Bill Schulte was driving home from church on Sunday in Prior Lake, Minnesota when he saw a deer go flying after being struck by another motorist. According to KSTP, he got out of his car to inspect the animal and found that an unborn fawn was still kicking inside the doe. While Schulte may not have much experience in wildlife husbandry, he did not balk at using a pocketknife to cut the fawn from its dead mother.

“I felt where the baby was, opened up, and pulled the baby out because the baby wanted to slide right out, and I cleared his throat, his airway, rubbing it, and it starting breathing; everything was cool,” Schulte told KSTP.

Wildlife officials generally ask that people refrain from helping fawns and other young animals—even if the fawn is alone—but in this case, the fawn would have most likely died if was left inside its mother. Schulte drove the shivering animal to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota, where workers said that the fawn is recovering and is in remarkable health for a newborn. Not surprisingly, they named the young animal “Bambi.”

You can see an interview with Schulte below:

Image from ForestWander on the Wikimedia Commons

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One thought on “Man Delivers Fawn with Pocketknife

  1. Now that is my kind of citizen and a great human interest story. With guys like this around, who knows there may just be hope for humanity after all.

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