerned….there is no such weapon in existence you clown. Common liberalistic belief is that AR in AR-15 stands for Assault Rifle, this is wrong, it stands for Armalite Rifle. Assault rifle is just a term coined up to give a weapon a scary name. EVERY SINGLE WEAPON IS AN ASSAULT WEAPON, you dolt! As far as being a war monger…… “as bright as you may be” you should know that it’s not the Americans that voted to go to war. In fact I believe they had voted against it. However, our government decided otherwise, so our people supported the troops. Thank you Americans. And thank you the Canadians with I served with too. I do believe the record holder for the longest sniper kill in history is Canadian btw….war monger….HA!

      30. Actually Canadians can & DO carry handguns. I have a permit to open carry, and I am not law enforcement or a security guard. I also know several people that carry concealed in Canada without a permit.

      31. I call BS on that one. Unless your a Supreme Court judge or have had three justifiable near death experiences due to an external force, you can’t and don’t carry.

        Stop trolling.

      32. Huh? Holy Geez! Judges don’t/can’t carry and the three near death experiences you speak of are only real in a bad acid trip. Holy WOW!

      33. In CanadaEdit
        The practice of CCW is technically legal in many jurisdictions in Canada; however, in practice, it is often not permitted through the refusal to issue permits. This is the legal situation for Canadians, where an Authorization to Carry (ATC) exists, but the provincial chief firearm officers (CFOs) have agreed not to issue such licenses. Concealment of the firearm is permitted only if specifically stipulated in the terms of the ATC (thus this would then be a specific class of ATC, specifically an ATC-3 or type 3) and is in practice nearly impossible to obtain.[citation needed]

        In Canada, for wilderness protection, individuals may receive limited licenses to permit open carry called ATC-2, but only within specific highly restrictive uninhabited areas. There must be sufficient reason to believe the life of the individual could be endangered if not permitted to carry, due to bear or other wildlife activity, and additionally that they would not be feasibly able to carry a long arm Non-restricted Firearm due to other equipment. In practice, the policy toward carrying while hunting has been a complete ban since 1979. CFO staff have been variously quoted as stating “If you can shoot it with a rifle, you can finish it with a rifle.” On these grounds, the known number of ATCs issued in any province has remained very low.[citation needed]

        In the case of ATCs issued for wilderness purposes, the typical restrictions in Canada are that the firearm be visible at all times (it is an offence in the Canadian Criminal Code to carry any concealed weapon) and may not be worn within five kilometers of any city limit. This has the effect of further limiting the utility of any issued ATC, and thoroughly restricting it only to wilderness locations. Applicants for an ATC for wilderness purposes typically number in the hundreds, and concealed permit holders (ATC-3) are nearly non-existent. Ontario (the most populous Canadian province at 13 million) serves as an apt example: 13 ATC-3 were active and issued in that province as of 2002

      34. Unless you have ATC-2, and rarely does a person get an ATC-3, you are full of crap unless you fall under section 117 of the criminal code and I doubt you do or you work for an armoured truck company. As for a concealed handgun, you are full of it as it is illegal under the CC

      35. Then you are a trapper or forestry worker of some sort and the people you know that carry concealed are criminals.

      36. Unless this sledder is a criminal he isn’t Canadian. We can’t pack heat up here unless the proper permits are in place. They are very difficult to obtain here.

  111. Two things are clear here. First this was a tragic event that clearly could have been avoided. As a hunter and trapper, I have the utmost respect for the animals I encounter either hunting, trapping, or enjoying some other outdoor activity. This person had no respect, and his arrogance and ignorance caused this to happen. Second, there are a few redneck morons on here that think this was justified. Get a clue and grow a brain. Look at the evidence clearly on video. This situation could have been easily avoided. Knowingly provoking wildlife often turns out badly for you or the animal you are harassing. Walk away or wait for the animal to leave. Pretty simple.

  112. It’s easy to watch a video three or four times and analyze it. Every person is not as skilled as the next on a sled but that don’t mean they should not go on the trail. I ride skidoo and I hunt. If I came up on that moose I would probably shout at it too. I diffidently would not try to pass by it in the powder so the moose could attack side on. Then when the moose attacted him twice; little close for comfort don’t you think? Maybe he should have let the moose have another run at him. Then when people would watch the video and could say why didn’t he hit the moose or something else to argue what he did. No mater how that situation went down, put a video on line and a bunch of “no it all” people will argue. Put yourself in his boots. I think he was justified to shoot that moose.

  113. What a total idiot, 5 will get you 10, this happened in the states. The moose was only acting in his/her normal way.
    If you are afraid of moose stay the F home

  114. What an a_ _ hole! The moose had a right to be there! Now it’s dead!? That guy should be strung up by the thumbs!

  115. What a total jerk. Crap like this makes us gun owners look bad. There are a dozen things the snowmobile could have done differently. I hope he is charged with something. jake you should probably quit posting, it doesn’t seem like you have anything intelligent to contribute.

  116. as bad as i feel for the animal, or any other animal i kill for that matter. the moose was not cornered and very well cold have ran off when approached by the snowmobile, despite the animal being “provoked” (all though i believe these were efforts to spook the animal off) any one who would say that after the animal took a run at him or her like that and stoping again most likely to take another run, would not take the same action and kill the animal should probably get his or her head checked. animals are wild there not the cuddly plush toys culture makes them out to be moose kick and kill many people annually here, most moose automobile accidents here are only fatal after the collision when the moose (now across the hood) kicks through the windshield and smashes the occupants skulls, they are powerful creatures. there can be debating all day on weather the act was justified but one things for sure if it were me the video proof wouldn’t make it past the knowledgeable authorities (if that) for exactly this reason, nowadays the “law” overrides common sense just recently a man had his guns confiscated and destroyed after he shot a black bear that broke through his glass patio door and into his house, he called wildlife and upland game department who told him to wait 30-40min to send a officer, he took matters in his own hands and faced charges for discharging a firearm in a community because of this i doubt id even report it… with the way things are now your likely to get in more trouble if you did

  117. You can’t predict what the moose will do. Usually they run long before you run into them on the trail. It could have been stressed by wolves. What ever. What had to be done was done, just hope it didn’t go to waste.

  118. While he might have been a little hurried in his decision once the moose attacked him in my opinion he had every right. Im from the south, I dont know a damn thing about snowmobiles, snow or moose. He approached tried to frighten it off and it attacked point blank period. Its just as if another human attacks me, I dont know what his intentions are therefore I protect myself however i feel necessary. Any of you commenting when you have never been in the situation, shut up you cant say for certain what you would have done. This is one of those situations where it is a split second decision and the natural fight or flight response kicks in therefore not a damn one of you can say for certain what you would have done unless you were there.

    1. haha what i would like to know is what all these people would have done after the moose first attacked if it were them, sit down and be mauled?

  119. First of all, what is the guy doing with a loaded hand gun on snowmobile?
    Why didn’t he shoot in the air to scare the moose away?
    Im very familiar with moose and in the winter months when there is a lot of snow, moose tend to stick to snowmobile trails as its much easier to walk than in deep snow. But remember,… It’s their trail, not yours.
    I think the guy should be charged definitely.

    1. why would he have a loaded gun in territory where there are wolves bears moose and other dangerous animals ummmmm maybe because hes not stupid

  120. and the funny thing is you people have seen the CANADIAN WILDLIFE OFFICER say this was an obvious case of self defense i am assuming he has been professionally trained to investigate these cases therefore on that assumption i am going to believe he knows more about what hes talking about than the ignorant masses

  121. you people are the idiots the man was protecting him self and as of this right of way to anmials there are thousands of people hut and killed every year by the anmials he should not be charged in fact more people should be aloud to do this when moose are by public roadway highway or trails so when it is your wife child or other loved one killed by one of these anmials (car accident stomped or charged) then your mouth will be up the other way i have hunted for many years now and seen alot of this but when he is just riding his skidoo down the trail not chaseing or running it then this is what needed to happen or next could have been a child

  122. Doubt he’s Canadian bc we can’t carry a side arm. And if he’s a co officer shame on him for doing that he should lose his job. Fire some warning shots and do everything possible to get out of the situation. Sleds do have reverse now a days. I am a hunter and his actions discuss me !

  123. guy did the right thing, he fired a warning shot and when it started to charge the second time kept shooting till it went down.

    If it was me I would have had the shotgun out as soon as it refused to move, fired a bear banger round and if it charged put a slug in it before It was mounting my LOSV the first time like it did to buddy.

    Its not like his snow mobile can go in reverse, and leaving the trail posses a lot of its own hazards. In most ORV/ LOSV areas, leaving the trail is a finable offense. the trees are so close around the trail its not like he could realistically get around anyways. So really they guy had no choice. He was revving the engine and creeping forward trying to get it to move along.

    Anyone who can’t see how dangerous this situation was and that the LOSV operator handled it correctly is clearly someone who has no idea about the realities of dealing with wildlife.

  124. He needs to be held responsible. The moose gave him fair warning, you could tell the moose wasn’t backing down when he was walking toward the stupid snow machiner. I hope the snow machiner wasn’t hurt but he should have turned around and gone another way. Now there is a dead moose because people think they have the right of way ALWAYS.

  125. I hope for sure he is charged. HE charged the moose, what did he expect? And then he shoots him like a coward and rides off. What a complete idiot. That poor moose. <3 My appreciation for the people siding with the animal. Humans are an incredibly difficult invasive species to be rid of.

    You don't see animals culling idiots like this, oh and they should.

  126. The rider could have definitely been a lot more proactive about avoiding the encounter, but I don’t fault him for shooting the animal given the way it went down (thought I do fault him for continuing to approach once he sighted the thing. Proper education could have allowed the guy to avoid the situation in the first place. I hope that moose didn’t go to waste, moose meat is delicious.

  127. I think he should be charged, first off he was in the animals territory not the other way around, he should of turned around and waited until the animal left or just wait period, when the moose felt threatened he was protecting himself, and to shoot him and leave him to die from his wounds is horrible….dumbass

  128. one has to wonder what went down before and after the 1:14 clip. perhaps wildlife investigators will uncover all of the facts in this incident.

