When police in Spokane Valley, Washington responded to a burglary report on Tuesday in a local residence, they found the suspect already on the ground and bound by the wrists with zip ties. According to KXLY, it was the result of a rather unorthodox case of home defense.

The homeowners, who do not wish to be identified, told police they had been the target of burglars for the past few days and were expecting another break-in. When they heard noises in the garage, one of the homeowners locked the doors and emptied a can of bear spray into it. Police believe there were up to three suspects in the garage at the time, and they broke one of the windows in a desperate bid to escape. The homeowner then encountered one of the teen suspects, who was armed with a machete.

According to KREM, the homeowner confronted the 17-year-old with a shotgun and told him to drop the weapon. When the suspect advanced, the homeowner reportedly fired a warning shot that did not strike the teen. The suspect then instantly threw down his machete and dropped to the ground. The homeowner was able to restrain the suspect with zip ties before police arrived. A second suspect was arrested by police in the vicinity of the home, and authorities are searching for another believed to be involved in the break-in.

There were no injuries reported.

Image from Arne Nordmann on the Wikimedia Commons

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5 thoughts on “Washington Man Captures Machete-wielding Burglar with Bear Spray, Shotgun

    1. you gotta be kidding! the guy with the machete should have been shot dead! Never, ever fire a “warning shot.” that’s Joe Biden’s method and he’s welcome to it!

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