Video: Silencerco Announces “Wizard Staff” Suppressor


Silencerco announced today that the company will be rolling out a new suppressor series for firearms chambered in .22 LR. According to a press release on the company’s website, Silencerco’s newest suppressor will measure an astounding 36 inches in length and one inch in diameter. The “Warlock 22” also boasts a unique CTA baffle stack comprised of 44 polished Mithril baffles and is finished in anodized iridium. The sound reduction is expected to be absolute.

The Warlock 22 is currently priced at $22,000 silver shekels and comes with an eternal warranty.

We’re willing to bet the War of the Ring would’ve been a lot shorter if Gandalf had some of these in his robes. Happy April Fools’.

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