  129. Its clear the snow off trail was deep and hard walking for the moose. We always gave the trail to the animals. Especially when one was visible on the left to go around the animal it wouldn’t have followed them off trail.

  130. Yes charges , he should waited for moose to go on its way why was he in such a hurry jack ass . He could have shot away from moose after waiting a while or turned and come back later . Yes charges !

  131. Snowmobilers are usually a menace. If not for the noise pollution it is the litter the drunks leave behind. They should only be allowed to ride on their own private property but they would not do that because it would harm their precious little 1/5 acre lawn.

  132. It was a baby moose who was obviously scared and trying to protect its self with a natural instinct to charge, the shots were un called for and who carries a friggin hand gun on a sled : then drives away instead of reporting it to an OFSC club to forewarn other snowmobilers or the MTO, not cool

  133. I think that the person who shot the moose is in the wrong because he didn’t take care of his actions. He left it there. When something like this happens, it needs to be reported. Firing shots to scare the moose could have helped just the same.

  134. I am from Newfoundland Canada, and I have seen a lot of moose, and many up close. It’s a bit scary, but, they normally run off easily. I would have stopped and waited for it to move on, like in my own personal experiences. However, if I was attacked by an animal in the wild, what decent human being would want me to suffer and/or die rather then defend myself like this guy did? Being Canadian, it would be way worst because having a hand gun is not a legal option. This guy was put in an unfortunate circumstance and acted in self defense. It’s unfortunate, but, he don’t deserve to be stomped by a wild animal out in the back country! If I were in the country, I’d fight for my life if I had to. It’s my god given right. This man was attacked and defended himself, bottom line. Couldhave should haves were gone out the window when his life and well being were at stake by a wild aanimal. No charges should be laid
    against him. That’s my opinion

    1. The man provoked it.. He encroached on the mooses territory.. That’s not self defense.. Self defense is going the other way and waiting out the situation.. Jesus some people are so blind..

      1. truepopo u are correct that he provoked it, and he obviously should have alrdy read the moose’s body language, the moose was alrdy in a defensive position when the man saw the moose. but if u listened to the video, the whole time he was giving the moose warnings as much as the moose gave him, i always do the same as this guy did with approaching the moose, of course i never killed anything that didnt want to eat me, but 90% if the time u aproach something and make sounds, it takes off the other way, and if they dont budge, i turn and go the other way. it was just unfortunate that this time, the moose charged him, i have approached bears, mountain lions, deers, and coyotes, aproaching them and making loud sounds always have worked, u may think its stupid that i approach them but as us, they just want to be left alone as well. i dont mean to start a fight with u or anything, just sometimes people are in unfortunate situations and seem to make bad calls that seems to be good at the moment that saves themselves.

  135. he didn’t have to shoot him, all he had to do was turn around and go back later, shoot the gun in the air and it would of run away, either way he didn’t have to kill him.

  136. Carrying a handgun anywhere but the range is llegal all over canada for one. So that clears up that he IS american. No canadian is dumb enough to do so and post it. For two. Charge the crap out of this guy!!!!!! I’m not against hunting for food, but shooting that moose, not even making sure it was a kill shot, then zipping past it like a panzy is outrageous. Thats the mooses turf, go the other way. He could have tried some off target shots to try and scare it first . I hope the american law doesnt let this slide. Punish the man, and let the world know who he is.

    1. what if he was a police officer or a wildlife officer? or anyone who caries in violation of the law. the shadow of the shooter looks like he wasn’t wearing a helmet – possibly a ball cap.
      was the video pulled or just not available from the site?

    2. im not sure if calling americans dumb is a smart thing to do. just say canadains wouldnt do it because its the law. not americas are dumb(no canadian is dumb enough to do so, hencing americans are dumb enough to do that). so please when u want to phrase something out make sure u dont make anyone an underdog. im not an american or a canadian so im just saying for their sake.

  137. This guy should be charged… this Moose did not have to lose it’s life because some stupid human wanted by on his Ski-doo. It’s called turn around and take a different trail there’s a moose on this trail… what a piece of #@^!

  138. End of the day where is he from? In Canada it’s illegal to carry a gun not headed to a range to shoot it. Second moose are all over the US and Canada, so as an outdoors he probably thinks he is shoulda known better and just turned around and left. The moose gave home plenty of warning. He should have all of his guns take. As well as at least his snowmobile.

  139. I can see few here know what it is like to encounter a moose and allow their emotions on something they are not even there for to cloud their judgement. There are so many reasons why this happened but many of you have decided without all of the evidence let alone what the person who did it had to say? Are you around moose? I am. I know them. They are unpredictable. How do any of you know going back was an option? The moose was on the trail because it was easier to walk on. Snow machines get stuck when they can’t keep going in powder and the trees would have been a hindrance in that effort. He probably tried to get the moose to move by moving towards it hoping it would move as they often will. None of you were there so how about keeping your outrage to yourselves. You were not there. You don’t know how afraid this person might have been. The trail off to the left??? Are you kidding? It was within 6 feet of that moose. Do you think it was just going to watch him go by? Very few here have any clue whatsoever, what it is like to encounter a moose on a snowmachine/snowmobile depending on where you are from. You name calling is immature and unnecessary and has nothing to do with this tragedy but I notice that when an animal dies there are humans who think the person should have died…….but it isn’t them or someone they know, now is it?

  140. Charge him. He taunted the animal. He could have fired a warning shot. There are a number of things he should have done rather than shoot the animal regardless of what country he’s from. This is stupid human behaviour.

    1. he did fire a warning shot the first shot, it was over the moose, he was yelling still trying to scare it off, it turned and started to charge again so he dumped the mag into it till it went down.

  141. What’s with the Canadian vs American bullshit comments, grow up kids damn, a lot of you are so quick to throw hate and judgement at each other.

    I am 100% against the slaughter of wild animals but, buddy did what he thought he had to do in order to survive.
    I wouldn’t want a wild moose attacking me, I know the damage a ram from a wild moose could inflict to the human body and if I was in the same scenario with a loaded glock in my possession, I would probably have done the same thing.

  142. My main problem with this is that the moose was walking away, was the guy really in that big of a rush that he had to shoot it? I’m sure his snowmobile could handle moving off the track and around the moose, or he and his friend could have spent a little bit of time enjoying the scenery BEFORE approaching the moose threateningly. I lived out of town for a long time, I’ve seen moose quite often, and NEVER been attacked. Reason being is I GAVE THEM THEIR SPACE. When you are in the wild, you are IN THEIR SPACE, if they are in your living room or in your yard threatening your family or animals, they are IN YOUR SPACE. The sooner people begin to realize this, the sooner stupid things like this stop happening. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have shot the moose once it came after me either, I’m not interested in being stomped to death, and have no problem defending myself against wild animals, but the attack was completely preventable, the moose didn’t attack unprovoked.

  143. Complete idiot here. The shooting of the moose should have never happened. People who don’t know how to deal with wildlife should stay in the city and kill each other.

  144. if you guys don’t know, a moose of that size can easily be over 300 lbs. and the guy was lucky to still be on his machine after being kicked like that, I live in Alaska. Even here at the university a man was stomped to death. and it was clearly coming in for more. and could potentially have taken his life and the people riding with him. and maybe other riders. A moose of that size could easily crush a human with little to no effort. I feel he did the right thing.

  145. All these “sportsmen” are making me laugh. What you guys are basically saying is this guy wasn’t justified for shooting a moose to save his life and you are qualified to make that call because you shoot moose for the fun of it. lol

    1. We shoot or at least most shoot for food it is a way of life. I know a few people like to trophy hunt but the majority of hunters do it as a life style. Most people that hunt as a lifestyle grow up in rural communities and learn about the animals they hunt, the predators to be aware of and how to deal with them in a safe way. So the answer to your question is yes I think that not all but most people that hunt are capable of “making that call” To put the situation in terms you may better understand imagine you are at a bar there is a big tough looking drunk guy and from a distance he has that tough guy look and seems a little agitated should you get up in his face and start harassing him or give him some space let him do his thing and go home at the end of the night? I

      It is the same with the moose this guy saw the moose from a distance and could see that it was nervous her hair standing on end and her ears straight back that is your first warning to give her space then he came closer so she bluff charged him but the guy stands his ground showing that he is a threat but she has nowhere to go fight or flight. The guy continues to stand tall clapping his hands after advancing closer (which would be the right thing to do if you were on foot and encountered a bear but not a moose a moose rarely backs down to anything) and guess what she does exactly what every moose would have in her position no surprise. I have worked in the bush all my life and carried a gun most of the time and have only ever fired it twice both warning shots. The only animals I have killed have all spent time in my freezer and eventually ended up on my table 🙂

      1. That’s not luck that is being aware of the dangers that I could encounter and how to best deal with them. This information is available to anyone that has a library card or access to the internet. It is your responsibility to prepare yourself before you go and play in the bush.

    1. He couldn’t have waited a minute or two to let the moose clear? What a P.O.S. Charge him and make him dress out that moose before the meat is wasted and give it to charity!

  146. I’m glad they caught all this on tape…..arrest that stupid P.O.S. for approaching a wild animal on a trail, provocking an attack, and wanton waste of the kill. I know this didn’t happen in Alaska. Alaskan’s respect wildlife.

  147. Preventable, but totally justified. Going off trail is risky because he likely could have gotten stuck, and then attacked. Plus you can’t quite drive away in reverse on a sled. He took adequate precautionary measures to alert the moose and showed cation in approaching, clearly stopping when he realized something was wrong when the moose began approaching. He was physically attacked and the moose was coming back for more. I have been charged by a cow moose before and seen a love drunk bull way too close, so I know the sudden and unexpected danger that moose can present. This guy was most definitely justified as there was a threat to his health/life by any reasonable man standard and he took several steps to dissapate the situation without deadly force.

  148. I think he should of stayed back and gave it more time instead of advancing the moose. The moose attacked because it prob felt threatened by the loud noises he was making and the snowmobiles engine. I think this could of ended much better then killing this moose! Almost arrogant, as if he was challenging the animal.

    1. most animals hear the noise. of machines or other things. and think they are being attacked or watched. and simply move away because they do not want to be disturbed. even twigs breaking. can disturb and animal of that size. and they more than likely would not want to be bothered. and would just walk away, eating as it went. Most moose in the winter are interested in keeping warm, and keeping fed.

