The SKINZIT Fish Skinner from Ultimate Fishing Gear is hardly the first tool to advertise easier, pain-free fish cleaning—but it does seem to work almost too well to believe. It may look a bit like a handheld lawn mower, but the SKINZIT claims to be capable of removing both bone and skin in a few easy passes. But will anglers feel inclined to buy the device? After all, cleaning fish by hand and knife has changed little since the time our ancestors were doing the same with pieces of flint.

The SKINZIT has impressed at least one notable angler.

“You’ll never have to fillet fish the old-fashioned way again,” endorsed Ted Takasaki, Hall of Fame professional angler.

Takasaki, who came onto fame after winning the 1998 Professional Walleye Trail Championship, seems to be quite taken with the device, calling it “fish skinning on steroids.”

The SKINZIT can be pre-ordered for $149.95 and are expected to ship later this summer. Are you interested in the SKINZIT or do you think it’s another novelty? Sound off in the comments below.

Image screenshot of video by SKINZIT Fish Skinner on YouTube.

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6 thoughts on “Video: The SKINZIT Fish Skinner

  1. Interesting gizmo. I prefer using a knife to produce cleaner fillets as I find leaving some of the ‘skin’ on the fillet increases the ‘fishy taste’. If it produced clean fillets, i’d send in my money.

  2. Ridiculous. As people we keep thinking we will reinvent the wheel. It doesn’t save enough time to do away with a knife. You have to remove the sides of the fish with a filet knife anyway. This just wrecks what you started. It also appears to leave the silver skin on which tastes bad, and quickens decomposing and adds that ‘fishy’ flavor that most people don’t prefer. All for only $150…..

  3. I’ll save my money and buy a $20 townsend fish skinner that’s hand operated and does exactly the same thing. We’ve been using them for years on panfish.

  4. BKS , The fishy taste your getting is not from the skin. It’s from leaving the silky belly lining on the fillet.
    I either cut that area out or run it under cold water and rub it off using my thumb. Nice gizmo but I can’t see spending $150.00 Rather use that money and buy a new rod.

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