Last week the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Advisory Board voted unanimously to overturn the state’s ban on hunting with suppressors. The new regulation is expected to take effect in late June, making Alabama the 33rd state in the nation to legalize suppressors for hunting. The decision by the board came shortly after nearby Georgia ended its own ban last month.

“This change marks a major step in the right direction for hunters across the country who wish to protect their hearing,” stated a press release from the American Suppressor Association (ASA). “Alabama joins Georgia as the second state to legalize suppressor hunting in 2014. Similar measures are also in progress in Louisiana and Ohio.”

Some hunters say that suppressors—or silencers as they are commonly called—can prevent hearing damage and make it easier to communicate in the field. While suppressors do not silence the sound of a gunshot entirely, studies have shown that it can muffle the sound to a point where it is safer for human ears. However, getting a suppressor can be a lengthy process.

“What some people don’t realize is that it is not that easy to get approval to buy suppressors,” Fred Harders, the assistant director of wildlife for the Alabama Department of Conservation, told “There is a pretty good bit of paperwork and a lengthy wait before the federal authorities will let you have one.”

In addition to background checks and fingerprinting, prospective buyers can expect to shell out $200 in a transfer tax. The lengthy approval process can also take upwards of several months. For the wait, gun owners say that suppressors can be useful at both the range or in the woods, and more importantly, are fun to use.

Not everyone is happy with the new regulations. Some hunters have their doubts about taking game with suppressors, which they believe can be a boon to poachers. Since the gunshot will be less noticeable, critics argue that the new regulation will embolden poachers to shoot game in places normally patrolled by wildlife officers.

Harders said that he doubted poachers would be willing to go through the paperwork.

“A poacher typically uses whatever they’ve got,” he explained.

Alabama’s regulatory change will undergo a final administrative review before taking effect later this year.

Ever wondered how a silencer is made? Click here for a video walkthrough.

Image screenshot of video by Silencerco on YouTube

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8 thoughts on “Alabama, Georgia Legalize Hunting with Suppressors

  1. Now, if we could just get the Feds to give up their cash cow and stop the registration requirement. That would require common sense which we all know is a bit scarce in the BATFE.

  2. What really gets me is the fact that you can walk into almost any Hardware Store in England or Europe and buy one right off the shelf for about $10.00 American. It’s a safety thing over there and the Gov’ts push it!

    1. Don’t know what you’re talking about knucklehead. I travel to Scotland on a regular basis and for a regular citizen, anything firearm related is banned. That’s why they have about the highest knife related attacks and killings in the UK..
      Get your facts straight or shut up.

  3. It’s one of those wonderful little gunlaws we should have never been saddled with in the first place, it is clearly a violation of the second amendment but then who cares? We have allowed the feds to screw us for many years with BS laws like this!

  4. Does anyone really think that a poacher follows firearms laws ? That’s the same argument gun control extremists use to push draconian laws.

  5. Anyone that has to hunt an animal with a suppressor is a wimp and should be banned from hunting. We have such an advantage over prey nowadays that it is sickening. No wonder we, the hunters are looked on as animals.
    You idiot macho guys keep at it till you have us banned from any hunting. At all.

  6. I agree with Kurt! Real hunters have skill and ability. We live in a time of mediocrity when many people want credit for what they cannot do well. It makes it difficult to tell who the truly talented people are. I knew that were on the wrong road years ago when I realized that cash registers had been designed with pictures of hamburgers and french fries. If this keeps up, the human race won’t have bat crap for brains. We’re being crippled by our toys and gadgets! Even being a cashier was a real skill at one time. Things are now designed to make you think your smarter than you really are. Modern hunting is becoming more like a firing squad than a real hunting expedition!

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