Shelby White, 11, shot and harvested her first mountain lion outside her grandfather’s ranch in Twisp, Washington last week. The cougar, a skinny 50-pound animal estimated to be about four years old, was stalking White’s 13-year-old brother as he was walking home. According to The Daily Mail, White went inside the house and grabbed a rifle, which she used to fatally shoot the mountain lion. At the time, White was the only person in her family to hold a cougar tag.

“She looked out, and there was this cougar,” said William White, her grandfather.

The 64-year-old rancher said he taught his grandchildren from a young age how to hunt and properly use firearms. He said it is a useful skill set to have in the rural township of Twisp, which has a population of only 920. More and more cougars have been wandering into the town over the past several months. State wildlife officials killed five mountain lions in the region this winter with hunters accounting for another five.

“I want my grandkids to know how to protect themselves ‘cause we have a lot predators,” William said.

The Associated Press reported that the same cougar Shelby White shot last week was previously chased away by her father, Tom White, when it began harassing calves on the ranch. Washington Fish and Wildlife Officer Cal Treser said the cat was abnormally skinny and weighed about half of what a healthy mountain lion of its age should.

“This cougar was very, very skinny,” Treser said.

Some experts have suggested that central Washington residents may be seeing more wildlife because there simply is not enough food in the woods. Animals like mountain lions are opportunistic predators, and are more than happy to take advantage of an easy meal. Although cougars very rarely attack humans, they have been known to prey on domestic animals such as cats and dogs. Wildlife officials advise keeping deer and rabbits away from your property as they can attract predators. Proper fencing and lighting will also deter mountain lions, who largely avoid humans if possible.

Image screenshot of video by daily news on YouTube

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88 thoughts on “Eleven-year-old Girl Shoots Mountain Lion Stalking Her Brother

    1. I wonder if her family has been poaching wildlife and killing wolves still? Anyway, appears to be a chip off the old block? Darling photo of her with that starving cougar she killed!… just darling.

      1. Yes, starving and looking for an easy meal….her brother! If you idiots knew one thing about the wildlife you pretend to live so much, it would be amazing! Cougars have a range of 20 square miles, and allow no other cougar to be in that range..younger and sick or injured cats are pushed into fringe areas (due to too big a population for the carrying capacity of the land) where people live. This family and others who live in this area, of which I am very familiar with, have to be vigilant in protecting not only their livestock and pets but themselves as well. You ignorant city slickers do not have a clue about the realities, instead choosing to blindly stick to your fantasies about a utopian outdoors where cougars and deer hold hands and frollick happily. In winter time in snowy regions the cougars main food source, the deer, migrate to lower elevations where they themselves can find adequate food, and the big cats follow them down which brings them into more frequent contact with humans. This situation was increased exponentially due to the ban on hound hunting as hunters by themselves infrequently kill cougars because they are so stealthy, quick, and nocturnal. But because people who didn’t know better banned th e only way to reliably control the population, it resulted within a single year the first cougar attacks on humans in Washington State in over 100 years! It is too bad that we can’t train them to only attack the children of the people who voted for this ban, isn’t it? That way they could learn the results firsthand of their ignorance of wildlife management. But tucked safely away in their cul-de-sacs and condos they think they know better! When wolves move fully into this region expect the competition for deer to increase resulting in more cougar/human incidents. I would like to add that this young lady legally killed this cougar, and had hound hunting not been banned, this encounter likely would have never happened. Leave wildlife management to the wildlife managers. You don’t have to like it, but when you stick your ignorant noses into it, you only make it worse!

      2. Very well said! IF only I could be so articulate in my responses to my friends (liberals) who are against hunting and wildlife management. Unfortunately they are never going to understand nor will they ever get it. They are afraid to open their minds and understand that those of us who respect the Laws and adhere to what Wild Life Management is telling us is for the betterment of the wildlife and the great outdoors that we all enjoy. Thanks again!

