In the hands of most people, forwarders are forestry vehicles used to carry away felled logs and other debris. In the hands of this lumberjack, it is the perfect machine to rescue a bear with his head stuck in a large milk jug. Manipulating the vehicle like a giant version of a claw crane arcade game, the man is able to successfully remove the jug from the frightened animal after a few tries. The black bear then quickly escapes, probably embarrassed about the entire incident.

According to the video, this “rescue” occurred somewhere in Wisconsin.

Image screenshot of video by Vern Styles on YouTube.

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79 thoughts on “Video: Man Uses Forwarder to Rescue Bear

    1. Really? You don’t think that maybe the bear happened to get into their farm equipment….I mean, you don’t honestly think that is a milk jug you buy at the store, do you? Props to these farmers for helping this bear!

      1. Dairy farmers don’t use milk cans like they used to. There are much more sanitary ways to transport fresh milk. The only milk cans you see these days are antique decorations. However, a milk can would be an excellent container for bear bait. Wisconsin limits bear bait at 10 gallons — perfect for a milk can. I think I know why the bear put his head in the milk can.

      2. Those old milk cans are still abundant around Wisconsin. They are 100lb milk cans. That’s how they used to transport milk before tanker trucks. The cans are still useful for lots of stuff so people keep them around. Now we know that they are good for bear traps too lol.

    1. A small price to pay. Won’t even amount to one bushel of lost corn, which today is less than $5/bushel.

      1. So what? That corn crop is a family’s income. Yes, it was right to rescue the bear, even though the bear was obviously scrounging for food near livestock and people. In Yellowstone, they’d have shot the bear as it was becoming a hazard.

      2. It’s not corn, It is a POTATO farm… those plants are not corn stalks, they would be
        too close together if they were. Potatoes are tubers, so there was no
        damage done.

      3. That is corn. It is still small. It starts out very small, about the size of a kernel of corn. Then you plant it and it starts to grow. It is small at first but it keeps getting bigger until it has corn cobs on it and they get ripe and you can pick them. Amazing isn’t it?

      4. Yes it is, but I think they are too close for corn… I like the other explanations better, I never paid attention to sorghum before now.

      5. We ALL need to get int ouch with this AND disqus to complain about NOT SHOWING the DOWN VOTES.
        ex-conn needs a lot of them

    2. It is a POTATO farm… those plants are not corn stalks, they would be too close together if they were. Potatoes are tubers, so there was no damage done.

      1. POTATO FARM?? LMAO!!!! Must Be A City Boy!!! It’s Corn Or Sorghum Crack Head… Still Laughing!! Potato Farm…Lmao

      2. It was reported as a potato farm from a news source, just repeating what I heard. Maybe the other crops the farm has are potatoes… but it sure isn’t corn growing, I lived around corn farms in Wisconsin for eight years, dufus.

      3. Maybe you did, but them sure as hell ain’t potatoes. Google “potatoe fields”. They grow in nice long mounded rows.

      4. You are right.. it’s still the best video I’ve seen all year other than “24”

      5. Meh. It’s all good, Ron. Grew up in Northern MN. I know corn and potatoes. And cabbage. And nasty Brussels Sprouts. Thanks for that, mom. Not to derail the vid, that was some way cool stuff. That poor young little bear would not have lasted long without water, let alone food. Cheers to ’em for helping out the little fella. And props for using the tools on hand. Had they tried anything ‘manual’ someone probably would have gotten hurt. It’s all fun and games until…

      6. Amen to that! What’s funny is my grandparents and my dad were from Canada and had a potato farm… I paid more attention to what I heard than what I… So right about helping that bear, but after living in Wisconsin for eight years, I found that it’s just how they roll out there… lot of good folks.

      7. Wrap the brussel sprouts in bacon and bake it. You know, because bacon makes everything better. 🙂

  1. My God bless this caring human being…rare these days! Semper Fi brother…you would have been on GOOD MARINE!

    1. It appears the video was taken from a vehicle, or a piece of moving equipment. No sane person would walk that close to a bear. An injured or frightened bear is extremely dangerous. The bear could have severely clawed a person filming the video

  2. I applaud these guys too but that was a black bear and they’re endangered. Some bureaucrat is going to end up fining these guys for interfering with an endangered animal.

    1. Jon, where on earth are you getting your black bear ‘facts’ from? I’m hoping that you were just making a joke about them being endangered and not actually serious. Your statement could probably be made for the Grizzly in the lower 48 but not the black bear.

      1. Although he may be incorrect about black bears being endangered, Jon is absolutely correct about the intrusiveness and overreach by the federal government.

      2. I’m sorry if you seem to be confused on what I was asking Jon. We were discussing the endangerment of black bears or not. I don’t think that black bears are generally members of the federal government. However, if you are trying to start a dialog on whether it would endanger black bears if they were indeed to join the federal government then my hat’s off to you! Which department do you suppose they would be most likely to join. I’m thinking the Forrest Service or maybe National Parks and Wildlife but who knows, they may just move into lobbying positions like their friend Smokey the Bear.

      3. JanieBee was making a point the government finds any way to intrude on our lives for any reason… whether it would be for digging a small pond in our back yard or de-hatting a black bear

      4. Again, not on point. Not even part of the conversation I was having with Jon, therefore JanieBee’s comment is irrelevant to the thread on Black Bear endangerment…as is yours as well, sorry to be blunt. If you folks want to bark at the moon or curse the government that’s fine but it has nothing to do with black bears nor this thread.

      5. Sorry, my info was incomplete. Depending on the region some black bears are at risk (Asia and Mexico) but apparently not in the US.

      6. Yeah…I was just trying to determine if I missed a really good joke or what…sometimes it’s hard to tell with text only. I understand that there are a couple of sub-species of black bear that are either endangered or extinct in the US. I think the Florida and Louisiana black bear are endangered. Other than that, the American black bear is doing fine and in a lot of states becoming a nuisance due to people encroaching on their historic turf. Have a good one.

  3. Wow!! Good on you guys!! Far too many boneheads would’ve tormented/killed the bear….you guys did great!!!

  4. Ok, it’s time for the Feds to swoop in and jail this guy on some trumped-up environmental charge. Just you wait . . .

  5. GREAT Job by a GREAT Man!
    It wouldn’t surprise me, however, if he was charged by some Government Agent with interfering with wildlife or some such asinine argument. With THIS regime, no good deed goes unpunished.

  6. I see, it’s only an alleged “rescue”. Funny, what kind of open ended statement would you as Sholes have made about this good guy of he had just done nothing? People like you encourage people like me to NEVER EVER take any action in circumstances like this. The author is clearly a moron.

  7. A good man who knows how to use his equipment can pick up anything even an old milk can off a bears head. Good job!

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