In the video below, hunter Juan Garcia and guide Sam Fejes travel to Kodiak Island, Alaska to pursue some of the biggest brown bears in the world. While Fejes calls the bear in, Garcia lets the massive animal get within 12 feet of the duo. Then, on a signal from Fejes, the hunter lets loose an arrow and takes what is expected to be the number-two Alaskan brown bear on the Pope and Young Club records.

Garcia was using a PSE Omen Max.

Image screenshot of video by JakeLatendresse on YouTube

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31 thoughts on “Video: Bowhunter Takes Shot on Massive Brown Bear

      1. I would have though heavier. If a bear like that brown was coming at me I think a 30-06 is what I would want!

  1. A range finder under 20 yds?? That PSE should shoot a laser line at that distance….Still, gutsy and good calling, although I’m amazed at how much movement he got away with at such close range and no face mask, either. Brown bears must not be as jumpy as blacks or they’re dumber or maybe just more confident.

    Yeah, and I’m jealous.

    1. I cried when I watched the video. I believe we should only kill to survive. That means to eat or if we are in danger. Most hunters kill by using items to lure the animal to it’s death.

      1. Do you cry at the supermarket too, or is it somehow okay when you pay others to process meat in your stead? Would you cry if he shot a cow, or cut the head off a chicken, or is it just certain species that you think are “cuter” than the rest? Please get your head examined… you’ve got “issues”.

      2. Then ‘Joe’ must spend a LOT of time crying. Do you think ‘Joe’ weeps for each of the 25,000 children under age 5 that die each and every day around the world, or is it just for brown bears? Maybe he weeps for the chickens he buys at the supermarket too. Either way, he’s got some issues… and so do you if you’ve got nothing better to do than weep at the outcome of a successful hunt.

      3. When you have compassion, your life truly is effected by all of the unnecessary deaths, spot on…do I think Joe weeps for each of the 25,000 children under age 5 that die each and every day around the world?…yes, a good, collective cry for each and every death for any species, whatever the reason for that death…that’s what compassion does, it makes you feel for others…the misconception that people who don’t care have is that people who do care about animals don’t also care about humans…guess what, we can actually do both! As far as crying for the chickens he buys at the supermarket, I can’t say…I don’t know that he buys chickens at the supermarket…perhaps he’s vegan???
        So, I still have to say that Joe has no issues…and neither do I just because I feel compassion for an animal that was killed for no other reason than greed and that good old pat on the back…that’s not what I call a successful hunt…it’s just a disgusting pasttime…what was the point, in your eyes, of killing that bear?

      4. “what was the point, in your eyes, of killing that bear?”
        Ummm how about LOTS and LOTS of bear meat? I know you’re a vegan and might not understand that, but hunters sure do. But then again, you probably suffer under the liberal delusion that hunters cut off the head as a trophy and leave the rest, right?

      5. Leave your feelings out of it ACH369….whether you agree with this sport or not….the man was doing a lawful activity and pursuing his happiness. He didn’t infringe upon any of your rights….what he did was LEGAL. Our all mighty government has determined that X number of bears can be harvested due to scientific counting, research, population etc. Get off your weenie high-horse and quit vilifying a hunter pursuing game that he wishes, Just like saying the pledge in schools, a minority of idiots that find that offensive, squeal and cry to get their way. Stay out of other peoples lives….you don’t like hunting God’s creatures, DON’T HUNT. Leave those of us that do hunt alone.

      6. splicer00…Why should I leave my feelings out of it? Just because there’s a law that says it’s okay to hunt doesn’t mean it’s right…there are a lot of laws that are just plain old ridiculous, but they’re still on the books, but it doesn’t make them right. I can and will say exactly what I please, just as you have done…speaking of weenie high-horses, how is yours doing??? I don’t normally feel the need to comment like that, but you get what you give…

    2. Dear John,

      An intelligent and thoughtful query always deserves an answer of the same caliber. Your question was neither intelligent, nor thoughtful… so here are some answers that are more suited to one of your intellect;

      – The bears are involved in a massive conspiracy to take over the world, and this man is part of the human resistance.

      – Bears are a leading cause of global warming, AIDS, and third world hunger.

      – That particular bear keyed this man’s Camaro a couple weeks ago, and he is bent on revenge.

      – This man stepped in bear droppings as a child, and has been on a personal vendetta to wipe bears from the planet ever since.

      – This bear molested your mom, and since you aren’t man enough to do anything about it, the man in the video is doing his best to make sure you have at least some family honor left intact.

      I hope my answers helped to satisfy your curiosity.