      3. Not to mention we (the hunters) are the ones paying for all the wildlife management. With tags and hunting licences and people putting in for draws each year it allows for management of wildlife to actually be a priority that can pay for experts time. It is the hunters that care the most about the animals, we want them all to be around for a long time to come, and do our part to conserve them. We PAY to take a course on learning the habits, habitat, and conservation methods used to help control uneven population of animals. Who do you know other that hunters that take the CORE program?? Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education. Seems like a good thing to learn about before making judgments eh? The age old, “Nature was doing fine before humans interfered, so why not just stay out of it?” Well the problem is, humans HAVE intervened. We now take up much more area in this world. Animals sometimes need help to balance out the carrying capacity of the land (Like Truhawk pointed out) because humans have already messed it up. Now we need to help, not do nothing like so many ‘deli isle hunters’ would prefer. I wonder how many people know that the bacon they buy from the store, was once a Pig being boiled alive? I would shoot a PERSON stalking my family member with intent to kill, much less just a cat. Get your head on straight, that ‘skinny’ cougar could have eating that little boy with one paw behind his back. Good on her for keeping her cool, and making their home safer for her family and neighbours.

      4. No, hunters are NOT the only ones paying for all the wildlife management. There are many many eco-minded ngos and private citizens, like myself who contribute large portions of our income to wildlife and habitat management WITHOUT killing anything.

      5. I agree with you 100% on this one. I have lived in a small village with about 75 – 100 people for most of my life and i believe everyone should know how to protect themselves against the wildlife that is around. I live in Canada and we have some Big predators up in the great north. The people that live in the big towns/citys. should keep there noses out of the issues that are not going to affect them and leave it to the pros or the people it will affect.

      6. so I guess you wouldn’t care if her brother got eaten an it clearly stated that she had a tag for the cat and id shoot wolves up there if I could they kill hundreds of cattle an are a threat to people an wolves are not endangered anymore if anything their numbers are growing out of control an need to be managed

      7. I’ll kill every Wolf I come across and will not hesitate nor will I apologize to the ignorant.

      8. Let’s shoot Felix, he obviously has no regard for the young boys life. I’d hate to be your sibling. You’d feed me the the lions.

      9. Felix, it is people like you who are the true enemy of wildlife, allow me to explain with an example from a community here in North Georgia filled with people who think like you. This community is billed as a preserve. On Any given day you can drive through this community and see as many as twelve deer, I’ve counted on more than one occasion. Sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Except that they are all skinny and starving because the land can’t support the numbers. You can look out into the woods and easily see one hundred yards out because the deer have browsed it clean. About two years ago, a group of concerned citizens attempted to have a group of hunters come in and thin the herd using short range bows so that it would be safe for the community. A group of your compatriots pitched a fit (that’s southern for “got angry”) and on the day off the hunt, banned together with bright orange shirts, walking through the woods making as much noise as they could to prevent the hunters from killing any of the precious deer. It worked. No deer were killed and today the deer are still STARVING AND SING AN EVEN MORE CRUEL AND SLOW DEATH. I don’t know about you, but to me, I think these “animal lovers” are the true villains. If like Bri, you just don’t think you could pull the trigger, that’s fine, the world needs gatherers too, otherwise, keep your ignorant and hate filled opinions to yourself and don’t complain when the deer are eating your garden (or in this case, the cougar is eating your brother).

  1. This is ridiculous. I read in another story that the father was the first one to spot the cougar but because he didn’t have permission or a license to shoot cougars he had his daughter shoot it, if your kid was in imminent danger, would you care whether you had permission or would you protect your kid. I dont understand why kids that young need hunting licenses. I hate how people feel like hunting is a sport. Its unfair for the animal. Cougars are coming into town because the deer humans hunt for sport arent in the woods to feed the cougars who benefit from them.

    1. I hope one day you realize how stupid you sound ! Let’s start off by pointing out that “most” not all hunt to put meat in their freezer….not for the sport. The true reason those cats are hungry is because people such as your self voted to bring the wolves back and they are killing everything !!! I don’t remember know how far down the elk and deer population is but the numbers are devastating . I don’t hate the wolves for what they are doing….we created it for them ! I will say it’s sad the cat was starving……:(

      1. I wasnt talking about the people who are hunting for food, i was referring to people who hunt for the hell of it. And what wolves?