    1. The moose was clearly coming in for another go, and the first shot he fired. did not hit and was meant to scare off the animal with the sound. Most animals are scared of such loud noises, because they cannot comprehend them.

    2. you might not realize the size of the moose that was coming in. a moose of that size can be over 300 lbs, and can easily crush a human, with little to no effort. it just seems smaller because he was standing up on a snow machine. the animal could easily have been 6-7 feet tall. it already attacked. and was turning around for more.

  149. Why is this a topic of discussion seem to be whether this guy is a Canadian or American. That is clearly irrelevant. No I do not think he should be charged as he likely paniced because he put himself in a bad position but he did do what he thought was right in that moment and because of it both riders are okay. And we don’t know that he actually left the moose to die? He likely called it in when he arrived at a location in which he could do so. We do not know the whole story

    1. he’s most likely american here in canada we don’t have the right to carry firearms for defence, let alone a pistol which here is a restricted licensed weapon . not saying he is american, he could be a canadian who went to court and proved this would happen in the future and was granted the right to carry it or could be carrying it illegally carrying it, seriously doubt that though..

  150. They probably had moose sausage egg and cheese sandwiches , moose steaks with gravy and rice, biscuits with moose jelly, double moose cheese burgers with fries and moose sundaes with chocolate syrup all that week.

  151. he fired a round left of the moose and was going to yell again but didn’t have time. if i was attacked like that i would have reacted the same way. it’s easy to judge him sitting at home watching this video but right after being hit like that your heart rate is going to be through the roof and when it comes back a second time flight or fight kicks in. i think he is justified even if he should not have got that close to begin with.

  152. Moose don’t like deep snow and will try to stay on good going. The snowmobiler should have backed off and let the moose go on its way. Have seen many moose on the trail and always give it room to go where it wants to. This person is obviously not use to dealing with wildlife. It is a wild animal and will defend itself. And yes he should be charged. Typical idiot. Shoot first and ask questions later.

  153. First of all I would have done the same thing this guy did. I worked around them darn things for a couple of years,if you ever encounter one they pretty much don’t leave,either you try to leave the area or they’ll come at you,that is just what they do. The guy was out joy riding and fell into danger and he had to defend himself,that is the process of nature. I’m sure it wasn’t what he wanted to do but had to. I know what these kinds of situations are like cause I’ve been in them. But nowadays every other type of life or organism is so much more valued over that of a human being. So I’m sure he will continue to get hammered by most of you like he is some sort of criminal for defending himself,but that is just the type of your nature. All of you would have done the same thing if you were in his shoes.

    1. I agree with you. We haven’t seen all the footage either! He may have waited prior to this and decided to see if it would move. None of us really know what happened, but since this video was “leaked” it seems sort of obvious that he reported to fish and game and gave them the evidence from his GoPro.

    2. that’s the way moose are, or at least can be so often. and judging by so many of these comments, we can see the way people are too. i suspect many would still be defending/praising the moose had the guy been trampled to death, you know since he was in the holy moose’s territory and all, thus deserving of his fate. Bottom line is, the guy survived, and this image may smoehow, someday help me or someone else avoid the situation, and an unfortunate ending for either

  154. Watched the vid twice, look like where I live in a
    Alaska, depending on type of machine, and skill levell of driver, might have been able to get around, after being hit in the chest by the moose, and it appears the moose, was charging again!!My big complaint, isafter making the choice to shoot, the person sholdhave finished the moose off not leave it there to suffer.

  155. Jake you are an idiot ( not what I really wanted to call you ) ,I agree with Jen Mack that it must be you in the video. Who the hell carries a hand gun in the woods while sleding , let alone carry one anywhere unless you are law enforcement or something similar . The sleder enticed the moose by his advancements because the moose had no where to go either without going to its neck in snow ( which they won’t do , as any outdoorsman would know ) unless absolutly necassary . I think the sleder should be charged to the hilt because of his actions and ignorance of the outdoors.

    1. You’re joking right? I think it’s pretty stupid not to bring a gun into the outdoors because of potential dangers like this. He may or may not have had the right to shoot the moose, but he does have the right to bear arms.

  156. Yes He should definitely be charged for killing this animal and I’m sure that Conservation Authorities will do just that. He obviously has no respect for animals and should stay locked-up in the City.

  157. Not the best decsions…..in our state, (Alaska), you have to salvage and turn in an animal taken in “defense of life”. This cat demonstrated several poor choices for an outdoors-man……and filmed it. Fish and Game needs to have a chat with him.

  158. Seriously there are at least 10 offences against the wildlife laws and gun laws if this was Canada. I would suggest whoever this individual was he needs a meeting with some wildlife officials not to mention the police. Totally unacceptable behaviour.

  159. If a moose is trying to kill me…. I’d shoot that motherfucker too. The dude in this video is in the right. Self defense, the moose was only going to charge again without a doubt. So he prevented what could’ve took his own life. There is absolutely nothing wrong in this incident.

  160. Piece of $%*# IS American. Saw the animal from 200 feet away and proceeded to close the distance on him making it seem like an act of aggression. Would you do that to a grizzly bear? NO !!! You would turn around and go back. SAFELY!! Wish that moose knocked his head off before he was brutally shot to death by that chicken s*#$!!

    1. If the moose was a car bomb would u ride up to it on your sled??? If you would u deserve to get blown up!!! Could have waited at a distance then ripped past it when it was safe.. What a tool.

  161. as it shows in the video he had plenty of room to slide is sled around and go the other way. anyone who knows about moose knows u give them their space and that its their home ur in! provoking with the engine throttle would make me charge too.

  162. i cant remember when and who said the guy was wearing a basball cap. but just for your information, thats a snowmobile helmet, they look like paintball mask, basicaly like the characters in halo if u dont know how it looks, i dont have snow in my area except once every 10 years but i do watch a lot of tv, and the camera is obviously mounted to the right side of his helmet since there is a little nob on the right side of his shadow on his head.

  163. So the lead up he may not have done the right thing, but after the Moose already gave him a touch up I reckon he was justified pulling the pistol. My only complaint about it is, after he dropped it, he should have brained it. IMO pissing off the way he did wasn’t right, but in saying that his heart would have been out of his chest at that moment.

  164. I am a believer in the 2nd amendment and a hunter. I have also lived in NH and have dealt with moose. This person is an idiot and pisses me off. There was no reason for this.

  165. Well the thing was on the snowmobile track and that snowmobile could not turn around so there was only one way to go and the moose attacked so he had to do what he had to do I guess

  166. Unjustified! He should face charges. He never once backed down or shied away from agitating the moose. In fact his rapid deployment of his firearm shows that he had intent. There was no reason for this what so ever. Prosecute with full force of law. Its people like this that should be BANNED from ALL outdoor experience.

    1. May be the next attack would have been fatal …who are you to know how the guys feel just by watching is video … and the fact he never backed… hummm sorry if the guys act like he tought would be best by trying to scare the animal… if he really wanted to shot it he would have done it with getting charge and you would never have seen that video and that guys would probably having a steack moose with a beer right now… we arent all animal expert … but if your solution is to ban the guys from going outdoor i would bsn you from been online posting comment and go outdoor see if you can do better…

      1. I passionately live my life outdoors. I love mother nature. I’ve been in a very similar situation except for 3 things. 1) I wasn’t on a obnoxiously loud snowmobile when I had my encounter. 2) the gun I carry wouldn’t have taken more than 2, maybe 3 shots. I didn’t shoot. 3) Both the moose and I are both ALIVE today. I am going to show this video to a friend who is a federal game warden and has over 20 years of back country experience and see what he says about it. My bet is that he agrees with me. I have a $100.00 that say if he turned off his snowmobile, backed away to sit under a tree and sat quietly the moose probably would have left them and there would never have been any reason for this conversation. But the guy had a video camera and a gun. Think about it, what do you think he was after with a video camera and a loaded gun?

      2. Loaded gun probably because carrying an empty gun is kind of useless … and the video everybody record everything now, from car cam to gopro to even a cell phone … I doubt if he really wanted to kill it he would have wait for it to jump on his cab…
        I also read that the guys behind was his son … so right there from the part that he got attack and fire what it seem a warning shoot and after when he get charge again shoot it and leave the scene to calm down … who are we to say he didnt do the good thing …

        I do agree with you I would probably have stop my engine and wait but that guys try to scare it … may be instead of trying to tell that he didnt act like he should and try to make him pay for it, we should use that energy so they give you basic course of what to do in those situation at school… so everybody know, instead of showing us some stuff that most people never gonna use again in there life…

  167. Grow up people. It doesnt matter whether hes Canadian or not. The bottom line here is he did wrong by even approaching a wild animal in the first place. I dont care who he is or where hes from…..that was just ignorant on his part. Simple

  168. he should have stopped and used another bullet to put the moose down fully instead of driving away and letting it suffer.

  169. People are hater… first its probably not a Canadian the guy carry and we cant really in Canada… second the guys mostly try to scared the moose with the noise of the snowmobile and yelling … might not have done the good thing but sorry if not everybody is an animal expert … and yeah he could have try to excape, fly by or what ever but he didnt and who are we to talk we werent there…. And last … he shout it ride a bit farther and stop so we dont know if he left it there anyway nothing get wasted out there wolf and other animal would have clean the scene… but he for sure he probably report it because its online … should he get in trouble for shooting a moose to what he tough could save his life …. No

  170. I feel the man did right. he wasn’t there to shoot a moose if you look at the shadow he never reached for the gun until after the second charge. I been in the woods and have had to run from them. . where was he going to run. he couldn’t go anywhere .did you see how deep the snow was when the moose got off the trail. the moose had been traveling that trail back and forth. you can see the tracks and droppings in the trail. if he wanted to shoot the moose he would have pulled the gun out after the first charge

  171. Why didn’t he just break trail around the moose if the lake he was going to was just right theyre? I would be scared too if a moose was trying to charge me but you have a machine to drive away why didn’t you just go off trail 20-30 feet other than wasting meat. That meat could’ve went to a less fortunate family or any use at all other then just to waste. I would say he should get charged a fine at least. And get his guns taken away. He should’ve tried the loud noise first or a shot into the air it would’ve worked better than making noises to get his attention. It was a territorial defense to the moose. Must of been a bull. At least he didn’t have his antlers or you would’ve got scooped up.

