A bill that would allow Ohio hunters to use suppressors in taking game is now headed to the state House after passing a legislative committee earlier this week. According to The Columbus Dispatch, only about one percent of the state’s hunters possess a suppressor, also known as silencers. If the bill passes, however, the number my rise dramatically. Industry insiders have said that Ohio is the fourth largest market for suppressor sales in the nation.

Supporters of the bill say that suppressors will protect hunters’ hearing and make it easier to talk while in the field. Researchers from Ohio State University say that on average, a suppressor decreases the volume of a gunshot by at least 15 percent. While it may seem only a small drop, it can be significant in preventing hearing damage.

Not all sportsmen are supporting the bill, however. The League of Ohio Sportsmen’s Executive Director, Larry Mitchell, Jr., told The Dispatch that the measure was “a bad bill with good intentions.” Mitchell explained that the bill starts a dangerous precedent for lawmakers to make decisions for the state Department of Natural Resources. Others oppose the bill because they believe suppressors make it easier for poachers to shoot game.

Currently 29 states allow hunting with a suppressor.

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38 thoughts on “Bill Allowing Ohio Hunters to Use Suppressors Passes House Committee

  1. I have hunter over 50 years, all across nation. I HAVE NEVER met a “hunter whose ears were damaged by gun shots. I do NOT want silenced guns for hunters as I want to hear a shot if on my property. This is just a way, if you look up lobby history silencer mfgs found to buy elected and greatly increase sales. Noted some now sold for 22’s, hardly a :”big boom” gun, Can only guess when AR,30rd mag and silencers get into city use for crime, cops are going to love that weapon. Many land owners upset at this stuff as only real use is make mfgs money and for criminals and poachers as well as trespassers. “Protect hunters ears”,, biggest insult to hunters ever to be used as patsy by lobbyists.

    1. With people working different hours I would love to be able to use a suppressor for all my shooting just to be a better neighbor.

      1. And now that I reread your post, I’m thinking that hunters that don’t have any hearing loss don’t shoot enough to be called a hunter.

      2. I am 75 and have many different kinds of arms. I fire about a 1000 rds a year and have since I was about 15. My hearing is still good, it is no problem hearing a deer in the woods or field.

    2. Well then “tired”, you haven’t met many hunters. I know many guys whose hearing has been damaged by extensive shooting of firearms over the years. I’m just coming up on 57 years old and I have CONSTANT ringing in my ears from shooting when I was younger. I’d love to be able to protect the little hearing I have left by using a suppressor when hunting. But it’s not legal in my state YET. So I keep ear plugs with me when I’m hunting and if time allows, I’ll slip them in before I shoot.
      As I said in a previous post, they do NOT silence a gun, even with subsonic rounds. They simply quiet a gun down to manageable sound levels….

      1. You did NOT read the supposed reason for silencers, it is to save HUNTERS HEARING, and many confuse “shooting” often with NO ear muffs with “Hunting”. As said NEVER met a real hunter who suffered any hearing loss from hunting, met many shooters who did NOT use muffs at range and have issue. NOTE why are there silencers for 22rf, not exactly a boomer? This is just nra sponsored lobyyist deal to sell the things

      2. Isn’t
        ALL CAPS a sign of yelling? Most folks who I know tend to holler when they talk. Are you SURE you have not lost any hearing?

      3. Also a way to try and get message across as seems lots of functionally illiterates out there

      4. Yes I did read the supposed reason and it makes perfect sense to me. I’ve never met a hunter that didn’t shoot. And while you may think your hearing is perfect, I’d be willing to bet that it isn’t, not if you’ve done any amount of sighting in or actually using your firearms… Go get your hearing tested and I’ll bet one of two things, either it’s worse than you think or you really haven’t done a whole lot of shooting.
        I’ll stand behind my statements, and ANY loud, repetitive noise will degrade your hearing, even the lowly .22 LR… If you don’t believe me, ask any person that sells and fits hearing aids….

    3. Well, you are apparently one of the uninformed sheeple who believe suppressors eliminate ALL sound! I’m sure you’ve asked every hunter you’ve met if he has hearing loss, well pal, I’ve been hunting as long as you and I also target shoot and served in the Army and I have hearing loss!

      1. Have same or better credentials, shot competitive handguns for years, NEVER shot on range or none hunting without ear muffs. NEVER met a hunter who had hearing loss as result of hunting, not one. Most get “hearing loss” from not using ear protections when on rang, plinking etc. I cannot find one hunting situation where enough rounds fired to impact hearing. Note “pal” you tossed hunting into all sorts of shooting. Reality is silencers pushed by nra to sheeples to make more profits for silencer companies, as it is insult to real hunters to claim hunting “caused ear loss”. Noted you dodged issue of 22fr silencers. Good try but reality is just another lobby effort by nra to do what they are in business, for, sell guns, ammo and accessories to their sheeples.

