Employees at the Carolinas Medical Center in Concord found themselves dealing with a rather strange patient on Thursday: an injured buck. According to WBTV, the deer had apparently come from a nearby wooded area and jumped over a hedge into the hospital parking lot, straight onto a parked vehicle. The buck shattered the car’s windshield, injuring itself in the head. Surveillance cameras then caught the deer sprinting through a loading dock as workers looked on in surprise. Hospital staff eventually cornered the animal in a kitchen storage area.

β€œIt hit my car and runs into the kitchen where I’m working,” a bewildered Jane McManus told WSOC.

She was part of the group that managed to corral the deer inside the storage area until animal control officers arrived. The injured buck was tranquilized and taken out of the hospital on a gurney.

The deer was later released several miles away from the hospital. While tufts of fur and blood still remained on the vehicle where the buck had landed, officers say the animal was in good condition and was able to walk back into the woods after the tranquilizer wore off.

You can see a video of the deer below:

Image screenshot of video by WSOCTV9's channel on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Injured Deer Enters North Carolina Hospital

  1. There might be a pending lawsuit, that buck was obviously refused treatment!
    Can you imagine going to the hospital with a head injury just to get shot with a tranquilizer and hauled out into the woods and abandoned?

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