  172. He should have shut off his machine and let the moose have its space. Or popped off a few rounds while he was at a distance from the moose. I have been riding for 20 years,each year encountering multiple (aggressive) moose and never once had to pull my firearm out because I respected its space. Riding a sled up its ass is not going to make it move but instead defend itself. Pulling the trigger should always be the last resort. The guy WAS in fear for his life with good cause but he is the one that antagonized it.

  173. Fact: When buddy pulled out the gangsta glock, the moose was NOT in attack mode…he did not give the moose any space…wish the Moose had just stomped this pathetic excuse of a man right off the get go.

  174. Everything the sledder did was wrong. We don’t know if he had enough fuel to turn around and get back out of the woods back that way, so the sledder may have had to keep going ahead. If that guy’s sled had enough fuel, there were tracks in the snow off to the left of him where some other sledder had turned off into the woods; plus, snowmobiles have handles built into their steering skis for lifting up and yanking a sled around – so you can turn the sled in tight spots like that trail. If he absolutely had to go forward, he should have stayed put, and given the moose some time to leave. If the moose stayed there, that sledder could have stood up on the sled, waved his arms up and around, maybe unzipping his top layer coat, grabbing the zipper bottoms, pulling the coat hem up above his back and head to look even larger to the moose; that was the next sensible technique to employ. If the moose did not leave or came closer, a couple of pistol shots off to the side into the snow were in order.

    Problem was, the snow sledder went on ahead a few yards towards a large, heavy hoofed, territorial mammal in its woodland home. That mammal and the sledder mammal both would have had tough going walking in the snow depth of the woods. So they each stood their ground; then moved in closer to each other.

    At that point, the sledder starts making truly stupid sounds for trying to scare a moose away. That guy sounds like he’s making moose style territorial defense and fight challenge sounds. You need to emit harsh, loud vocalizations that create concussive sound wave effects. If the moose stays put or moves closer, then add a few gun shots off to the side. There were two sleds there, and they could have been tilted sideways with the tracks (wide belts like tank tracks) up off of snow traction and them two sledders could have made some added noise by revving their motors some, but not revved up enough to harm the sleds. Unfortunately, that non-woods-wise sledder continued making sounds similar to what I’ve heard mooses make, and the moose figured it was some foreign lingo but clearly an insult and a challenge to fight or yield and leave that section of the woods for good. The moose didn’t like that – being in his own home and all. So he came in swinging his hard hoofs, then backed off – hoping that other and similar sized creature would turn and leave. To a wild animals’ mind, a person on a snowmobile is one creature.

    Then the sledder shot the moose, and that pea-brain on a snowmobile really showed his lack of woods-wise common sense and decency. The guy zips on past the dying moose, without stopping to finish the kill and end the dying moose’s pain. I’m an experienced hunter and former Maine Bear Hunting Guide, and have no problem with being a predator who believes in harvesting wild game, and people like me mandate make a kill as quick as we can. That ignoramus on the sled was obligated to stop near that moose and fire several shots into the area of its heart and lungs. Don’t say the guy would have been in unnecessary danger, because not only did he have easy opportunity to safely make the kill shots, the idiot rode right close by the moose’s hooves where the moose might have struck out and maybe busted that idiot’s leg or ribs real good. AND THEN! The second sledder rode by real close to the dying, angry moose and its hard, heavy, sharp enough edged hooves. Riding next to that moose was stupid. Not using the pistol to end it’s pain was ignorant.

    Everyone should carry a knife when that far out in the woods, for use in emergencies. If those sledders were real outdoors folks, the video would have ended with a quick kill, and the moose being gutted so the meat would stay good. They could have just shown a-half-minute or so of gutting work or of the cleaned out body cavity right after it was done, so everybody can know the moose was properly taken care of. Then would be a short clip of the game warden being notified. And then the moose carcass being retrieved and it being shown or said in the video who was to have the meat. Local laws may have mandated that moose meat not harvested in season legally by a hunter be given to a food bank, soup kitchen, orphanage or old age home.

    That sledder should be taken to court. Have local woods-wise men and women (civilians and game wardens), a judge and lawyers listen to what the sledder has to say, what the game wardens have to say, after they all had thoroughly studied the video at normal speed and in slow motion and paused action. The outcome of that hearing along with the entire story could be used to teach non-outdoors knowledgeable folks how to react to a moose in their trail.

    Right now, judging by what I saw in 6 or 7 viewings of the video, my learned opinion is that the man on the snowmobile acted in violation of Fish and Game Laws. And he should be punished accordingly.

  175. he didn’t need to shoot the moose when he did..he shud of shot it the first time when it charged him, instead he waited to shoot when the moose was moving away.. Not sure if he went back, seems like he shot it ..just so he can say he shot a moose..he is an ahole for shooting that moose, he was in the clear the moose was moving on….

  176. That poor moose was just defending itself. All the snowmobile rider had to do was back off and wait or find a way around. Not a lawful shooting at all.

  177. Wow don’t care if you are US or Canadian, do you guys even remember what your arguing about anymore. The article asked for your thoughts if he should face charges, not your life story. The bottom line moose was in the trail, driver although very ineffectivly, tried to get moose to move. Moose got mad, charged at man. The man’s life was threatened. He shot him. That’s it. The man protected himself. That’s it. He clearly tried and wanted the moose to move and he charged the man. If he didn’t have the gun he’d probably be dead. You all would have done the same. Although I will say I have snowmobiled all my life and never had the need to carry a gun. Seems like kind of a wussy move but in this case probably saved his life.

  178. Doesnt matter if this is a canadian or american he should be charged all he had to do was get off the trail and that moose would have ran right by. But a quick fact is that canadians dont carry hand guns in the bush unless they, re a trapper. A trapper spends alot of time in the bush and usually show more respect to animals then people, and they also know that moose would rather walk easily down a packed trail then balls deep in the snow.

  179. I wish the moose would have been successful in trampling your sorry ass to death. You are a waste of skin and should be locked up

  180. With all due respect to the guy and the circumstance. He pushed the issue not the animal. I am all about protecting yourself if attacked but the moose was running away when he was shot. The rider should have waited to se if the animal was going to come back then if so protected himself. In my veiw point the rider was at fault and should be charged. Sorry.

  181. Unbelievable this man deserves to be locked up or charged heavily herassing a wild animal in its own natural habitat is wrong let alone killing it…that would be like me coming to your house and herassing you to the point of you taking violent action and then me pulling out a block and opening fire on you…wrong so wrong and justice needs to be served.

  182. This should never have happened….he could have waited the moose out!
    The moose was headed in their direction they could have waited for it to decide to pass…
    After all…are they not out there to be at one with nature?
    Also this canadian/ American debate …. An idiot is an idiot! Regardless….

  183. name calling at James and Canadian that is so mature of you guys, every where the law is different, I live in Ontario Canada, if there’s a moose in your way normally you spook him and he goes away, MOST of them are non aggressive, but you guys thinks you no everything, so argued this pose too then, and call me names, and me and everybody else does not no what happened after the video, so why say he left good food are did not report this, WE don’t no, like I said some people think they no everything, live and let live, I hate bullies, this world today is mean and selfish about others.

  184. Most of you have probably never been in the situation but hollering and reving up the sled usually work to scare off the moose. He couldn’t have backed up or went by him on that narrow trail. I would say he’s luckly to have a gun. Its hard saying what would have happened

  185. I support what he had to do, he let the Moose know he was in the area so he was not a surprise to the animal, as you would to a bear, clap your hands make noise if traveling in an area where you know they are. The Moose attacked him, The Snowmobiler defended himself against a threat. HOWEVER!!! e should have called the Game Warden after he put the Moose down, He should have reported it and explained his case. Being in the snow and a witness behind him you notice at the end of the video the warden could put it together. This kind of stuff does happen. You have to be knowledgeable on what to do, how to do, and when to do. Educate yourself on what to expect in the outdoors, I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman, i support what he did, but he should have contacted the Game Warden at the end to have them come out so he could let them know and say his part.

  186. Wow all I have to say is that guy should be charged. Sure the moose was aggressive but it was warning him when he was over 50 feet away. The snow is so deep that the moose could not go through the bush and get away (up to his belly). He felt threatened you could see it by his behaviour, ears back, head down. The moose walked toward him and have him a big hint to leave him alone then stupid buddy went forward following it. To a moose that’s the last straw and that’s when he DEFENDED himself. Remember that moose are a food source for predators which follow and chase their food.

    To the people who are fighting over Canada this and USA that. GROW UP! I am a Canadian and yes there are a few pretty stupid Canadian’s but what we should be doing as Canadian’s is giving reasonable and educated opinions. Not make fun of people and name calling that is VERY VERY UN-Canadian!!

    As for the hand guns in Canada. Yes some people who are not in law enforcement are able to open carry but it is very very strict. Either you are being threatened with death or you work in a remote area where the wild life is killer. Literally.

  187. If he took the trail to the left, he may have been charged anyway. On the left trail he would have speed on his side with his snow mobile. It’s easy to armchair quarterback though, cant totally see the left trail cant see if it had an obstruction down the way.

    Moose can be dangerous, more so than bears. Anyone who intentionally feeds one is not only a fool but you are violating the law as well. Do us all a favor and never leave mid-town Anchorage please, you have no business anywhere else.

  188. Was this during moose hunting season? Did he have a cow tag? If not, then he is an idiot. Wild animals are first and formost WILD. If you are in their habitat, you are invader and they may run (generaly the case) but if they feel trapped or confronted, their reaction is governed by instinct.

  189. What an idiot. He provoked the moose. Obviously he’s uneducated as hell and I hope they find him and arrest his ass. I’ve come toe to toe with a moose and I just slowly backed away and left. You leave them alone..they’ll leave you alone.

  190. I think the snowmobiler reacted out of fear and anger when he shot the moose – I don’t know what the right and wrong way to behave in this situation would be, I’ve never been in it. But I think he fired because he didn’t like to feel weaker than the moose, or not in control of the situation. Was the moose killed outright, or did he leave it there to die of wounds?

