Photographers in northern Queensland, Australia witnessed a bizarre fight as one snake fought and eventually consumed a crocodile in Lake Moondarra. According to the BBC, residents took photos of the fight last Sunday as the reptiles began wrestling in the water. The snake, believed to be a python, wrapped itself around its prey and began constricting it. For five hours, the strange and deadly battle played out in the waters of Lake Moondarra. Bystanders said they are not sure whether the crocodile died by drowning, as a result of being constricted, or was simply too tired to fight on. In the end, the 10-foot python dragged the crocodile on land and began consuming it.

By all accounts, the snake was very full when finished.

Believe it or not, similar cases have happened in the United States. Florida’s invasive Burmese python population are providing the state’s alligators with a new and unusual predator. Although still rare, pythons and alligators have been found fighting in several instances, including one incident in 2005 when a 13-foot python consumed a smaller six-foot gator. Unfortunately for the python, it was to be its last meal. The python died shortly after consuming the gator, which researchers believe to have been the result of the animal trying to claw its way out.

Image screenshot of video by Barcroft TV on Youtube.

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