      2. It’s called the Hollywood syndrome.

        What I find most interesting with {tired of extremes} position is: Because HE doesn’t see a need for it… no one should have them.

      3. No I am saying the nra push via lobbyists is based on lies and insults real hunters when they claim “silencers needed to protect HUNTER hearing”, That is a lie.

    4. Funny, in places like New-Zealand, suppressors are mandatory for hunting in certain area.
      – The decrease in noise level is causing less stress on the other animals living in the area.
      – While you might not personally know someone who was negatively affected by gun fire noise… their are many people that could benefit from such device.
      – Criminals don’t obey the laws… If they want to poach with silencers… they’re probably already doing it.

      Last be not least, the possession of suppressors will still be regulated by the government.

      1. Note th8is is NOT NZ, about the size our smaller states. Silencers (real name) are regulated by gov, $200 permit required. Your remark on poachers is true, but it make them able to buy one easier plus hunters who trespass will not be heard shooting as with traditional guns. Insult to hunters everywhere to claim silencers needed to save their hearing as if they fire a hundred rounds every time in field..

      2. Except for hunters in Finland, Norway, France, Denmark [pending this year], Germany, Poland, Sweden, the “liberal-with-guns” 😉 UK…
        And about New Zealand, are they not bigger than some of your ‘States that feature hunting? So does ‘size’ then matter? It’s not like your rifle will span the width of a State anyways.

    5. Even the UK allows the use of suppressors. I am not saying that it is a better solution, but if I was allowed to hunt with one, weight not an issue, I would consider it. But maybe I am more suceptible to becoming deaf: At 27, a couple of shots from my moderate 6.5 Swedish mauser, causes my ears to ring incessantly. Being that I live and hunt in Grizzly territory – British Columbia, Canada – ear protection really isn’t advised…
      As to the AR’s and creeps? They can already do that. It is only the aspect of hunting that is the issue here. As for poachers? Frankly, you can add an insignificant hidden tax somewhere for the additional wardens, or whatever wildlife/cop variants you have, If after a while it bares no rise of poachers, reasign

      1. While hunting your ears damaged from shooting, doubt that and since the root cause for silencer according to nra is saving hearing for HUNTERS, why make them for 22? One big lie to increase sales as that is what nra does, sell stuff

      2. Why should I care about the NRA’s reasons? It’s not like they have a Canadian chapter that affects me in any tangible form. If someone is concerned, they will pack them when they hunt. If they do not, as is your case, don’t. That’s your perogative.
        Why make them for a .22? You got me there. I buy the subsonic variants anyways. They are fun? Maybe to peg multiple pests? Make the gullible pay for a marginal advantage? Don’t know – or care. Are .22 “poachers” what threatens you?
        And doubt all you will about my issues with hearing. Working around power tools and and loud noises haven’t alleviated the problem. But, I am not the one hiding behind an alias.

    6. What part of 15% didn’t you understand, quit watching Hollywood movies, and look into the reality of suppressors !!!!!

      1. Look at the ads,they are selling lots of silencers for 22rf, why as the “law was changed to “Protect hunter hearing”???

  2. I would love to have a suppressor on all my guns. I’m 58 years old and have lost a lot of my hearing from the sport I love, shooting my guns. I do not have any because of their high cost, but I would love it if I could afford them.

    1. First call it as it is, a silencer, not the Politically Correct “suppressor”. Note I NEVER met a hunter who hearing was damaged by gun fire, never. I have met many fools that never wore ear muffs at ranges, even skeet shooters often wear them. So instead of expensive NRA lobby silencers, spend money on ear muffs. Thee things are being pushed by lobby money, if “hunter hearing loss” was so serious we’d long ago heard of it before lobby money pushed them. AKA if you cannot stand the noise, buy ear muffs. I own property and want to know if anyone shooting on it, silencers only needed for poachers and poor hunters that need many shots.and do not want game to move. What used to be called “Sporing hunters” seems to being replaced by shooters.

      1. I am guessing you also advocate for single-shot firearms, because those new-fangled bolt actions allow people to empty a magazine to rapidly.
        Why, I imagine gangsters will conceal these in their waist bands!

      2. No but I am great enough shot to use single shot. Was raised in gun family that if you need more then one shot you need to practice more or quit. Unlike you it seems I often hunt with a Ruger Nr1 308 or Sharps replica 45/70, both hand loaded tailor ammo.