  191. I don’t think the moose had to be shot. If the trail rider had just stayed where he was, when he first encountered the moose and waited and given the moose the time for him to go on his merry way, then there would not have been any interaction between animal and human. By the way, did you notice, the human was in the animal’s home and yelling at the animal……..

  192. Moose fear humans and the sound of machines, this one particular animal had no fear of either, so if the moose had killed this guy who would then capture and charged the moose under the criminal code act for murder. so why investigate this man for self defense.

  193. I am Canadian and know better that was wrong and that man should be charged for killing that moose without a permit out of season and without the proper rifle he’s an ass:-

  194. So here we have a classic standoff! A snowmobile operator wanting to go one direction on a single lane trail and a moose wanting to go the other direction. Neither one wants to get off the packed trail for good reason, snowmobile will sink out of sight, and the moose does not want to exert the energy! The man decided to try to scare off the moose by revving his machine and jerking towards the moose. As you can clearly see in the video moose don’t scare easily!!! The moose takes this as a threat and they don’t deal well with threats!!! By the time this has happened it is a volatile situation, the man has no time or space to turn around so other than taking the chance of going off trail and getting stuck or just leaving his sled and getting behind a tree he is in dire straights. I am by no means condoning this mans actions but I do understand how this came to fruition. I hope some people learn from this video and educate themselves before heading out into the wilderness. It can be wild out there!!

  195. He had options, he could of waited at the far distance, and wait for the moose to eventually move into the woods, when first spotted, the moose seem to be headed in a different direction, when he shot, the moose was going away from him, not toward him, finally the
    trial path is in the moose domain not his, he should be charged,

  196. Being a long time Alaskan I can tell you the most dangerous animal you will face in my neck of the woods is a MOOSE! not a bear. Typically, and I say this based on first hand experience, moose will take off at the sound of Humans and machinery. I don’t believe he needed to put the first round into the animal… a shot in the air could have sufficed but, that is speculation…. he did what he thought was right. This will anger some people but it is my personal view….it was just an animal and in Alaska its dinner…

  197. He should be charged for that. I support moose hunting, but that ain’t
    hunting. That’s an impatient idiot with a pistol, probably illegal, who
    provoked that animal into attacking by getting too close to it. And
    the animal had moved away when he started shooting it. Charge him for
    hunting out of season and for hunting moose with a handgun which is
    illegal in many places.

  198. I’m Canadian, I hold a firearms licence, and honestly I don’t agree with what this guy did. I can appreciate the fact that he was in danger but at the end of the day that land belongs to the wilderness. the fact that he was carrying a gun shows he was well aware of the dangers that could present themselves. seeing how close the clearing was bugs me for the simple face that all they had to do was wait the animal out and it would have eventually made its way off the path. where was the warning shot? It seemed to look like he got nervous and instead of using best judgement for both himself those with him and the animal, he shot to kill. That’s my problem with this video.
    With that being said the video doesn’t show the events leading up to the shooting or what transpired afterword’s. I hope that this guy ( Canadian or American ) had enough respect to not just drive off.
    Just my opinion

  199. I have worked with conversation I am Canadianalot, you have to be able to recognize the signs the animal is giving you. The moose felt cornered being on that narrow path so did the guy on the snowmobile, with nowhere to turn around and a chance of getting stuck in the soft snow aside the trail it may have been inevidable for the moose to attack. But when the guy stopped the first time he should have just stopped and waited on his sled, keeping an eye on the moose and quietly waited it out. Had the animal attacked him then yes defend yourself my teacher in grade school was gored by a moose he survived barely. .. As for the shots yes they are justified how he got into it wasn’t entirely his fault. I would have stopped to put the moose out of its misery before calling wildlife officials.
    As for the handgun conversation it pretty much saved the day… It would be strange seeing a Canadian with a loaded handgun booting around on the trails. I know because I am Canadian.

  200. Wow, very disappointed in this guy. Yes he should face charges. He did everything wrong.
    He encouraged the attack & didn’t finish it off when it was down….

  201. I don’t want to get into the Canadia, American debate… I feel we are all pretty much the same in either country and every where you go people will always react differently when faced with fear. the debate that the person who posted this was tryingto fire up is based on personal opinion as to if the guy in the video did what was right. where he is from is not the issue and is very much irrelevant to the topic. So to get back to what was actually asked no I don’t think he should have killed the animal. now I may be a bit biased as I am an animal lover…but I seen from the video that he should have just let the moose go and stayed put till it was out of sight. the attack from the moose did come after he was approached more than once by the man…. patience is a virtue and he clearly had non… and that my friends is sadly a character trait you will find any where. he was inthe moose neighbour hood so chill out give the moose time to get away don’t pressure anyliving thing in its own home then play the victim! And that’s my opinion!

  202. This is actually disturbing, who carries a Glock on a snowmobile trip? How afraid are you? You actually think that moose was going to stomp that man to death, while on a snowmobile? It’s ludicrous, of course there should be charges. This is from a hunter.

  203. He should definitely be charged he’s in the mosses natural habitat not his he frightened the moose so it attacked it was up to him to stay back a bit and let the moose leave and considering he had a gun he could have fared a few shots in to the bush to scare the moose off when he stopped the first time instead of continuing forward he should be charged or shot himself

  204. He was justified in shooting, this is no different then being attacked by a dog or any other animal.. He tried his best to convince the animal he wasn’t something to mess with and the animal forced him to shoot. This is justified and anybody who says different should be placed in his shoes without a gun.

  205. i personnaly think pressing charges is the only answer for this person. the moose was walking away and to me it is like shooting a person in the back! if he has a hunters license it should be removed and if he has a license to carry firearms that should be revoked

  206. You know, I see a LOT of comments about “ignorant Americans” in this thread. If you have issues with Americans, keep it to yourself. We are not, as a whole, Canadan bashing. The issue that discussion was invited about is the way the man on the snowmobile handled the situation with the moose. Was the moose aggressive? Yes. Was it not wanting to move for a particular reason? Nobody knows. Was there a way for the snowmobile rider to go around it to the left and not have an issue? Yes, there was. The person riding the snowmobile was obviously upset that the moose was in his path and wanted it to move so he didn’t have to adjust his travel. Killing it once it walked away was definitely unjustified. There was no immediate danger to him and he had a way to get past.

    1. Exactly. There were many options available to him. Waiting was one of them. What he should not have done was begin to rev the engine, stand up on the machine and head towards the moose.

  207. Your comments say arrest him charge him stupid Canadian stupid American is like to see a lot of you in the same situation with a hand gun and decide no I’m not gonna shoot it I’m gonna let it maul me and my friend because I wanna preseve nature not my life

    1. I have a license to carry a handgun. My LAST resort is to pull it and shoot. In this situation, and I have been faced with many scary situations that did not cause me to panic and kill an animal, the rider could easily have gone a different direction.

  208. no way this is canadian. Using a handgun like that can get you three years in jail. They are restricted weapons and many don’t have them. That is almost certainly an american where hand guns are given out like candy.

    1. Darren, your ignorance is scary. First of all, we don’t give out candy here in America. One has to purchase it, same as a firearm, or groceries, etc. If you dislike America so very much, then don’t come here, accept goods and services offered by America, etc. In fact, this website is run by an American company, so why are you here? Why bash America? Without us, your life would be vastly different.

      1. Brian I think what Darren is getting at is in America it is my understanding that it is your right as an “American” to own a firearm. In Canada it is a privilege. You can get a pistol sure but having the right to carry it on your person outside of a gun range is difficult. Any time you personally transport a restricted or prohibited firearm within Canada, you need an Authorization to Transport (ATT) from the Chief Firearms Officer of the province where the firearm is located. Most people only ever take pistols to the firing range as an unrestricted ATT is hard to get unless you need a pistol for your job. I am a forest technologist so I am able to carry a pistol at any time on my person outside of city limits. I guess what I’m getting at is that the United States is much different then the rest of America even Mexico has stricter gun laws not that you would be able to tell. It doesn’t seem anyone cares what the laws are there.

      2. Hello Brian

        I actually really like the US and it’s people. The only thing I don’t like is the gun culture that prevails at the moment. I still think its one of the best countries in the world but it would obviously be better without the easy access to weapons. I really appreciate the contributions your country makes to the world.

      3. Why wasn’t my rely posted? I support americans in general. Everyone doesn’t need a gun period. You should look up ignorant in a dictionary. You don’t seem to understand what it means.

  209. I think you are both idiots, and missing the point. There was a trail that the man had just passed. He was out with friend for a ride — instead of putting down an animal — THEN JUST LEAVING HIM THERE LIKE GARBAGE — he should have backed up, rode the other trail for awhile, and went back after the moose had moved on. Really. Can somebody act more stupidly???

    1. Josh, before you call other names, you ought to look at the idiot in the mirror first. If you scroll down, I mean, guide the pointer thingy with your mouse to show the page a little further down, you will see that I made a very relevant, not “missing the point” comment regarding this. I suggest you delete this post of yours before it is deleted for you and you are banned from posting on here.

  210. This whole situation could easily have been avoided. I see moose frequently where I live, have them going through my yard, and wandering down my road. This man is a moron, he could have simply backed away, rather than antagonize the animal.

