Fishing guide and former Marine Marty LaCoste is being hailed as a hero after he rescued three anglers last week from a sunken boat. According to The Times-Picayune, LaCoste was with clients in Louisiana’s Lake Merchant last week when he retrieved the anglers from the water.

“All of them were waving their arms,” LaCoste, the owner of Absolute Fishing Charters, said. “We turned in, and we saw all their stuff was floating on the water.”

The victims were not in immediate danger but were grateful for the timely rescue. LaCoste explained that the boat had sunk in a reef but was still visible, with part of its front end sticking out of the water. The anglers had been trying to pump water out of the boat and when that failed, they attempted to reach a small nearby island. They were only 50 feet away from shore when the boat sunk. LaCoste fished the anglers out of the water along with what gear they could retrieve, and called for assistance from the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Water Patrol.

“That was the first time I’ve seen that happen,” LaCoste told the Louisiana Sportsmen. “I’ve towed a bunch of people in who’ve broken down, but I’ve never seen a boat sink and have to pull people from the water.”

While waiting for the water patrol, LaCoste said his instincts as a charter captain took over and he even led the rescued anglers to his favorite spot for some speckled trout.

“They were pretty calm,” LaCoste said. “I’m sure they were freaked out a little bit, but they weren’t nervous wrecks.”

The anglers were eventually picked up by the patrol and no injuries were reported. It is not clear why the boat had sunk, but it was reportedly only the second time the vessel was used.

“Good day of fishing and even rescued some boaters from their sinking boat,” LaCoste posted on his Facebook. “All in a days work.”

File image from Zsolt Fila on the flickr Creative Commons

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