Dropping ammunition on its rear isn’t usually a good idea, nor is throwing it like a grenade. In a recent video, Demolition Ranch decides to take two bad ideas one step further. Stuffed into a straw, .22 LR can make a loud and potentially dangerous firecracker when thrown.

Please do not try this at home. Even if you do have the bed of a pickup to take cover in.

Image screenshot of video by DemolitionRanch on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Launching .22 LR in a Straw

  1. Stupid but does demonstrate a point about safety. At least use your thumb and index finger to remove the bullet (or use pliers if you have weak thumb), use pliers to crimp the end of casing and try it. A lot safer.

  2. umm if there is no compression from the barrel the casing goes farther then the lead, its not too dangerous.

  3. persons, not concerned with safety have been known to use a leather boot lace tacked to the front of a shotgun shell to make it fall base first. The steel BB taped to the primer makes it go off if it hits pavement. Launched with a sling shot, these things tend to disperse crowds.

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