  211. To start with , I have one question for all who posted here . How many of the folks who posted here has lived a good part or all their lives in such areas as what is being discussed here . First and foremost , this never had to happen if the person had respected his surroundings and the animals who live there . One must expect all wild animals to attack at any given time . To not expect it is to not show respect for said wildlife .This shooting could have most likely been avoided if the person or people had just payed a bit more attention to what was happening around them . Had they backed off or even just sat quiet and still , there is a very good chance that this moose would have just went on about his day with no problem to anyone . What caused this attack in my opinion is the person continuing to advance toward the moose making all sorts of noise . There was a clear lack of understanding on what the animals behavior may have been and also a HUGE lack of respect for this animal . Second point here is, what is with all the name calling ? All this shows is how little respect and knowledge those who are calling the names truly have for themselves and others . There are folks on both sides of the border and in every country in the world who have no right to be out in the wild and around wild animals as they do not have the needed knowledge or respect to be there . Third point I would like to mention here is that ANYONE who on purpose feeds wild animals in the wild , has a lot to learn . Again , this comes back to respecting ones surroundings and the animals that live there . By feeding wild animals in the wild , all one is doing is creating a animal that will become dependant on that food , and use to getting food from humans . When this happens , it puts others and the animal its self at a huge risk of a deadly meetings . As for who ever mention bird feeders , that is completely different and should not have even been mentioned in this discussion . The same is true for who ever mentioned bear baitting . This is a practice that is legal in some areas , but is a practice that I disagree with . As someone eles pointed out , one must have a licence to bear bait and also take a course on how to do it with in the law . May I ask what that has to do with this incident ? Now , lets look at this incident on its own . The moose is the one that lives there year around . It is going about its day , when a noisy man made machine invades its home . Add to this , a creature that is being agressive against it , in its way of thinking . What did this person expect it to do ? To just yeild right of way to them ? Would any of us do this in our own homes ? I believe the answer would be no . We would stand up and protect ourselves . Is there any diffrence here . All wild animals have the same right as us in their homes . Would we not demand respect in our homes ? My question is , should not that same respect also extend to a wild moose or any other wild animal ?
    Now to the question of should this person be fined for shooting this animal . Well , we truly do not have enough info to make a clear choice one way or the other from this story . The story also misses rather he reported it to a wild life officer or not . If in the case that he did not , then yes , he should be fined . He should also have to take courses to learn how to deal with wildlife in what ever area he next visits . All of us have to learn respect for our surroundings and the animals that call that area home . NOW , if he did report it , then maybe he should not be fined , but he still should have to take a course or two on what ever area he wants to visit and LEARN RESPECT for that areas living creatures . I would hope that they, yes they as the vid shows more than one machine , did the right thing and reported it , so that the meet could be saved and used to feed those who need it .
    In closing , ALL who go into the wilderness need to have the knowledge to deal with anything that may happen while they are out there . They also should have to have respect for the area and animals that live there . FAR to often , damage to the off road areas and the animals who live there occur do to no respect by those who think they can do as they want . I personally have seen this happen when ATVs and sleds damage nature . I also personally have seen these same folks leave garbage and such just thrown around and not cleaned up .
    Just the thoughts of a concerned bushman and hunter who has lived most all his life in the bush , around all the wonderful animals that nature has .

  212. I agree the situation
    could have been handled differently. However, based off the footage his
    interaction with the moose was not seeking conflict but to continue about his business. If it was a girl walking through an ally and
    she was attacked no one would be trying to defend the attacker. You could argue
    a ally might not be the best place for a girl to go, but defending yourself in
    the situation that you are in is not wrong! Trying to back up would perhaps
    have prevented a additional charge from the moose, however it would have also
    made him more vulnerable to the attack. leaving his snowmobile would also have
    put him at greater risk. so I think his actions are justifiable. When a moose
    is shot fish and game distribute the meet to people in need or different
    organization and often will sell the hide and antlers. Most of the time in
    cases like this nothing goes to waist.

    1. A girl would never be walking through an ally, which would be defined as a friend or partner (see alliance). I think you’re meaning alley. There is a great difference between what happens between people and what happens between people and wildlife (you seem not to grasp the concept). His actions were far from justifiable as the animal had walked away prior to him shooting. Fish and game would have no idea where the animal was as he left it alive, writhing in pain, and may or may not have reported the incident to fish and game. Do you think there are forest rangers traipsing about the forest looking for recently killed or severely wounded animals?

      1. Brian,

        I apologize for my spelling mistake. I would mostly agree
        with you, if he left the animal, I think he should be fined and lose his
        snowmobile. However, if after the camera stopped he called it in and took appropriate action it think he should not get a fine. He made mistake he should not have advanced, however, after the second charge when it began to turn around for a third I
        think it was ok to shoot. as far as the amount of pain the moose was in I have no way of judging. In the few seconds we see the moose after the 4th shot it is difficult to tell if his shots were lethal.
        Having shot moose myself even a clean hit in vital organs the moose will move
        some. This is due to the tissue still being alive. Until the ATP and the intramuscular
        glucose and glycogen is used up the muscle tissue will remain alive and twitch contractions are often seen until rigor mortis set in occurring when no more ATP is available. I think my point still stand regardless of if it is between an animal or human, you have the right to defend yourself if you think you are in danger.

  213. Wherever this guy is I hope he’s arrested and charged but I highly doubt it. Shoots the moose and then rides on by and leaves it kicking on the side of the trail. At lest put one between it eyes on the way by you frickin hero. Speaking of the trail….does this sled not steer to the left or right? Or is it too scary there in the trees??

      1. Leaving wildlife, who will not be rushed to a hospital like a person would be, kicking and dying at the side of the road is cruel, and in many cases, illegal! Your argument is invalid.

      2. If the moose was a person?? He already shot it 4 times whats one more, put it out of the misery he already caused. This person used very poor judgement in dealing with this animal, a little more patience or picking your way through the trees around the moose and this whole situation is avoided.

  214. The human instigated this encounter and is responsible for everything that happened. It was unnecessary to create a situation where he had to shoot the moose. If that wasn’t bad enough, he drives off abandoning an animal he had just wounded. The guy should be charged with harrassing the wildlife, shooting a game animal out of season and without a license, and abandonment of the carcass. He is unworthy of TRKBA. IMO.

  215. Perhaps what people are forgetting here is that the animal was there first. The rider encroached on the animal, in the animal’s space and then violated it’s natural instincts to protect itself. He did not have the patience to allow the animal to move away, or continue on, but rather acted as aggressively as the moose did. When the moose finally shows signs of moving off, the RIDER offers an unprovoked attack he was sure to win. This is a disgusting show of human abuse and aggression on an animal in the animal’s natural habitat. And before people jump on me as a hippie tree-hugger, let me clarify that I am not. I am pro-hunting and pro-gun. What I am not is pro-idiocy and morons like this give fuel to the fire of anti-gun and anti-hunting legislation.

  216. At the very least , they should have retreated to avoid further contact. Further more what the hell is he carting a hand gun for. Many fire arms Laws have been breached

  217. Yes charges should be laid against this person. Most definitely the snowmobiler could have behaved differently. Why didn’t he turn around when he came upon the moose? Waited for the moose to pass? This shooting was not justified in my opinion and charges should be laid!

  218. He saw the moose and stopped and he should have waited there and it probably would have gone the other way, but no he started his machine up and drove much closer becoming a threat to the moose. He was in the habitant of the moose and he should have respected the moose’s space. The attack was caused by the snowmobiler’s actions not the moose’s actions. I love snowmobiling too but I respect animals that live there and give them space when I come across them. The moose has a hard enough time getting around in the deep snow looking for food that when they come to a packed trail they may follow it making walking easier. This was a smaller young moose
    that died for nothing and should have been left alone in the first place. I’m a woman that respects wildlife and I never would have driven that close to a moose and expected it not to defend itself. You can tell it was scared.

  219. i live in alaska and have been around many moose. as a trapper, hunter and wilderness guide, two things come to mind.

    one, he is on a snow machine and i did see another trail going off to the left where he first stopped. it’s a snow machine. he could have easily gone off trail around the moose. that’s what snow machines do, i know, i’ve seen them do it. he could (and should) have yielded the trail to the moose.

    two, the moose had backed off and he was no longer in danger and appeared (luckily) unharmed.

    if this had been a dog team it would have been different. dogs aren’t able to go off trail as easily as a snow machine. i am reminded of the iditarod dog sled race where susan butcher’s team came upon a moosse and it got into her team and kiled several dogs before another musher was able to come up and kill the moose. that i considered justified.

    i would also be interested to know if he did the right thing after shooting the moose. That is did he go back and field dress the moose and report that he shot it to the proper authorities. to leave it there is a crime called wanton waste and will bring charges.

  220. He should be charged, if he had just waited the moose would have wandered off , but he came toward the animal. it is sad people r so stupid. I have walked in the bush with moose and bear and been very close. as soon as i see tem i stop and let them go and stay still. that was a shame to kill a moose and just leave it like that .

  221. OK , I have read near every comment here about this except the one that has not been posted yet which is mine from earlier today . Seems maybe I rubbed some feathers the wrong way or something . First of all , no matter where we are we should have respect for where we are and the animals that live there . Second , any of the comments on here that include the words stupid or any other word putting someone else down , just shows how little respect the person who wrote it has for themselves or others . Third , it makes no matter where you are fr , if you do not have respect for your surroundings and the animals who live there , then you SHOULD not be there in the first place . LEARN to respect the area you plan on visiting and ALL THE WILD animals that call that area home . As far as some of the comments about feeding wild life , well all that leads to is more danger for both the animal and any other human that may come across a animal use to getting food fr humans . As far as the right to carry a hand gun in Canada , I will not say for sure , but I think with the proper permits ( which I understand are hard as hell to get ) , it would be allowed . As for the comment that one could not have carried a long gun on the sled , that is just wrong . I myself have and still do carry a long gun most any time I am in the bush . As for the debate over rather a moose will attack or not , for sure they will if they feel threatened . ALL wild animals will if threatened .
    Now lets look at this incident on its own . At the very start of the Vid , the moose is a good distance off . But , lets stop and think for a min. Is it the animals home or the sledders ? Would not the sledder react with anger if startled or pushed in his own home ? Another question here , Would not a noisy man made machine and a shouting person startle the animal ? If it felt threatened , would it not have the right to attack ? Now , it clearly shows that the sledder did not stop at first sight of the moose and sit still and quiet . Instead , he continue on a bit , yelling and making noise . In my way of thinking if one expects any wild animal to just give right of way , then they sure are not showing respect for that animal . I believe from my own experiences , with many different types of wild animals , including moose that this could have most likely been handled different without loss of life or possible injury to either animal or sledder . Now , before some one gets the idea that I am a tree hugger , let me clear that up . I am most surly not , I hunt , I eat wild meat ,but at the same time I have a huge respect for all animals and their homes . Now , should he be fined ? That is one of the questions here . Well we do not have enough info from the vid to know rather he should or not . If he reported the attack and shooting to a officer , then most likely not . If , he or the other sled rider did not report it , then for sure they should be fined . I could also see other possible fines either way for fire arm offences . Just the thoughts of a older bush man who has lived , worked and got along with wild animals most of his life .

