Starting on April 1, Connecticut gun owners may no longer transfer or sell long guns without either a permit to carry handguns, an eligibility certificate for handguns, or a long gun eligibility certificate. According to the Connecticut State Police, these documents will also allow the purchase of ammunition. However, customers looking to purchase only ammunition will be required to obtain an ammunition certificate. In Connecticut, a long gun is defined as a firearm other than a pistol or revolver, such as a rifle or shotgun.

These restrictions are part of a gun-control law passed by Governor Dannel Malloy last April. In addition to changing the application process for purchasing long guns and ammunition, the law also banned a number of “assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines. The law also affected mental health insurance coverage and security in schools. Many parts of the new law already went into effect last July, including the revamped application process. In January, Connecticut gun owners were required to register any weapons or magazines now forbidden under state law, a controversial measure that drew criticism from pro-Second Amendment groups. In addition to other organizations, the NRA is supporting a rally at the state Capitol on April 5 to protest the new law.

“Please bring your family and friends to stand and fight with the NRA and respectfully voice your opposition to the new aggressive and sweeping gun laws that are severely inhibiting your right to keep and bear arms and your inherent right to self-defense in the Constitution State,” read a statement on the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action website.

Also beginning Tuesday, hunting licenses will no longer be accepted for the purchase of a long gun and the 14-day wait for non-permitted persons will be discontinued.





Image from Gabriel Amadeus on the flickr Creative Commons

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9 thoughts on “Connecticut Long Gun Restrictions Take Effect

  1. Past law abiding citizens will now end up breaking the law in protest of the recreation of Tyranny. So many misguided and misinformed politicians/law makers.

    1. Exactly, look at what’s happening in Canada.

      You’ll soon be stuck with rules and regulations that nobody but a lawyer can’t make sense. Regular folks will now be ‘paper’ criminals… and many will simply give up their guns because they can’t afford the lawyers.

      Next thing you know, registration will turn into confiscation. Happened in the UK, in Australia and Canada (just to name a few)

  2. Makes me feel ill reading about it, to now have to ask the Progressive elite “permission” first to exercise an inherent right affirmed by our Constitution. “May I please go shooting or defend myself today, pretty please, that is if it’s OK with you my dear politically corrupt Rulers?”… my gag reflex is kicking in. The tyranny of the proletariat is at hand…

  3. taking them to court is usually an ineffective remedy. The same kinds of folks who passed those laws populate the judiciary. Most likely the pro gun groups will lose on every issue in the courts. The only viable solution is to change the law by changing the legislators. And that is not likely. No way out.

  4. The FIX is in America. The remedy for politicians who take your fundamental rights away America, is to shoot those politicians while you have the means, the same way as Americans shot the Brits for the same reason, and as if someone who entered your home wanted to take away your right to life or the right to assemble or pursue happiness. Call a spade a spade and face the truth. All your rights are the one and the same. Wake up or all your rights will be shortly gone. Hide your guns or at least hide a few. Tell your friends to do likewise. Do not comply. Our founding fathers did not comply, nor should you.

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