Scrounging for food can be a tiring process, and one black bear in Daytona Beach decided to sleep off its recent meal by taking a rest in a hammock. According to WESH, local photographer Rafael Torres shot several pictures of the bear as it tried getting into the hammock and finally got comfortable last Thursday.

“He got in the hammock like he was a tourist or something,” said Vincent James, who owns the property and the hammock. “Then something spooked him and he ran right back there. Then half an hour later I come back and I saw there he is in the hammock again.”

The bear stayed in the hammock for about 20 minutes before moving on. While the image of a bear idling in a hammock may be cute, officials warn that bears wandering through suburban neighborhoods can be dangerous. Residents told the press that they will look into bear-proofing their trash in the near future.

For comparison, here’s a video of another bear that discovered the joys of a swinging hammock:

Image screenshot of video by WESH 2 News on YouTube

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