In normal circumstances, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua are relatively big and expensive calibers to be taking coyotes with.

For the two hunters in the video below, the additional cost of a heavier, powerful cartridge is a small price to pay for long-range performance. The hunters make two shots on a coyote a little over a mile away—roughly 1,860 yards. According to the video’s description, the shots were made simultaneously, although it was the .338 that struck and killed the ‘yote.


Image from Larry1732 on the Wikimedia Commons

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16 thoughts on “Video: Hunters Bag Coyote with 1,860-yard Shot

      1. I hope you get terminal cancer for even wishing that upon anyone. You sick bastard.
        Coyotes are a pest and can be hunted, so there is no anti-wildlife terrorists here.

    1. You people are so screw up in your thinking and nothing unethical about that, 18 yds or 1800 yds Dead is Dead. next year there will be 18 more to replace that one. unless the farmer poison them out. see happen in Mt. and Wy. all the time

  1. That it was a great shot is irrelevant. That the shooters knew what they were doing–if the did— is irrelevant. The shot was unethical. Obviously it is just my opinion, as is the opinion of others who disagree with me.

  2. By the way, this type of irresponsible shooting at animals tends to lead to legislation created by non hunters that restricts hunting.

  3. Just more fodder for the “anti’s”. Now in HD ! I never got the chance to be impressed with the shot. I was instantly formulating hypothetical responses to the outraged. Shooting and hunting are Not the same. Just because the target was “legal” to pursue doesn’t make it ethical to do so. Videos like this create more harm to hunters and shooters overall. No one watching it in an “anti” campaign will give a crap about firing solutions, ballistic coefficients, etc.

  4. Shooting a terrorist at a mile is acceptable, but shooting a damn coyote isn’t ? Excellent work in my opinion.

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