The fate of Georgia’s sweeping gun reform bill was decided in the last hour of the 2014 legislative season last Thursday. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, House Bill 60 received a final vote of 122-58 and is now headed to the desk of Governor Nathan Deal. Supporters are calling the pro-gun bill one of the largest gun reform bills in recent state history, but opponents worry that it might do more harm than good.

House Bill 60 would allow licensed gun owners to carry firearms into certain government buildings, schools, and parts of airports. This led opponents of the bill to dub it the “guns everywhere bill.” House Bill 60 originally also proposed removing the state’s blanket restriction on firearm carry in bars, but was later amended. Houses of worship can “opt in” to allow members to carry firearms inside their property. The bill would also legalize the use of suppressors for hunting.

“It re-establishes a lot of our freedoms that we should already have,” Jerry Henry, executive director of Georgia Carry, told MSNBC. “We just want to be able to protect ourselves no matter where we go.”

The bill also contains language that would prevent the creation of a gun owners database or suspension of the Second Amendment in a state of emergency. School teachers would be able to bring firearms into work to protect themselves as well.

Not everyone is happy to see the bill pass, especially gun control advocates that see the legislation as a step backwards for the state.

“We absolutely oppose it,” said Brian Malte, national policy director for the Brady Campagin to Prevent Gun Violence. “Our feeling is that the answer to gun violence is not more guns.”

Some religious leaders and organizations also oppose the bill, which they say is against the tradition of sanctuary offered by many churches across the state. Some pastors do support the bill, but say that the decision of allowing firearms must be made by each individual congregation. WDEF reported that the bill would mandate assessing a $100 fine to any person who brings a firearm into a church without permission.

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12 thoughts on “Georgia’s Sweeping Pro-gun Bill Headed to Governor

  1. These types of actions are wholly unnecessary. The 2nd Amendment is an lawful resident’s authorization to be armed anywhere and at any time. Man cannot stop another man’s actions nor deter his intentions and actions just by ‘saying so’ through legislation. Otherwise, gun-free zones wouldn’t be the choice of sites for the heinous and violent mass shooting incidents we’ve witnessed with increasing frequency over recent years.

    If Gov. Deal inks his approval or allows it to become law by default (his inaction), thereby allowing this to become Law as prescribed in the Georgia Constitution (40 days), a hardy ‘hat’s off’ CONGRATULATIONS to the citizens of the State of Georgia and KUDOs for the men and women that made this come to fruition.

  2. Before everyone starts to party about this ‘new freedom of guns”, one point sane and experienced/qualified handgun owners can mull over. GA has ZERO requirement for any form of class/education on gun laws of any kind, GA has ZERO requirement to prove or take classes or fire one round to prove by any form of qualification you actually can reasonably shoot a handgun in a safe manner, or even know how to just load and safety a handgun. THE ONLY requirement to get Carry is local law signs off you have NO criminal record, Local Judge then signs off and issues you permit. You need not have ANY knowledge/education/testing on gun laws, nor do you have to even prove you know how to load a handgun, much less shoot it safely. Now do you sane experienced handgun carry folks really want such types prancing about with loaded (if they learned how) handguns near you and your family, Look up recip laws and GA can probably run about your state, “cocked and locked” but nary a clue on laws or even fired one round. Make you feel safer? NOTE man NOT “Anti gun” but have 50 years good solid experience with handguns and those scares me. Before anyone gets all upset and “liberal-anti etc’, please think about reality of this, and why it is good law and safer for all of us.

    1. So by your logic, I should have an educational degree of some sort to be able to post on the internet, write my congressperson. I should have to take a course in social etiquette to peaceably assemble with my friends, etc. ELITIST!

      1. Your post is amusing, misinformed at best. If you reel it is fine to pack a gun and be “qualified” to carry and shoot in public areas, with ZERO knowledge of gun or other applicable laws, never ever had to shoot handgun to prove qualifications and guns safety, and silly enough to compare such to the 1776 fighters who used guns daily for food etc. Well I will proudly remain as you so put it sing songs of safety and security, a proud elitists, and unlike you a very experience handgun shooter.

      2. Thanks for the compliment of being amusing. Better to have a sense of humor than no sense at all. Learn to laugh at yourself–there’s a lot of real funny stuff there. I too was amused by your typos, poor grammar and lack of clarity. You’re obviously WAY to smart to proof read your posts and/or discuss and dialogue with someone else to gain knowledge and wisdom from another perspective. The saddest part about being a know-it-all is that you can’t learn anything else. You can lead a jackass to reason, but you can’t make ’em think. I’m awed (not) by your vast self-proclaimed knowledge and experience level at handgun shooting. I’m curious though how you know what level of experience and knowledge I have. Should you assume that since I don’t agree with you I’m not “sane and experienced/qualified”?

        Mark me down as extremely tired of extremely stupid, bigoted (that’s another word for elitist) people.

      3. Noted per nra talking points 101 you attack the messenger, not the message. Yep am by your definition am an “elitist” another right wing attack method. But since I KNOW one needs education on gun laws, must fire min of 50 rounds at all ranges, not just fixed ones to be qualified to carry and shoot in public crowds, etc, I will remain an elitist,, Your perspective is that of a nra shill. But after reading of your concern “fur how un write en such thungs” will keep you in mind should I need secretarial support. Note it is amusing how the nra shills always dodge the issues,, their ability with handguns evident if they support no education, no shot or redicously low number of shots fired to qualify, and prance about in public with loaded handguns. The more backward states purchased by nra require nothing to carry, but oddly often require safety course to hunt. Noted it education makes one an elitist, we are proud of it, Note catch up on grammar rules as forums and related fall under separate rules, despite nra shill’s using talking points to dodge core issues.

  3. Has anyone ever been told by the cops, “I can’t do anything until he/she breaks the law”? They (cops) aren’t their to prevent crime, but to investigate comes. We the citizens are here to prevent crime so my gun is staying in my pocket wherever I go!

    1. So you favor GA law where to carry you are not required to have any knowledge of gun and associated laws, nor ever have gun safety or even fire a gun to get permit? And you worry about cops? Your priority is a bit messed up and you know nothing about handguns. One question, if you re not required to know the gun laws, are you then responsible if you break them?>

      1. I support the 2nd amendment, “shall not infringe”. I have owned and been shooting all types of firearms for almost 50 years and my knowledge of handguns is probably superior to your, but that does not really matter. I read nothing in the constitution about permits or training!

      2. Silly post as the laws on guns have been around since day one of USA. But noted you dodged the issue on required knowledge of laws and being able to safely carry gun AKA prove you can hit something and know guns. But as said, amusing, if somewhat ill informed post.

      3. Ok dumb ass, show me where in the constitution your argument is substantiated. I’m sure you never bothered to read that little document!

      4. Well child, gun laws are to the second amd as are illegal to shout fire in crowed building are to first. Amusing how in some small minds any laws must be spelled out in the Constitution or not there, Noted no speed limit laws so go ahead and open it up on interstate, then tell us what happens. Your degree must be in basket weaving 101, not law, but your silly posts are amusing Hope you know guns better then law.

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