GoPro Introduces New Sportsman Mount


Over the past decade GoPro cameras have quickly grown to dominate outdoor filmmaking. Characterized by their lightweight frames and rugged durability, GoPro’s products are the first choice of many action sport enthusiasts. These wearable cameras have also proven to be invaluable to the outdoor film industry, providing both filmmakers and individual sportsmen the ability to record point-of-view video while in the field. Now for the first time GoPro has announced a new mount dedicated especially to the stewards of the great outdoors: sportsmen.

Similar mounting equipment has been designed for the GoPro before by third-party companies. A gun-mounted GoPro is not only useful for filmmakers trying to capture a unique angle, but also for everyday hunters and shooters.

The $69.99 GoPro Sportsman mount can be attached to most shotguns, rifles, revolvers, and even airsoft or pellet guns. Whether on the range or in the woods, shooters will be able to record video straight from their firearms. Backdoor mounts included with the package will work to reduce instability caused by recoil. Users can even set up dual cameras—one facing forward toward the target, and the second recording the shooter.

Guns are not the only thing the Sportsman mount is designed for. It can also be attached to many types of fishing rods and some compound bows. A non-reflective, matte black finish will also ensure that wildlife will not spot you from a mile away.

See exactly how it works below:

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