The suppressor (sometimes referred to as a silencer) has been around longer than most people think. The suppressor design is actually more than a century old, and is usually attributed to the mind of American inventor Hiram Percy Maxim, who also invented a “silencer” for gasoline engines. Around the turn of the twentieth century, Maxim patented his first design and marketed it to hunters. Among the many noted supporters of the new technology was former US President Theodore Roosevelt, who slapped one of Maxim’s silencers on his Winchester Model 1894 for varmint hunting.

According to Roosevelt’s neighbors, the avid hunter bought the device to be considerate.

While it may not look like much has changed since the first Maxim suppressor, the techniques and materials that go into the construction of a modern one are drastically different than those of its predecessors. The video below by Silencerco gives a peek into how their Saker 556 is crafted.

Image screenshot of video by Silencerco on YouTube

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