    2. The animal was 50 lbs. when it should have been over 100. It wasn’t just starving, it was dying. It wasn’t failing to eat or it wouldn’t have made to 50 lbs without dying first. Whatever disease the animal had didn’t have anything to do with people who deer hunt! The young lady did exactly the more humane thing for the animal. It was suffering for a long time. As for imminent danger, I’m sure the boy was kind of glad no one waited for the animal to finally make the attack charge. Just the fact the animal was stalking the boy was reason enough to take it out. BRI! The boy wasn’t hunting, or stalking the animal! The animal wasn’t protecting itself it was insane and wanting to eat a HUMAN BEING. The father is raising ethical outdoors people who didn’t panic, or foolishly try to befriend a starving, wild cougar. He is probably well aware of how folks like you would prosecute if the rule wasn’t followed to the letter. Since they could take care of this terrible situation without freaking out like you, or break the law, I must congratulate them. You really should read a book, and learn something other than birth control!

      1. I wasnt meaning that they should wait for an attack, or that she was even wrong for shooting the animal. I was reading on another site of the same story not everything in that one was included here. What the heck does birth control have to do with anything?

      2. Bri…you made your stand and you have been back peddeling ever sense. First you are against hunting of any kind ….then you didn’t mean hunting for food……now it’s OK if you don’t wait for the animal to charge and maybe maim or kill a human. My God, Girl…..where do you stand…..or do you know?????

      3. Beautiful put my friend I plan on teaching my son how to start hunting Rabbits this year he just turned 4 last month!

      4. Thanks TT. It’s about freedom. We need to stick together. Voice ourselves. Look what has happened while we’ve been minding our own business, folks. Get involved. Vote. They want your hunting and fishing rights and privileges.

      5. And good for you TT on teaching your son. It’ll be times you’ll cherish forever, and your son will be able to feed himself, and pass that gift on. Good man. I think America has a good future.

    3. Children that young should know how to shoot not only for hunting but also for protection against animals and burglers or kidnappers or whatever. My son will b taught how to safely handle and shoot a gun at a young just like my husband and I were. Some of us don’t hunt just to kill. Some of us hunt to eat. We don’t take more than we can eat and we never waste anything. Not all hunters/hunting is bad. Ppl need to protect themselves too. If that lion was starving then there is a good chance it was stalking that boy cuz he looked like easy prey. Would u rather see a starving lion put out of its misery or a dead boy on here?

      1. As you can see by my replies, i am not objecting to hunting i was objecting to wasteful hunting, and i did say in my reply to someone that of course if the animal is meaning to attack of course protect yourself. Also i do think it is smart to train kids about guns so they dont go and shoot their siblings on accident i was just wondering why the father didnt have a license.

      2. the father didn’t have one either because he had already used his license or they got the license through a lottery an the daughter was the only one who got one

      3. Why does it matter if the father had his license? That 11 year old girl had hers and has been properly trained, your looking into it way to much. I pretty sure we see a dead cat not a accidental shooting of her sibling. Move on young lady, you are protesting to the wrong group of outdoorsman.

      4. CUT AND PASTED FROM YOUR STATEMENT:I cant find the way to delete this AZdave made a good point, Ive never been hunting, and never will and as ive said in my replies not necessarily because i find all hunting wrong. GO BACK AND READ WHAT YOU WROTE

    4. Hahaha all do respect ma’am you are retarded, kids don’t need hunting license? and yes there are plenty of deer in the woods it happens everywhere and not because a lack of food!!! You have no clue what your talking about. And if the girl had the tag for the cat then it doesn’t matter what y’all think cause its legal.

    5. Bri, you are right, their story has changed and it doesn’t pass the smell test. I assumed everyone was aware of the history of this family? The father doesn’t have a license and tag because he got his privileges revoked due to killing endangered species and poaching other wildlfe. Do a search on them and you will not like what you find out.