  222. hard to say.. its unfortunate for the moose but I dont really know what else he could have done… turned arround I guess or just wait it out..

  223. should have just left on snowmobile,outrun the moose,shame the guy killed it[not there so don’t know if possible] think he over reacted,needs to at least pay a fine of some sort,shameful waste of gd meat! somebody would have been grateful to have had it

  224. Unfortunate situation, not typical, we’ve seen many moose out snowmobiling but luckily they’ve never done this, he did the smart thing.

  225. This was totally uncalled for. i understand the driver was protecting
    himself HOWEVER he provoked the moose and continued to get closer to it
    so of course the moose will try to protect itself. The driver should
    definitely be charged with animal cruelty and should not be able to own a
    firearm no matter where he lives. The moose was just doing what they do
    and obviously this man doesn’t know much about animals. I have never
    even seen a moose but even I know you stay back and let them have their
    space and eventually they will continue on their way, just like anything
    else would. The man should have the same thing done to him that he did
    to that poor animal.

  226. This could have been avoided, the snowmachiner stopped well in advance and could see the moose was moving towards them, There also was a trail off to left he could have taken. The snow was deep, when he decided to advance on the moose, he essentially threatened the moose…..was the moose supposed to step off the trail and let him go b?. Humans are supposed to be the rational thinkers here. He is obviously not experienced with wild animals and outdoor activities where you could encounter wild animals. I ma a hunter and am not some nutcase opposed to hunting, however I hunt to utilize the animal…..and i would shoot in self defense, unfortunately this persons lack of outdoor savvy caused this event. I hope he is charged with wanton waste as a minimum, he should lose the snowmachine and probably the gun….would he have acted differently if he was unarmed……people that tote firearms for protection and then act as if they are invincible are wrong and hurting the rest of us……

  227. It’s certainly possible to have handled the situation better, but if you had been around moose and lived in the mountains you’d see that this moose was particularly aggressive. Most moose coaxed like that would move; I don’t believe his actions to have been unreasonable. I sure wouldn’t post it on the internet, but I feel for this guy cause the same thing could have happened to many of us. Like I said, bad situation for both. Let Fish and Game confiscate the animal and everybody move on.

    1. What does living in the mountains have anything to do with having experience with moose? There are much larger populations of moose outside of mountain ranges the reason being more food more space not that it has any bearing on the topic. You sound like an eastern tenderfoot sorry for the cheap shot couldn’t help myself.

  228. James your clueless! Lol I’m surprised you not dead buy what you have said here. That’s coming from a fish and wildlife officer.

  229. OK , I have read near every comment here about this except the one that has not been posted yet which is mine from earlier today . Seems maybe I rubbed some feathers the wrong way or something . First of all , no matter where we are we should have respect for where we are and the animals that live there . Second , any of the comments on here that include the words stupid or any other word putting someone else down , just shows how little respect the person who wrote it has for themselves or others . Third , it makes no matter where you are fr , if you do not have respect for your surroundings and the animals who live there , then you SHOULD not be there in the first place . LEARN to respect the area you plan on visiting and ALL THE WILD animals that call that area home . As far as some of the comments about feeding wild life , well all that leads to is more danger for both the animal and any other human that may come across a animal use to getting food fr humans . As far as the right to carry a hand gun in Canada , I will not say for sure , but I think with the proper permits ( which I understand are hard as hell to get ) , it would be allowed . As for the comment that one could not have carried a long gun on the sled , that is just wrong . I myself have and still do carry a long gun most any time I am in the bush . As for the debate over rather a moose will attack or not , for sure they will if they feel threatened . ALL wild animals will if threatened .
    Now lets look at this incident on its own . At the very start of the Vid , the moose is a good distance off . But , lets stop and think for a min. Is it the animals home or the sledders ? Would not the sledder react with anger if startled or pushed in his own home ? Another question here , Would not a noisy man made machine and a shouting person startle the animal ? If it felt threatened , would it not have the right to attack ? Now , it clearly shows that the sledder did not stop at first sight of the moose and sit still and quiet . Instead , he continue on a bit , yelling and making noise . In my way of thinking if one expects any wild animal to just give right of way , then they sure are not showing respect for that animal . I believe from my own experiences , with many different types of wild animals , including moose that this could have most likely been handled different without loss of life or possible injury to either animal or sledder . Now , before some one gets the idea that I am a tree hugger , let me clear that up . I am most surly not , I hunt , I eat wild meat ,but at the same time I have a huge respect for all animals and their homes . Now , should he be fined ? That is one of the questions here . Well we do not have enough info from the vid to know rather he should or not . If he reported the attack and shooting to a officer , then most likely not . If , he or the other sled rider did not report it , then for sure they should be fined . I could also see other possible fines either way for fire arm offences . Just the thoughts of a older bush man who has lived , worked and got along with wild animals most of his life .

  230. The snowmobiler had several options. He could have kept his distance and waited for the moose to clear off, or he could have simply turned around and went back the way he came. Instead he chose to continue to encroach upon the moose’s territory thus forcing a confrontation, Charges should definitely be pressed.

  231. As sad as it is to watch, He did what was right for his safety. That moose wasn’t going to move along and you can’t exactly get off of your sled and turn it around safely with out it charging you, like it did anyways. He was civil and respectful until it started attacking him. Sad but definitely wasn’t cruel or pointless.

  232. What a dumb s**t. Encountered lots of moose in the wild – give them space and some time to move and they will, or go around. You after all have the snow machine and the moose is just trying to stay alive. I have no problems shooting a moose during hunting season but this character is an idiot. He should stay in the city.

  233. I think that is bullshit on the guy to do that. That to me looks like someone poaching, not only that he never ended up finishing the animal and putting it out of its misery, im a moose hunter and anyone who knows the bush and know how these animals are, you don’t entice them, you’re in there home. He should of stopped and not keep pushing the animal off the trail. To me what this guy did was wrong and i think he should be charged for it. DONT AGREE AT ALL!!!!

  234. I also agree that what he did was wrong and not at all called for . But seems like my comments keep getting deleated by someone . So here we go again , going to post it again .

  235. I truly believe this man was in the wrong. He clearly was not patient and was too much in a rush to respect mother nature…this all happened in a minute? he couldn’t of waited 5 minutes or even 10 to let the moose continue its course?????? he should of waited for the moose to pass and just be grateful he got to see such an amazing animal… there is a clear difference between self defense and abuse…. and this was abuse… approaching the moose a second time was a mistake… and WHY did he have a gun ? his reaction seemed so quick and natural to shoot without hesitation?… is he paving the road for other people to do the same thing when encountering a wild animal??? AND killing an animal is one thing… then leaving it still alive in pain on the side of the trail is another?! The moose then suffered?!! once again it’s abuse!
    People need to understand that when we go in the bush we are entering the animals’ home.. including moose…. and we need to respect their home

    REALLY DON’T AGREE WITH THIS MAN’S CHOICE…. very stupid… actually makes me sick and angry.. I’ve had close encounters.. and I was patient… and I never had any problems with moose.. As a hunter I am more frustrated because this affects our tag count.

  236. no way no how, not justified at all!! First off the moose started to run away not once, but twice. Then rider then began to approach it again! not one but twice! provoking an attack. Now the moose heads the other way for a third time! and is gunned down. The rider had no right to do what he did, no one bit at all. not to mention he didn’t even dispatch the animal he left it there suffering and rode away! not even notifying the proper authorities of the incident.

    1. So…approaching a moose down a narrow path while idling up nice and slow and making noise in the attempt to make his presence known… That’s not called provoking an attack, that’s doing what you can to try and scare it off and make it leave peacefully. I think you need to actually need to watch the video again because he had every right to do what he did to protect himself from getting attacked again. You are saying he didn’t notify the authorities…that’s funny because this video is posted up here and it’s obviously been acknowledged!

      1. But that is the point there was no need to harass wildlife in British Columbia that $2000.00 fine. He was a safe distance away he even stopped at first but remembering he had a gun he felt tough then got on the animals ass standing up on his machine clapping his hands. This is interesting because a bear will do exactly the same thing it stands up and pops his jaw. Similar approach don’t you think?

  237. The guy should never have tried to get the attention of the moose. Just the load sound of the machine would have scared it. This is a blantent excuse to try and have it on video and to shoot it afterwards is bullshit. Just my opinion

  238. I have come across hundreds of animals on my back country motor sport activities and most likely half have bin moose and never I mean never have I see any charge like that. I’ve see cougars me bear for a half sec as they disappear at a full run. So as for that moose there is something wrong with it and as long as the guy reported it to fish and wild life along with the video he did the right thing

  239. Totally should be charged as a crime, even after the moose briefly charged him, it was walking away when he just started shooting it, no warning shots to scare it off or anything, just opened fire, after he as the moose would of seen it, charged the moose by standing up on his sled and coming at it. Then the moose is still moving and suffering, as he rides off on the sled. This guy should go to jail, have his weapons and his sled taken away from him and be made to do community service for some form of wildlife conservation. He entered the moose’s domain and did all the wrong things, and the moose is the one who suffers for it. No need for people like this in society.

  240. there are a couple of issues with the arguments I am seeing here,…
    1,) Had the snowmobiler fired the gun the Moose might have lumbered away
    2.) The moose backed off after the first charge,,.. had the person been patient this would have likely been avoided.
    3.) He did not fire as the moose was on him but when je was moving away,… that rules out self defense as he was not being attacked at the time.
    4.) Lack of respect is also a factor,… when we go into the wild,.. we venture onto the home of the animals that live there,… lets treat them with the respect we would if we were In some one else/s home

  241. He provoked the attack, then shot the animal when the obvious happened. Arrest this idiot. There was plenty of time to back off, give some room and avoid this confrontation. No need to kill the moose.

  242. They say the Moose coming why didn’t they just go off in a different direction and let him have the existing trail. As it was it looks like they just rode off and left him, what a waste.

