Two anglers fishing in Northern Michigan’s Platte Bay last month witnessed a strange meteorological event: a wall of fog. According to The Detroit News, Andrew Ballard and his father debated whether to stay or pull in their lines and head to shore. In the end, their curiosity got the better of them and the pair let the fog wall roll over their boat.

Many anglers may be already familiar with this type of fog, which is referred to as advection fog. Unlike other types of fogs, this phenomenon is created not by a reduction in surface temperature, but rather warm, moist air running across a cold surface. Sea fogs are always advection fogs.

Although the video they captured (embedded below) cut out shortly before the anglers were engulfed, Ballard said that visibility dropped to about 30 feet inside the mist.

“There would be a clearing and rainbows,” Ballard said. “Then the fog would close in again. We didn’t know where we were so we had to use GPS to find our way back to shore.”

Image screenshot of video by Andrew Ballard on YouTube

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