      1. your retarded bri, as well this entire argument is retarded the cougar was obviously starving and hunting humans (or other farmland prey) was all the animal was capable of for survival ( we are the easiest prey). The fact that the grandfather may have previously poached has nothing to do with the fact that our state has become overridden with predators.People who think that ” nature just needs to do what it needs to do” those people have lost site of the fact that predators like cougars wolves and coyotes are taking over and killing a large majority of grazing animals like deer and elk. hence the rise of predatory animals that are devostating our ecosystem to the point of causing problems. There are no apex predators for these animals they are apex predators we are the only control. If we want to keep them in check some have to be killed. We have no other choice…

      2. This is a poaching family and I smell bullshit. A big fabricated STORY to make it look like she was “saving” her poor brother from harm so more and more idiots can jump on the native predator hate wagon and just justify killing them all. Sickening.

      1. Read my replies to other people. I wasnt objecting to killing an animal if it is putting you in danger.

      2. Bri, you are dealing with a bunch of hateful gun lovers here. They don’t listen or care.

  2. Why is everybody so upset about her shooting the animal? Do I believe in hunting for sport? No I believe in hunting for necessity, and this was necessity. The fact is if she didn’t shoot that cat then it would have attacked her brother. And if what some people say I’d true that the dad told her to shoot it cause he doesn’t have a license, that’s very smart. Because even though he would have been defending his son in court he still would have been charged with a large fine it even jail time for shooting an animal without a license. This is what is retarded, ‘oh the poor animal can’t protect itself’actually that’s wrong we poor humans can’t protect ourselves anyone from wild animals we can’t protect our children from wild animals and if we do we are in the wrong from protecting ourselves and our children from untimely death. It’s people who think like this that name this a horrible place

    1. In this case yes she was right to shoot the animal, if an animal was threatening you then obviously protect yourself. The hunting i was referring to was going into their habitat to kill them for sport, not because you’re going to use them for food but just to kill them. As with the licensing you make a good point but why does an eleven year old girl have one and not a full grown man?

      1. Bri, I understand your point. Your first post used a broad brush to paint all hunters as unethical. Poor choice of words. Most States require not only a hunting license but also an addition tag purchased separately for big game like Deer, Elk or Mountain Lion. You also mentioned fair chase. I suspect you’ve never been hunting and have no idea how difficult it is to outsmart animals. In my 50 years of hunting one thing I can tell you is they are way better suited to their environment than we are. You seem reasonable but lack actual hands on knowledge of hunting. Give it a try sometime and you’ll find a deep seated root to your ancestors. If you’re unwilling to try and/or learn more do yourself a favor and leave the subject alone. We hunters are getting a bit touchy about defending our guns and food gathering techniques to everybody.

      2. Thanks. And no i didnt know anything about how licensing works most of my “rant’ came from what i read on another website that had no comment posting and there was more in that article and more pictures. Wondered if the cat really was even stalking or if they just said it was so they could shoot it. But maybe it was, whatever. Definitly wasnt expecting people to reply. Guess they are a bit touchy sheesh.

      3. I would like to make another simple quick point to everyone she didn’t shoot the Cougar just because she had a tag for it the NRA had a similar post yesterday about the same story and that one red as interviewed by the family her brother was walking back to the house as the Cougar was following him to the house his grandfather or father was hollering from across the farmyard warning: his grandson that there was a cougar behind him and his sister happen to already have a rifle is she had seen this happening before her brother and took the Cougars life to protect your brother. All of you anti hunters an anti gun owners our way out of your bounds when not having an extremely large amount of knowledge of either if they’re want hunters the predator populations would get so high you would hardly be able to walk out your door they wouldn’t be scared of people anymore and we don’t need a firearms only to protect ourselvesfrom other people but also there is the occasion were you need to protect yourself and your family from Mother Nature so I will take this opportunity to say that on every hunter s and gun owner’s behalf stop and think about what you’re saying if you have no real knowledge of what’s going on please.

