Shooting from the hip is hardly the best stance for accuracy, and when it comes to a firearm chambered in 20x110mm, it might leave you with some serious pain. Andrew of GY6 Videos managed to get his hands on this massive bolt-action “cannon,” and he’s not afraid to slinging some lead downrange with style.

Of course, the cannon in the video is actually Serbu Firearm’s prototype Typhon rifle. Mark Serbu started working on the rifle several years ago as a larger variant of his company’s BFG-50. The goal was to eventually put out a production model of the rifle in both 20x110mm and the more popular 20x102mm Vulcan. The prototype used in the video is still very unpolished, including the lack of a stock or a scope mount. It is, however, very functional. The recoil from the rifle is enough to rip the firearm out of a M2 tripod during the testing phase, so Andrew is reasonably cautious about the safety of his thumbs during firing.

Factoid: Typhon is the name given to the last-born son of Gaia in Greek mythology, who was also known as the “father of all monsters.”

Image screenshot of video by GY6vids on YouTube

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