      3. Funny. I have an appreciation for archaic/unusual rounds. It doesn’t stop me from nailing targets at range. I was making a parallel towards conservative hunter’s – of ‘yonder – previous gripes over the march technology.
        I suppose I could have likened you to the Amish, but I wanted to stay within the bounds of the subject.

      4. Sorry but unlike many I was raised by sportsman who felt one shot was enough, if you needed more then you should NOT have taken the shot, or needed more practice. Today we are quickly losing the values and virtues of real sportsman who can actually hunt, down at the level of he game. That is an art most no longer understand, Not to sporting to have 300yd gun with big scope, shot from setting in some raised blind. Usual excuse is “do not have time to really hunt”, then don’t if that is issue.
        The thing with the silencers is quite simple, nra lobbyists and money, pushed it in the name of “Hunters” to save their hearing” and as any sane hunter knows, that is not a issue for hunters. Many posted “lost my hearing shooting, that is NOt hunting, note is silencer of any value on range as most folks do not use them on ranges, some even have “compensator s (muzzle breaks)” and other guns that roar.. Have been shooter over 50 years, no hearing loss from hunting or range as wore ear muffs/protectors and to include pistol match’s,

        I am NOT happy that to sell more gun accessories nra lied about hunters needing protections, nor do I care what other nations do with silencers. But I note those that cherry pick that data nationally might not want the rest of those nations gun laws imposed. But there is minority of shooter who are simply nra shills, as proven by at least five time nra panicked shooters who ran off to gun shops, stripped shelves clean of guns/ammo etc. The real world is NOT ONCE did the “doom” nra presented happened but the lemming minded rushed to do as told, which drove prices up for the more sane shooters. Same with silencers, even cute name to avoid reality, as suppressors usually limited to those involved hiding muzzle flames.

        Time to wake up shooters, nra is simply there to sell more guns/ammo/accessories. Those with biggest dollars get nra support, and some now pushing knives/carry etc. Now less guns old for hunting then defense, even if less crime going on, To sell more guns we have CCL prancing about our states, most who have zero requirement to attend gun sue/law class, or EVER fire one round to prove they can even understand safety operations of guns, I was nearly shot by “GA CCL” who did NOT know how to lower hammer, gun went off. He had ZERO fire ams training.and many lke that running around. Many of us feel a need for sane gun laws, not a gun for everyone thing going on nwo. Silencers are NOT needed for sportsman to hunt, and since issue of hearing so in everyone’s thoughts, perhaps ALL ranges require ear muffs, for all shooters, How many kids you see shooting or attending ranges with NO ear protections. So a bit of supporting safe shooting, ranges to streets is needed, even if nra objects. Care to start t a pool on how long before next marketing push of “Buy now as they will take them” starts and fools rush to buy? Wake up folks, your being suckered. Note not ONE post about silencers needed fo 22rf hunters, and fact that “hunters with pistols can use silencers, not a great idea, silenced pistols out there. Sane laws are needed, written by sane people of both sides of issues, not more to sell guns

      5. I guess you have never met a hunter who practices! Smart hunters wear hearing protection when target/practice shooting, I do admit.

      6. Thanks for someone finally proving my point. The silenfcer were pushed by nra lobby as “Prevent HUNTER EAR DAMAGE

      7. If you have ever met a hunter who uses a modern firearm, you have met one who has hearing loss due to hunting. Every shot causes a little bit of hearing loss, especially if that shot ever causes even a slight ringing or quieting effect.

        ” I might ask those with common sense why they sell silencers (real name as suppressors, they were not same) for 22lr guns,”

        Often to not disturb the wildlife or other people.

      8. “Most land owners I know real upset that poachers and shooter could be on their land with silencers shooting without permission”

        They already can be. Suppressors are legal federally and in most states already and allowing them for legal hunting won’t change that. The poachers are going to use the suppressors regardless of if they are legal for hunting or not and allowing them for legal hunting will not change that.

        IOW, you are getting yourself spun up for nothing.

      9. The correct term is suppressor. It does not render the firearm silent.

        I have met MANY hunters who have had hearing damage from shooting.

  3. I hunted in South Africa a few years ago and suppressed weapons are allowed there for hunting. It was quite nice to shoot a high powered rifle and NOT having my ears ring for hours or days afterwards. Suppressors are NOT the Hollywood silencers you think of. It takes a .308 down to a manageable sound level and a .223 round down to the sound of a .22 magnum. Guns do not simply go pfft in real life like they do in the movies…..

  4. All for the use of suppressors for hunting. Poachers don’t care about the laws anyway, they will hunt with suppressors regardless of the law — so it will not make the poaching problem any worse.

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