      4. Bri, not a part game of this story; however all 3 adults in the family had their licenses revoked as part of a previous plea agreement as a result of killing a protected species.

      5. I honestly don’t think it matters, she has a tag that Washington gave her rights to kill a cat whether it was going to attack her brother or smoke one because that is her hunting right. Go eat another lettuce wrap…

      6. It matters. ETHICS matter. Killing protected species for the thrill of your kill is reprehensible. Go deer hunting with a legal license, kill them humanely and quick, eat everything, use it all, don’t be a douchebag and post dumbass ugly photos with dead animals on social media and I’m all for you to hunt, but to go out and do it for a “sport”? No. To kill protected and endangered species? HELL NO. This family is not ethical and I do not believe this story for a minute.

  3. Bri….do you even know how a hunting license for a mountain lion works in WA? I don’t but I hunt enough to know that either A) he used his license already OR B) it’s a lottery and he wasn’t drawn but the girl was. Not a hard concept……if you are ok with hunting as a means of providing and shooting for protection, why even bring up the 1% poaching idiots out there? That’s why you are getting slammed…stick to what you know.

    1. OJ, you are wrong on all accounts. You should stick to what you know… because you don’t know anything about hunting. And bringing up “the poaching idiots”… is completely appropriate here.

      1. Feliz – do you hunt? Have you ever attempted to hunt in another state? I’ve been hunting deer, turkey, pheasants & black bears for the past 24 years across five states & one canadian province. Why bring up poaching here when clearly this isn’t what was done? She had a license and mountain lion season was open?

  4. Animal activist suck. They only know what they no, which is not much. There view is only half of a story and they don’t like the other half of the story. Boo hoo that cat was starving or sick and looked liked it needed to be put out of its misery. If the state doesn’t like it they should have sent people there to capture the cat and move it or get vet to help the animal. Animal activist people jump right in and put there too cents in. They don’t get it, go to Alaska for a year or too.

  5. If You Werent raised in the country or Live in the Country you probably don’t no just how these things feel when a wild Animal or a domestic Animals come in your yard an destroy your live stock or pets or try to hurt or kill You ! I JUST HAD TO KILL MY NABORS DOG CAUSE HE KILLED TWO OF MINE AN MY WIFES DOGS AN COME CLOSE TO KILLING ANOTHER ! An our dogs were killed right on our back porch right next to our back door an i told the nabor an he would not do anything with his dog an his dog showed back up on our back porch i shot it right on the door steps an our dogs didnt show any aggrion to their dog just a few days before he jump my wifes eglingsh bulldog an i got out to kick their dog off an our dog was just laying their taken it not fighting back right in our yard ! Not taken away from the main story just trying to get the point across that we dont live in yalls big citys we dont have animal control we or the animal control in the Country where we live

  6. that animal was hungry she saved her brother, I am proud of you young lady, your family must be proud too when you see a cat like that it would try to eat the kid it was starving

  7. I would like to point out one of the main reasons we have starving predators is the laws passed to stop dog hunting these animals are very shy and nocturnal and very hard to hunt without dogs. without a good harvest the population of big cats exploded which then reduced the amount of prey. result starving predators that overcome their fear of man and come to feed on livestock or a little boy. whether or not the dad is a a poacher is irrelevant since this cougar was a danger animal and in protection of immediate danger to you or your family you are allowed to kill such an animal without a liscense or tag . same applies to livestock you are allowed to protect your property or person that is not called hunting it is called common sense.

  8. Killing any animal for sport or food is just plain morally wrong unless your life is at stake. Where in the evolutionary tree did we say ok we can kill and eat him/her now? Humans can survive just fine without harming animals.

