It’s not often that conservation officers will remove a calf from underneath the nose of its own mother, but sometimes the animals find themselves in odd places and need to be given a helping hand. As recorded in the video below, a young elk calf wandered into a townsite near Canada’s Banff National Park in Alberta. Naturally, its mother followed along, aggressively charging people on the streets. Elk commonly take shelter near the structures to escape predators. After a while, the elk grow accustomed to the human presence and decide to settle permanently—much to the agitation of the townsite’s inhabitants.

Park officials decided it was best to capture the calf and carry it off, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. The crew also had to make sure that the calf’s mother was aware of the move—otherwise the calf might be forced to try and survive on its own.

Under the watchful gaze of the adult female, park officers wrapped the calf in a towel and quickly moved away from the townsite. You can see what transpires below:

Image screenshot of video by Parks Canada on YouTube.

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