Deer have a much more varied diet than most people think they do, but it is still rare to catch the critters eating something strange on video. Believe it or not, deer will readily eat meat if desperate enough. Most of this strange carnivorous behavior is isolated to the winter months, when a deer may munch on a frozen squirrel or two, but the animals have been documented to consume live prey. In the below video, a deer eats what appears to be a swallow.

Keep in mind, deer lack the teeth of more accomplished carnivores and and chew meat much like they consume their usual forage. Read here for more about the meat-eating habits of deer.

Image from Colby Stopa on the flickr Creative Commons

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  • Nelson

    Holy crap! Never knew… That deer has done that before. Is it because it’s captive and wacky?

    • Candor

      Deer crave protein…especially when they are developing their antlers. A friend of mine had a pet deer that loved ground meat.

      • Jim Wangerin

        Birds: The Hunger Mutilator. Birds got what deers crave. It’s got electrolytes.

  • somsai

    Ground nesting song bird eggs.

  • SteveR.

    At least it was just a damn starling!

  • Buck Disqus

    “Tastes like chicken. “

  • Curdog007

    That’s what to the quail in MS