      1. The difference between a hunter and a non-hunter, besides the idiocy of your lengthy comment to make the poster look stupid (you didn’t succeed, but you did make yourself seem pretty silly), is compassion, plain and simple…instead of putting forth a discussion that has some intelligence, you wanted to demean this person with nonsense…it didn’t work…

      2. So in your world, you get to walk around with blinders and pretend that a hunter somehow has less compassion than someone who buys meat at the supermarket? Get real.

      3. Why are we talking about buying meat at the supermarket? I don’t, and you don’t know that Joe does, either…so exactly who is wearing the blinders???

      4. And there we have it. Vegan boy preaching from the soap-box, convinced of the pretense that he’s on a higher moral plane, and possessed of superhuman compassion. Better than the rest of us meat eaters, hmm?

      5. Yes, a vegan absolutely, positively has more compassion than those who do eat meat, thank you for acknowledging this…that’s usually why someone becomes vegan…I never said anyone was better than anyone else…don’t be putting words into my mouth…and no soapbox needed here…the facts are the facts.

      6. I see… in one breath, you say you’re not claiming to be better, and in the next, you assume the imaginary moral high ground by claiming you’re more compassionate. At least I know who I’m dealing with!

      7. Vegan is an Indian word for ” lousy hunter”.

        Furthermore 99% of vegans support reaching into a woman’s womb and jabbing the baby’s brains to bits and then vacuuming it out as ” pro choice”, to the cost of 30 million babies killed since roe v wade.

        Finally plants have feelings and respond to soothing talk and music, which makes vegans genocidal mass murderers.

  2. In this forum, I’m no doubt the minority…
    I’ve read up on brown bears for years and admire and respect them. As such, I have no desire to kill one, but, merely to “shoot” them with a camera. What amazing creatures to observe, truly. I’d rather the ones in the wild, that are no threat to man, continue to live.

      1. Ahh yes… “perfectly” said! Man I just LOVE hearing from you shrub cuddlers… you’re always good for a belly laugh. You never seem to grasp that there’s no difference between the meat at your local supermarket and that which is hunted. You never grasp that game limits are set by the forestry service based on animal population size and what a given stretch of land will support through the winter (ie; If the herds are not culled to a predetermined limit, then even MORE deer will die of starvation/hypothermia).

        You watermelons (green on the outside, but pink to the core) are especially funny when you latch onto some “cute” species that you feel should be “protected”.

        It was comical when conservationists finally realized that it wasn’t logging that was driving out their darling “Northern Spotted Owls” (a nonexistent species). It was actually a bigger, better and stronger species (the common barn owl), which REALLY pissed them off. And they had me in stitches when they bucked natural selection and began shotgunning those barn owls to “protect” their favorite species.

        It was hilarious when “green” groups suggested bringing in government snipers to kill fox and coyote (natural predators of their “cute” little friends, the “Piping Plovers”).

        One of my favorite occurrences is when uber-liberal places won’t allow deer hunting, but then have to secretly bring in sharpshooters with silencers to quietly cull the herds. Happens all the time, and all that meat goes to waste. There was one area in Massachusetts that was bulldozing deer carcasses into trenches. Bodies and bulldozers… kinda reminiscent of lots of other historical occurrences that happened at the hands of Socialists, eh?

      2. M40, I’m proud to be a person who cares about our world and doesn’t feel the need to go out and destroy any of it…why is it that many hunters go out to get a deer to ‘help with conservation and to weed out the sick’, when what they really do is go out and bag one with the most points, etc??? Do hunters truly care about conservation, or do they really care about the hunt? I think we all know the answer to that…
        I’m completely ok with the fact that you find me and people like me to be hilarious…I realize you are trying to hurt me, but things like that mean nothing to me…you will go about your business of killing and I will go about my business of caring…that’s just how it is.

      3. Don’t know that you’ll ever see this at this point, but just one quick correction to what you stated…it isn’t the barn owl, it’s the barred owl…very different…and loss of habitat has caused the problem…who caused the loss of habitat?…hmmm…I don’t have time for more right now, but I might be back 😉

    1. Kodiak brown bears are “no threat to man”? In that case, I think you should take your camera to Kodiak island and go take some nice closeup photos. I’m sure they’re warm and fuzzy… maybe you can cuddle one like a big anthropomorphized teddy bear.

      1. The point of M Johnson’s statement, I’m pretty sure, was just to say LEAVE THE BEARS ALONE, LET THEM LIVE, AND IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO SHOOT ONE, DO IT WITH A CAMERA…I suppose a Kodiak bear could be a threat to man IF YOU GET IN HIS SPACE…so stay out of his space, and use a very strong zoom on your camera…

      2. Yes, but bear stew is good eating, and killing a kodiak bear with a camera is REALLY hard, even if it has a really big zoom lens!

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