How close can you get to a deer? Depending on what sort of gear and scent block you use, your level of hunting experience, the inexperience of the deer, and sheer blind luck, you may well get the chance to pet one of these wild animals. For Travis Schneider, some combination of those attributes rendered him nearly invisible to a pair of deer looking for forage.

Image from Stuck N The Rut on YouTube

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9 thoughts on “Video: Deer Give Stealthy Hunter a Sniff

  1. Now if that isn’t the greatest advertisement for the brand of scent cover, then I don’t know what is.

    That said… credit to the hunter for giving them a free pass. There would have been nothing sporting about taking either one of those deer.

    1. Not sure I agree that it would not be sporting. He was hunting after all, he didn’t bait them or do anything unethical. He was on stand, so if one of those deer would have what he was hunting for, why not shoot one?

  2. This last hunting season I was using scent blocker and I had a young doe walk right up to me and was eating the grass right next to me about 8 inches away from my boot and she turned around and bumped me with her hind quarter and I stumbled and she realized oh crap that’s not a tree or anything and took off.

  3. any body notice the 3rd deer in the film ?? it was also a buck , so that tells me the doe was in heat , and the bucks was not worrying about anything , but the doe.

  4. Awesome!. Also shows that hunters are not just out there slaughtering every animal we see. Obviously these were not what Travis was looking for, and he enjoyed their beauty and allowed them to leave unharmed!

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