The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) confirmed on Wednesday that wolf pups have been sighted in Oregon’s southwest Cascade Mountains. It is the first documented instance of wolf reproduction in the mountain range since the mid-1940s, and it marks the westernmost point of wolf expansion in the Lower 48 states.

“This is very exciting news,” said Paul Henson, state supervisor of the Oregon US Fish and Wildlife Service, said in a press release. “It continues to illustrate that gray wolves are being recovered.”

Just as intriguing is the fact that male wolf OR7 was identified as one of the parents. The wolf garnered fame between the years of 2009 and 2011 when he left his pack in northeast Oregon and made the long journey to California. OR7 was the first wolf to be seen in California since 1924, and he did not come back to Oregon empty-handed. The DFW suspected that the male wolf found a mate during his journey back to the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. DFW wildlife biologists confirmed it earlier this week when they took photos of two newborn pups.

One of the biologists, John Stephenson, told the Associated Press that he may have heard more pups nearby, although the parents could not be found. A typical wolf litter contains four to six pups.

Ranchers in the area are less than excited about the new—if very small—wolf pack nearby. The DFW has issued an advisory to ranchers using federal land near the national forest.

“Typically livestock depredation becomes more of a problem in bigger packs,” Stephenson said. “Hopefully we won’t have any problems.”

Although no ranchers have reported problems with OR7 or his mate, the wandering wolf did originally come from the troublesome Imnaha pack in Wallowa County, which was accused on several occasions of attacking livestock. The last DFW wolf survey estimated that there are 64 wolves in eight packs across the state. The vast majority reside in the northeast corner of Oregon.

Image courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service

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8 thoughts on “First Wolf Pups Born in Oregon Cascades in 70 Years

  1. They should have grabbed the Pups and take them to a rescue center because they were stranded by their mother. Duh!

  2. Oregon needs to learn from Idaho that the damage we’ve experienced can be stopped before you start the re introduction of wolves. Then have to play all the political games of what to do rather than get true management based upon the habitat needs of wildlife management not just reintroduce an animal that can’t be controlled. Expect that your big game populations to be reduced dramatically which will hurt the hunting, tourism, and outfitting industries which many small towns rely upon to make their living. Unless you live where we live and see it firsthand you just don’t understand because the media coverage doesn’t correctly display the truth.

  3. These things should be put in a bag and drowned like rats,, seriously, whats the point in allowing these vermin to exsist? Wolves serve absolutely No purpose in a modern ecological system even though so called wildlife scientist say they do.. It is simply a bunch of lies that the liberals will try and pass off.. I know better

  4. Man should NOT interfere with the natural balance imposed by nature. There is a very delicate balance between the species existence. Predator species serve to maintain a elevated genetic level in the prey species, by thinning the weakest the herd. The worst and best thing that has happened to predator and prey is the un-natural insertion of man into the predator food chain. Man is indeed the ULTIMATE PREDATOR !

    1. It’s apparent you don’t truly understand even the meaning of words. Predator is not a negative term, so applying a negative to yourself when you refer to yourself as the “ultimate predator”. You also refer to yourself as un-natural, I am going to encourage you to not be so down on yourself. Natural man has been here for quite sometime, and the knowledge base handed down from generation to generation, says that wolves have been a problem for man from time to time. A greatly reduced element of challenge has allowed you to spend a lot more time contemplating your existence. However there are many others who by whatever stimulus haven’t evolved as far as you. In this case it’s a good thing because some of us haven’t forgotten the fact, and hopefully it doesn’t take bigger tragedies to be reminded, why the seperation between man and wolf exists in the first place. By the way the idea that wolf predation causes a stronger genetic line is still just a theory. Albeit true that when they chase a herd they usually do get a weaker animal. But said weaker animal is likely a young of the year animal, whereby you cannot determine if the wolf took the “right” prey. They are more unlikely to follow your parameters than the un-natural man. It is complete folly to think they know better. Also complete folly to believe they chase a herd. Deer for example are relatively solitary. From the time they are done yarding in winter, going into spring, they may be in similar areas but they are not caribou, buffalo, or cattle that do stay together. So ultimately the wolf is predating on a family group or a bachelor group of bucks. Again they are not focused on the weak and sick, they are focused on the easiest, which can be very genetically sound animals.

  5. Dr mengele it’s people like you that should be put in a bag and drown like rats what did those pups do to you huh there were they belong us as humans are taking over there home turf and destroying it with our unnecessary building of unneeded homes and stumped stuff like that

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