Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is set to propose an ordinance that will require all gun dealers within city limits to videotape firearm sales. According to The Chicago Tribune, the proposal is intended to crack down on gun traffickers and “straw” purchases, in which a proxy buyer illegally purchases a firearm for someone else. Emanuel will be introducing the plan at Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

“Now that we’re required to allow gun sales within the city limits, we do it in a way that does not undermine our public safety goals,” the mayor said at a recent police ceremony.

It has been more than 30 years since stores in the city could legally sell firearms, but store owners are once again opening up shop after a federal court struck down Chicago’s gun sales ban. In January, District Judge Edmond E. Chang found the city’s ban on firearm sales unconstitutional and ruled that local ordinances went “too far” in preventing residents from lawful acquisitions and sales.

Supporters of the ordinance say that it could be instrumental in dampening Chicago’s crime rates, especially in the violence-stricken South and West Side neighborhoods. According to ABC7, 40 percent of all guns involved in crimes from 2009 to 2013 were illegally purchased.

“Those folks would think twice before buying guns for someone else and then trying to sell it to people on the street,” Alderman Walter Burnett said regarding the ordinance.

The proposed ordinance will also require a 72-hour waiting period for handgun purchases and 24 hours for long guns. Since store records would be subject to quarterly audits, gun owners are concerned that the ordinance will be a de facto gun registry. Chicago’s City Council had just voted to abolish a 45-year-old gun registry last September, much to the approval of Illinois gun rights advocates.

“This is about intimidating law-abiding citizens in the hopes of discouraging gun sales, and creating what amounts to a video gun registry,” said Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. “It won’t stop criminals from illegally obtaining firearms and it won’t stop shootings that have already made Chicago one of the most dangerous cities in the country.”

“This proposal is just one more attempt by a gun prohibitionist to prevent gun sales, period,” Gottlieb added. “We would not be surprised to see this become the new national gun control mantra; the next so-called ‘sensible’ step pandered by the gun prohibition lobby. They don’t want to prevent crime; they want to prevent gun ownership.”

Other gun rights groups decline to comment on the ordinance until more details are released.

Image from Dan DeChiaro on the flickr Creative Commons

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11 thoughts on “Chicago Mayor to Propose Videotaping Gun Sales

    1. They’re not idiots. They know exactly what they’re doing. They are, however, packaging crap in pretty paper and selling it to their ignorant idiot constituents.

  1. good article and excellent insights by Alan Gottlieb. However, I think there is a larger point that was not addressed. Video taping gun purchases will, indeed, create the negative consequences that Xu and his sources cite. But video taping represents another tactic to avoid and distract from the real issues, which include the prevalence of firearms available to people who will not follow any law and the deteriorating society that pervades Chicago like sewage. It is not logical to expect video taping will reduce straw purchases; it is also not demonstrated that straw purchases are a problem. Video taping firearms purchases is another ploy to avoid addressing issues that can reduce gun crime: abominable education systems; subversion of the family and the pervading entitlement culture.

  2. Anyone know how many of the guns retrieved from the veritable cornucopia of Chicago crime scenes were actually purchased LEGALLY from the gun shops in the Chicago area? I’m all for trying to curtail violence but this will do nothing of the sort, and Rahm the Ballerino knows it.

  3. They should do this for vehicle sales if they really are interested in public safety. Cars and trucks are used to commit homicide, suicide, sexual assaults, robberies, home invasions, transportation of illicit goods, etc.

  4. All of my LGSs have security cameras throughout their stores to prevent theft, deter robberies, etc. As a consequence, all firearm sales are recorded. Although a good idea for their own sake (a CYA move on their part), it shouldn’t be mandated by legislation.

    1. They might also mandate videotaping inside every MOSQUE to ensure that they don’t preach violence. It would provide a record of everyone who is there practicing their “right” to freedom of religion.

      Both the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to freedom of religion are constitutionally mandated… So why do liberals attack law abiding gun owners, while ignoring the (well demonstrated) dangers inherent to the Muslim community? Why are mosques somehow off limits to this type of government intrusion?


      – Issue licenses to practice Islam, and thus levy fees, fines and tariffs for Muslims to practice their faith.
      – Require background checks for all Muslims before they can get a permit to practice.
      – Mandate serial numbers and registration of all Korans so we can track them.
      – Mandate that Korans are properly locked when not being used to keep them out of the hands of children.
      – Limit the “features” that Koran manufacturers could provide therein and thus edit them for violent content.
      – Limit the number of Korans one could purchase, and make them non-transferable to non-licensed people.
      – Ensure that Korans stay out of the hands of children, the mentally incompetent and the criminal element.
      – Establish databases of legal practitioners of Islam and force mosques to keep lists of all practitioners.

      In fact, if we treated Islam the same as we treat our law abiding gun owners, we could write some 20,000 confusing and contradictory laws making it nearly impossible for them to keep up with them all, and we could bog them down in a quagmire of federal, state and local paperwork in order to practice and enjoy their “rights”.

      To sum up… we need to propose a massive congressional bill that covers all of these topics, and which thus treats Muslims like criminals. As soon as the liberals start to howl with indignation, simply point to their stance on gun rights… and ask them what exactly is the difference?

  5. The key core issue, NONE, on either side can answer, discuss or in a sane manner provide without lots of spin and propaganda is quite simple, WHERE do the criminals get thier guns and ammo? I would guess one item that might assist in shutting down the illegal use of guns of any kind, when cops arrest criminals with guns they ask for source, or additional year added on sentence for conspiracy, illegal purchase with criminal intent etc, whatever works and is legal. The media when reporting on the crime,as matter of policy, add where and how gun(s) got to criminals. So far NO ONE addresses how they get their guns, why not? We might add a law of mandatory report of any stolen guns within 24 hours as read where “criminal guns” are “stolen from owners years back but never reported? Time to address the issue by both sides in sane manner, other then usual and predictable propaganda by the parrots (canned mindless reply) on both sides.

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