    1. If you eat meat, an animal died, and you are responsible for the death of that animal. So, Landon, who does you’re killing for you? If you are a vegan (fine if you are-it doesn’t give you the right to demean millions and millions of good, fine people) then you are still killing. Only it’s plants and stuff. The only way for a human to get from point a to point b in this world that we’ve invaded then would be to hover off the ground and turn into an airplant, leaching moisture and nutrients from the air and bark of a tree. A symbiotic, utopian relationship to end strife and hunger forever! Eat some meat, the lack of iron and quality brain building protein is catching up with you.

    2. Do you eat beef or chicken? Check out the conditions of where chickens, cows and pigs are slaughtered before you even open your mouth about hunting. Like it was said a million times, most hunters only take what they eat and do not mistreat their prey. If hunting is done properly, the animal does not suffer. Pigs, chickens and cattle are treated more poorly. So next time you bite into a beef steak or have a pork chop remember where it came from!

    3. i just wanted to say that if you check the evolutionary tree it has always been okay to kill and eat “him or her” humans are animals in the evolutionary sense. if animals can eat other animals then humans may as well. wolves eat deer you don’t preach on them if you did not have hunters you could not regulate populations of predators and prey therefore they would be overpopulated and causeing more damanage then you realize how times a year do you here of friends and family hittig deer with vehicals? those numbers would most likely double if not triple without hunters.

  9. Good shootin’ Shelby !! In the ’60s I used to hunt deer West of Cashmere,WA. One hunt, I backtracked and ran across tracks where a Cougar had followed me up the ridgeline just over the other side. Kinda spooky, but I think the cat was hoping I’d flush something for him. There was about 3″ of snowcover so it was very obvious the cat was following me. Made the hair on my neck stand up. Over several years I had hunted that ridge and got 1 deer in that time. This was my last hunt there.

  10. Great job young lady, and great job grandpa for teaching them self protection, how to properly handle a firearm and how tovstay calm in tense situations. Great job. Skinny cougar wont hurt you.

  11. Good job sweet heart! I killed my first coyote while saving family pets. Let alone what I’d do if I was trying to save a family member! Way to go! Grandpa taught y’all right!

  12. I find it funny that there is a lot of people blaming the ban on hound hunting for this when it is not the cause. now before you jump on my neck i support her killing this cat. she did what anyone with a brain would do. but really the cause for this attack by a straving cat is us, humans. we have been pushing back the wilderness for years and within the last 10 have pushed into areas that the older generations would not have lived in. its unavoidible unless we want to stop having children. but animals cannot really understand the difference between civilization and the wilderness. to them it is a spoot the has popped up in their territory thats smells of the enemy and chase away prey but has new, easy to catch food. so they kill our pets and stalk our children while at the same time we hunt and kill them, and we win. it is the way of life. So even if hoiund hunting hadnt have been banned, this would have started happening anywhy sometime. And will likely happen again to other people in other places.

  13. Good for you young lady for being able to handle as fire arm safely shoot and kill a cougar to save your brother from harm and possible death. My hat goes off to the family as well for teaching the young lady for teaching her how to use the rifle. That is what the article is about.iam a hunter as well have been my whole life. My youngest daughter is just now taking the firearms safety course as well.

  14. Good girl! I am a hunter. I am raising my children outdoors as much as possible for the values and benefits it incites. If they choose to hunt as well, I feel that’s great… if they don’t that’s fine too, there are other ways to learn and appreciate what Mother Nature provides.

    Being a hunter, and a female hunter at that, I have found myself many times defending my position. Like many many other hunters, I hunt deer for the venison, and respect the animal that feeds me and my family, and its surroundings. I follow every DEC law and only shoot at what my tags allow me… tags, BTW, that are given due to the extra number of animals in that area that cannot be well supported by the surrounding habitat, for those of you that are anti-hunting.

    Also, did you know that a percentage of all camo hunting gear, guns, bows and ammunition sold in NY pay for a majority of parks, refuges and rehabilitation centers for wildlife?? But I bet a handful of you will stop at McDs later for a processed beef burger later for lunch.

    This girl had a tag. She felt her brother was in danger. (And past research of predatory animals makes me believe he was as well) And legally took the animal. If your beef is with hunters in general, go take it up with someone else. I’d happily go a few rounds! But leave this respectful, heroic girl alone.

