The Savage 110 BA is a handsome rifle and this video is a very impressive demonstration of what it (and its .338 Lapua cartridge) is capable of. According to the LiveLeak user who uploaded the video, the shots were made from a distance of 2,530 yards, or roughly 1.4 miles away. It took the bullet 4.5 seconds to strike the target after leaving the muzzle.

For those who are curious, the scope is a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56.

Image screenshot of video by Grizzman on LiveLeak

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5 thoughts on “Video: 2,530-yard Shot with Savage 110 BA Rifle

  1. Bruce Frank — according to the video, the bullet entered transsonic flight (crosses the barrier from supersonic to subsonic) at about 2400yds. Bullets do weird things in the transsonic zone, and most of them destabilize (but it depends on the design of the bullet on whether or not this actually happens – most destabilize, but some don’t). That means it went 130yds at subsonic speeds, and luckily 130yds wasn’t enough to pull the bullet off target. It hit sideways obviously from the video, but it still hit! Good shooting and nice rifle, OP!

  2. Very interesting. How far did the bullet drop below the line of the rifle bore? Is that what the 228 foot drop means? Or is that what the 29.9 mil is representing? I’m from the older school–we learned about guns and hunting from Jack Oconnor (7mm magnums and 270s) 🙂 The rifles seem to be a lot more powerful now days! That’s a helluva shot!

  3. Okay, I just did the math. Looks like the bullet dropped 228 feet below the line of the bore! Wow! That’s almost like a rainbow. But correct me if I’m wrong.

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