  243. Well now, me being a long time back country snowmobiler and big game hunter, (35yrs) I am shocked at the reaction to this moose by this shooter. This guy pushed and pushed and pushed this moose until it charged. If this shooter stayed back far enough to begin with and just waited, this never would have happened. There was no need for it. Any person with outdoor skills knows the correct way to react in this situation. This was totally preventable and this shooter should be ashamed. Nothing can be said to make the outcome OK or inevitable. Please learn how to interact with all wildlife while on your sled.

  244. That’s dumb he deffinatly deserves charges in my opion. Sure he tried to scare it off but he also approached it and he sure as hell didn’t try to get out of there after it kicked him. Then he shoots the thing like 5 times and leaves it there to die, didn’t even put it out of it’s misery. Deffinatly deserves charges in my opinion

  245. could have been avoided! he is a punk. he must have been frightened cause he couldn’t even stop to make sure it was dead. could have at least made it into dinner!

  246. If this occurred in Canada how he dealt with the situation is irrelevant, you can not snowmobile with a loaded firearm tucked in your jacket. Restricted firearms have specific rules about how to transport them and when and where they can be used. Wildlife charges aside he should be charged with miuse of a restricted firearm. This ain’t ‘Merica can’t just cruise around with a loaded gun in your waistband.

  247. 90% of the time. Moose can hear the sounds of our machines long before the see us. And for the most part that alone causes them to leave the trail. I’ve come around corners to just see the hind quaters disappearing in the trees. This guy should have stayed back made noises and tried spooking it into the trees.

  248. He had the option to reverse out and give the animal time and space to move on. The moose, like the man on the snowmobile, are both using the trail to get through the forest to avoid dealing with the deep snow. Using a weapon to clear a bush trail is bit cowardly. It shows how heartless, uncaring and lazy we are when encountering situations in the wild. Do we really have the right to kill when a wild animal is only reacting naturally to what is equally threatening to them. What are you doing out there anyway, think about it, think hard – enjoying the fresh air, the “the wildlife” and the freedom. Jeez, people like this are the reason humans need to keep evolving…

  249. Take a CCW Course every year, train every week, and carry every day. American or Canadian. People protect your selves. Don’t become a victim or a stitistic. I to carry while in the Mountains.

  250. I do believe he should of just stayed stopped and shut up!!!! Then when the moose was far enough away he should of turned around and went back where he came from. This is a disgusting sight to see. Totally wrong by this individual.

  251. Obviously a trigger happy yank just itching to unload on something. I’m from the East Coast originally, and running into moose like this on a single track trail is a daily event. What’s the best way to handle it? Turn off the machine, relax and watch him/her for a while. Eventually they will find an exit off the trail – if they don’t, well – keep waiting or turn around. You don’t call it in, then unload on it when he’s not in the mood to have his ears rubbed. If this moron didn’t have a gun, he wouldn’t have been so brave. I feel bad the moose didn’t get him before he got his manhood out.

  252. I just dont get people like paul. An intense need rather right or wrong to not only argue but attemp to force somebody into verbal submission via the internet. Yes paul its illegal to feed wild animals and it is bad and in the long run it huts the animal. Yes paul your right moose are not what biology would consider a non-aggressive species. At least not year round. There u have it paul. Your right, now move on with life

  253. Ive been in these situations countless of times on snowmobile. Never in my life has it ended in the way this video did. All he had to do was pick another path around the animal. Problem solved. He is on a snowmobile which can maneuver just about anywhere on snow. Moose find it difficult to get around in the winter so they tend to stick to snowmobile trails because its easy to walk on. This isnt self defense. This is just lack of education as a snowmobiler.

    1. You can watch the video video as many times as you want. The snowmobiler advanced first. AND at the beginning of the video when the snowmobile first comes to a stop theres a very clear view of a snowmobile track to the left of him covered with a light dust of snow. He could of just turned onto that which is what I would of done and found another way down to where he wanted to go.

  254. Should be charged!! I’ve been snowmobiling for years & saw wolves/deer/moose. If he would have just kept on driving, he would have moved out of the way. They aren’t stupid. Now the poor animal suffered as it wasn’t killed instantly & was still so young!!

  255. People are hilarious everyone judges without knowing the story! Maybe they were on a long trail and almost at their destination with not enough fuel to make it back maybe they weren’t. But if any of you know wild animals like moose who tend to be curious but 95% of the time they will check you out and then leave no matter how far he stayed back or shutting off his sled or any other smart solutions everyone had the cow would have come to check him out! The attack wasn’t because of the threat from the human it was an aggressive animal that got approached at the wrong time just like humans animals have different tempers! I don’t care if its an animal or a human if someone threatens your life you put a stop to it by any means necessary the man gave the moose plenty of opportunity to move and didn’t intend on shooting the animal until after the initial attack! In no way at all should this man be charged or held liable for anything 100% self defence against an aggressive animal

    1. Sorry , but do not agree at all . As far as may be being out of fuel , what was he doing out there if he did not have extra fuel . As far as the moose being aggressive from the start , would you not get aggressive if someone tryed to push you around in your own home ?What do you call approching the moose , crowding the moose , getting in its space except aggression ? The moose acted just as any other thing would in the same situation , same as you yourself would if you felt in danger . We all have to remember when we are out there that it is the animals home ground , not ours . If we do not have total respect for them , then we had best ekpect bad things to happen .

    1. Why on earth do you wish the moose would have killed him? That seams weird to me. He tried to scare it off and it attacked him, and you wish the man would have been killed? What the hell is wrong with you?

      1. He was in the moose home , not his own . First and foremost , the vid clearly shows another way around the animal , so there would have been no need to continue toward it . As for your way of thinking , it would be ok for someone to come into your home and push you and you not have the right to defend yourself . It would be the same thing that happened here . Would you not want others to show you all due respect in your own home ? The same should apply here in the animals home .

  256. Its pretty simple, he tried to scare the moose away and didn’t act aggressively until the moose attacked him. At that point he had no choice but to take action or perish. it also looks like he fired over the moose with the first shot (whether this was a mistake or an actual warning shot i don’t know) and didn’t open up on the trigger untill the moose began to charge again, you can see him hesitate after the first shot before he lights the moose up.

    1. Sorry , but no , wrong . He clearly did not use his head by advancing on the moose in its own home . A sure sign of disrespect to the animal and a sure sign of not understanding the animals that live in that area .

  257. Granted it was a small moose… so this is how I would have reacted. I live in alaska with this winter there are moose everywhere its been unseasonally warm so they are all down out of the mountains. Typically they will leave you alone or run off when yoh approach in a vehicle or snowmobile(snowmachine). I carry a 10mm for edc and 460sw or 50ae if im out in bear country (depending on weight hiking riding whatever). For a moose I would try to attempt at all costs using a 10mm to stop it. I would first attempt to scare it with shots towards a safe backstop they do not like the noise. If one had gotten that close and lashed out I would do the same thing but reguardless the firearm he was shooting I assume is a 40 due to percieved recoil and muzzle flip. I also realize many of the other statements harassed the moose or it was un necessary, all I have to say is moose are no joke if they are going to hurt you they will and maybe kill you. I agree with what he did minus running and the cal of the carried sidearm. Any wildlife you take defensivly or for sustinace do it humanly do not leave them to suffer and use something that will do the job in a shot or 2 at worst.

  258. Just to put my two cents in, and hope for the best. Canadian or American, makes no difference. Sad that a young animal like that was shot and left by the trail. No one knows what was going through this guys head but him. Having said that, from what I saw on the video, the guy stopped, the moose approached, no doubt curious, just pure curiousity as to what the noise was in the middle of the woods. The moose backed away and the guy moved ahead, should have shut down the sled, let the moose wander away on it’s own instead of moving towards it. Docile animals I agree, I’ve been within 30 feet of them in the woods too, armed but never had the necessity to shoot (diferent seasons for moose and deer here in New Brunswick, illegal to shoot a moose in deer season). I’ve even had one within a couple of feet of the four wheeler, just checking out the noise (not with me on it mind you, docile or not, I have enough respect for a wild animal to not want to be that close to it). Instead the moose got spooked and did what any wild animal (whether tamed or not, the instinct is still there) would do, he charged. End of the day, a moose died needlessly. As for the country debate that this spun out of control into. I am a Canadian, with American relatives (one of whom died in combat), so on behalf of some (and can’t speak for all of us) Canadians, to the Gentleman on here commenting from the military, I too say thank you for your service. Even though I’m not American, I’m not blind to the fact that the service that both you and our Canadian millitary provide should be appreciated by everyone, not just fellow countrymen.

    1. He gave oppertunity. The animal remained agressive. It was the right choice he wasnt hazing he was trying to make sure moose was aware of his presence but it was agressive fom the beginning. In defense its legal but gun was too small and he didnt make sure it was down.

      1. I respectfully disagree with him giving opportunity, not at all with your whole comment though. He saw the moose, stopped and clapped as an attempt to scare it off no doubt. Then he moved ahead, the moose came towards the sled probably trying to figure out what it was, and “charged” the sled then turned to walk away. This is where I see the problem with the snowmobiler. Instead of not letting the moose leave on it’s own, he followed again and this is when the moose attacked. Without a doubt I agree with you 100% that if a moose did that to me, and I had the opportunity, i would do the same. All I’m saying is that it shouldn’t have gotten to that point. Not being able to turn around aside, if you run into an animal that size in the woods, give it the room it needs. 9 times out of 10 wouldn’t you agree that if the moose had been left to it’s own tendencies, it would have wondered off on it’s own accord? Can’t rush nature or an animal like this, just have to let it decide on it’s own when it’s time to leave.

      2. ears were down hair on back was up at about 30-40 yards back it was agressive from the start. It was plenty of space. I would have fired warning shot earlier not let it gets to that point. also had it charged the first time yes I would have shot and I do encounter them daily. ive been within feet while they remain docile never seen one this upset from the start.

      3. Let me get this straight , you figure he gave the moose oppertunity . Do you call advancing toward the moose , not once but twice giving it room ? Or would that be cocitered advancing into its own personal space ? Would you like if a complete stranger crowded/ barged into your house ? Guess that it would be ok if he just shot you because you got aggressive toward him . It is the same srt of thing here , the snowmachine and rider where strangers in the moose home and the moose got shot when it tryed to chase it out .