  15. I live in a very housed community in Rapid city south dakota just last summer there was a cougar in our back yard trying to attack our two little dogs and then they had shot one two summers ago in the tree next door. They are running out of room and are not scared to come around humans this story does not surprise me at all. Glad the children are safe.

  16. good job young lady not every one would know what to do in that situation be proud you protected your brother and you will also get a nice trophy too either mounted or rug good job from another female hunter

  17. Why does every one seem so concerned as to who had a license? Who gives a shit about a license if any wild, domestic animal or human is attempting to kill any of my family or friends I will shoot it. I don’t care about a license. If you want to be a tree hugger or a bunny hugger put one in your yard an hug it al you want leave the wildlife to us hunters who know how to best treat them!

    1. I give a shit. People with guns killing animals NEED to have a license and follow the rules. It’s a privelege, not a right.

  18. I’d like to believe tbis story however at the beginning it states she was outside, then went in and retrieved the rifle, buy her grandfather states she was looking out.
    Then shes going to shoot in the direction of her brother? She just happened to witness it and was the only one with a tag?

  19. My husband and I were in our deer stand on Saturday we had gotten in about 2:30 pm. There was a brush pile to the left and no sooner than I sat down I noticed movement in the brush pile. My husband who was on my right noticed it too. I thought maybe it was a doe hiding from bucks since mating season is in full swing. A buck walked through and then crossed close to the brush pile and walked towards us and did a circle and walked again close to the brush pile. Not too long after that a little button buck walked by the brush pile. Right before sunset a couple of does walked in and stopped 40 yards in front of us and laid down. I thought it was strange because they are spooked so easily and it had seen me move, turn my head etc. During all of this I saw whatever was in the brush to my left turn its head sideways and knew it wasn’t a deer and asked my husband what he thought it was and he said he wasn’t sure. 2 other times I saw eyes looking at me and some white marks by the eyes but since mountain lions aren’t too populated here it never crossed my mind. The sun had started to go down and because of the full moon and the farm equipment to my left on the side of the patch of woods we are in the area to my left was still well lit. The deer in front of us started looking at the brush pile and I figured one of the 2 shooter bucks might be coming in so I turned to look and I could see the full silhouette coming out of the brush I looked away twice and blinked in disbelief one time asking my husband if he saw what I was seeing to the left but because he was so focused in front of me he just said no and didn’t look. I turned and watched it slow and sneaky like , finishing creeping across the log and kept my eyes on til my head couldn’t turn any further. I thought a deer was going get attacked but the deer had got up and walked the other direction when the mountain lion started moving the other direction. The brush pile was 30 yards away I saw it walk about 25 to 30 yards the first 10 yards I would have had a clear shot but it didn’t register what was happening. I realized after it went behind the stand we were being stalked but still wasn’t too afraid til I remembered I they climb trees and that’s when I got scared told my husband and stood up and faced it I could see the black mass behind our stand and got my flashlight and raised my voice and called it a few choice words and it backed out of the light and under a ridge but I still saw it orange eyes peek over the ridge twice. It took me an hour to get up the nerve and then my husband let me carry his gun and I walked backwards through two fields with a flashlight in my left hand and the gun in my right. I went back on Sunday but not til the sun was up and had to get out that evening before it set. I love to hunt and we have a great spot I just want to know what else I can do since the animal isn’t afraid of us and already sees us as pray. We don’t have another hunting spot and I just want to feel safe. Even with the guns we carry it could still ambush us and it’s quiet so I don’t think you’d hear it or necessarily see it, I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the doe. I have put a lot of time and effort into getting a trophy buck and just don’t want to be scared walking in and out and it’s best to do that in the dark. Any suggestions?

  20. LAME. I doubt very much that this mountain lion was “stalking” her brother. I see they are a hunting/killing family. Seems like a justification to me. Recent public opinion on killing our dwindling wildlife is really against this sort of shameless slaughter.

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