Lifelong hunter and National Guard member Theresa Vail may not be what most people expect from a beauty queen. The 23-year-old broke stereotypes last year when she won the Miss Kansas title, and although she lost her bid for the Miss America crown, Vail is already planning her next career move. Once again, Vail is planning on shattering expectations. According to The Wichita Eagle, Vail was present at the Governor’s Turkey Hunt in El Dorado last week, shooting footage for her new hunting show on the Outdoor Channel titled Limitless.

Vail said she got a call from the network shortly after the Miss America Pageant, during which she won the “America’s Choice” award in an online vote.

“I told them I didn’t want to do what everybody else was doing and they said they didn’t either,” Vail said. “We both wanted it to have more than just me on hunts. I was sold from there on.”

An avid bowhunter, it should be no surprise that Limitless will focus partly on Vail’s skills with a bow and arrow. Unlike most other hunting programs, Vail’s show will also shine a spotlight on local heroes and those who push themselves to the limits. An early episode will put her in a New Mexico elk hunt as well as surviving a day’s training with US Forest Service “smokejumpers.” These elite wilderness firefighters earned their name by jumping into remote areas by parachute to battle forest fires. Their duties often take them into harm’s way, and smokejumpers are required to be at the height of mental and physical preparedness.

“I’m not afraid to say, ‘Hey, I don’t know how to do this,’ but I want to learn and do it myself,” Vail tells the Eagle.

Although a veteran bowhunter, Vail admitted that she expects a lot of learning experiences while filming for the upcoming show. Vail also decided to re-enlist with the Kansas National Guard for an additional six years.

Along will the completion of her college degree and work with outdoor brands such as Bass Pro Shops and Realtree, Vail’s schedule for 2014 is looking very crowded.

“Whatever I decide to do, I know that I will not lose sight of my cause,” Vail wrote on her blog. “I will continue to speak to women, empowering and challenging them to step outside of their comfort zones. I pray that God continues to use me as His servant, working through me to reach others. I am here to serve.”

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4 thoughts on “Miss Kansas to Host ‘Limitless’ Hunting Show

  1. Vicky Vail needs to be taken off the air, I watched her show on Nov 1st at 3pm eastern time. She was hunting turkeys and shot a Tom while her “hunting partner” was out in front of the weapon(shotgun) not only that the “hunting partner” was out in the field moving a turkey decoy to lure the Tom in. the bird was VERY close to the guy in the field when she discharged the shotgun killing the bird, she not only did this once but TWICE what a SAFTEY VIOLATION!!! and this from a “National Guard Sargent”?? OMG she should NEVER be allowed to have a weapon

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